We are excited to announce one of our new initiatives for 2019 -  The Smart-Up Q&A Webinars.  Throughout 2019, Foresight will host periodic open forum webinar calls where audience members can submit their question on topics related to  Foresight's service areas . The Foresight team, including Founder & President Efrat Kasznik, will provide answers to these questions using an "Ask Me Anything" format - we will attempt to answer every question related to the Q&A topic of the day. The hour-long webinars will be held on a monthly basis and will be  free  to anyone who would like to call in. All questions will be submitted to the webinar moderator and attendants can remain anonymous as they submit questions.

VOTE NOW! As a member of Foresight's startup community, please let us know what topic most interests you, by casting your vote! Please choose from the 3 topics on our one-question  survey

If you don’t see a topic of interest in the survey, please write to us at:  media@foresightvaluation.com , and we will make sure to incorporate it in the webinar series later this year!

Looking forward to your votes and keep an eye out for the announcement of the  February   Smart-Up Webinar  later this month!


Efrat Kasznik, President

Foresight Valuation Group
425 Sherman Ave. Ste. 200, Palo Alto, CA 94306