Special tax deduction helps you give up to $600 to charity, even if you don’t itemize

Ordinarily, when you choose to take the standard deduction, you cannot claim a deduction for your charitable contributions. But a new temporary law change now permits you to claim a limited deduction on your 2021 federal income tax returns for cash contributions made to qualifying charitable organizations, including Focus Humanitarian Assistance USA. Nearly 90% of taxpayers now take the standard deduction and could potentially qualify. To take advantage of the deduction, please act before Friday, Dec. 31.
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Your tax-deductible contribution helps us support some of the most vulnerable communities in countries all over the world, such as Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.
Talk to your family about what to do during emergencies, such as severe snowstorms, prolonged power outages, hurricanes and other disasters. Sit with your family and complete a Family Emergency Plan. Consider your household’s specific needs, including medication refills. Learn your community’s evacuation plans and shelter locations and make a plan so that your family knows where you would go in an emergency, who you would contact, and how. It’s also essential that you review your property’s insurance coverage policies. Practice your plan with your family/household, and be sure to update your plan regularly.

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