Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6
November 2016, Vol 7, issue 09     
Welcome to The Sixth Sense - the monthly newsletter of Brooklyn Community Board 6, serving the neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens/South Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Columbia Street Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope and Red Hook.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
                                                                      ~Albert Camus

It is the property owner's responsibility to remove leaves from their sidewalks and 18-inches into the street. But what should you do with them once you've removed them? Most property owners don't have the wherewithal to compost their leaves. Burning leaves is not an option. But we have a pilot Organics Collection Program in our district that is the perfect place to put your leaves. And participation couldn't be simpler. Simply gather your leaves together in a big brown yard waste bag (preferred, available at most hardware stores) and place them at the curb alongside your brown organics bin. Yep, it's that easy. On any of your organics collection days the Department of Sanitation will also collect your autumn leaves.

It's really important that everyone do their share to remove the leaves from the streets. Leaves clog up the mechanical brooms which have a hard time completing their routes this time of year. Leaves, especially when wet, can be slippery and hazardous to pedestrians. And while they may be majestic to look at as they turn colors on the trees, once they hit the ground they just don't contribute in the same way to the aesthetic of our urban environment. Of course, that's a matter of opinion. But, trust us -- no one wants to end up with a violation for failure to remove their leaves, which is a summonsable offense.

Oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back this weekend. On Sunday, November 6th at 2:00am we're supposed to set our clocks back to 1:00am. That gives us an extra hour to sleep! The Fire Department reminds us that we should use the biannual daylight savings events as reminders to change the batteries in our smoke alarms. And the first Sunday in November also coincides with the running of the New York City Marathon (Go PPTC!) which bisects our district along the 4th Avenue corridor. So be sure to plan your travels accordingly. Visit the City's website for more information about the NYC Marathon this weekend.

And please VOTE on Tuesday, November 8th. Polls are open from 6am to 9pm. It's really kinda important that you do. Remember, there's no photography allowed inside polling sites. Save your selfies for outside.

Memorial Day Lastly, THANK YOU to our Veterans one and all for the service you've given to our country. We appreciate the freedom and liberty we get to enjoy because you were willing to protect it for us. We do not take it for granted.

Stay active and engaged. It's our community! 

Enjoy our newsletter, and please let us know what you would like to see in future editions.

P.S. If you like what you see here, please use the "Forward email" link at the bottom of the page to pass this email along to a friend or two.  There are over 104,000 residents and thousands of businesses in our district.  We'd love it if they would all sign up!
Brooklyn CB6 Holiday Party
You are invited to the annual Friends of Brooklyn CB6 Holiday Party Fundraiser

Monday, December 20th, 6:30pm

Loki Brooklyn
341 2nd Street (off 5th Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Don't delay...RSVP and purchase your $40 ticket here. Your ticket entitles you to a delicious meal, open bar (beer & wine) and unlimited cheer!

It's very helpful to us if you purchase your ticket in advance. When you rsvp you may indicate if you are paying by credit card or check. 
Thanks to our generous sponsor the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

We're still seeking sponsors to make this an over-the-top awesome event!
Welcome Planning Fellows
We are most fortunate to have two planning fellows from the Fund for the City of New York's Community Planning Fellowship Program working at our district office for the 2016-17 academic year.
Sarah Yehuda  is a second-year graduate student in the Urban Placemaking and Management M.S. program at Pratt Institute, who grew up in Long Island and now lives in Bedford-Stuvesant. Her undergraduate education consists of two bachelor degrees from Binghamton University- a B.A. in Art History with a concentration in Pre-Architecture, and a B.A. in Studio Art, with a concentration in Painting. Her education has inspired her to advocate for issues of environmentalism and social justice. She is currently studying the implementation of the Organics Collection Pilot Program in our district, and will soon be distributing a survey to our residents in hope of gathering community feedback. Please stay tuned for the survey!

Samudyatha Subbarama is a second year Masters student at the Pratt Institute in the Sustainable Environmental Systems program. Samu is an Architect from Bangalore, India, with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, RVCA, Bangalore and a Master's Degree in Integrated Sustainable Design from The National University of Singapore. She's worked in urban planning and policy, landscape architecture, and historical conservation which has helped her gain a multidisciplinary understanding of cities. She is currently at RPA as the Energy and Environment Intern, researching resilient infrastructure (R2) for the Fourth Regional Plan. Additionally, she's helping El Puente: Greenlight District, Williamsburg, with energy efficiency outreach campaigns, researching the importance of open space and interdependencies between open space and air quality conditions in north Williamsburg, as a part of NYC Environmental Justice Alliance Fellowship. Through a partnership with non-profit Arts Gowanus, she is working on an artist needs survey and report on the state of the arts in Gowanus.

We're thrilled to announce that the Solarize CB6 Sun for All campaign five core members reviewed proposals and interviewed contractors, and selected  American Solar Partners  to install their systems.

Are  you feeling solar FOMO (fear of missing out )? Additional neighbors may join the group until early February. If the group reaches 15 members, the already competitive per Watt price will be lowered.

Sample Pricing Estimate
Based on a 15 module, 4,500-Watt system

Installed Cost*..............................................$20,835
NY-Sun Incentive**..........................................$2,250
Upfront Cost (amount due to installer).........$18,585
Federal Tax Credit***.......................................$5,576
New York State Tax Credit***..........................$4,646
NYC Property Tax Abatement****...................$3,717
Post-Incentive Cost.....................................$4,646

*Additional "adders" or discounts may apply.
**The NY-SUN rebate is paid directly to the installer.
***You must have tax liability to utilize these credits.
****This a four-year credit, divided equally each year.

To find out more contact:

Paige Alderoty,  Project Manager, American Solar Partners
or Angelica Ramdhari of Solar One:

The final day to join the purchasing group is February 2, 2017.

Thank you to our wonderful and knowledgeable project partner Angelica  Ramdhari  of Solar One's Here Comes Solar. Angelica helped translate industry jargon and explained the confusing solar process, rules and regulations into layperson's terms. 

If you have never seen a solar panel, check out this story from one of your neighbors on Underhill Ave who recently had his panels installed:

This program is open to Brooklyn residents. You do not need to live in the Brooklyn CB6 district to participate.

Group participants consider installer proposals
A Visit to the SIMS Material Recovery Facility
In mid-October an intrepid group from the district, along with an extended family of recycling aficionados from such faraway reaches as Brooklyn's CB2 and CB14, visited the SIMS Material Recovery Facility in nearby Sunset Park. SIMS  has a 20-year contract  to sort and process almost all of the City's recyclables collected curbside by DSNY at their  incredible state-of-the-art facility. The City pays SIMS to accept the material (we pay less than landfill tipping fee). They, then sort and sell our discarded materials to recyclers for reuse. Profits are shared with the City if certain prices are met. 
When we arrived we mingled on the expansive roof-deck patio overlooking the Gowanus Bay and admired the facility's wind turbine and bioswale (they also have a huge solar array). As we checked out the interactive displays in the Education Center we were met by the Education & Outreach Manager Eadaoin Quinn who explained every step of the sorting process, how the City's contact is set up with the company, and answered our copious recycling queries (For instance, soiled pizza boxes are okay to recycle as long as they are not "food heavy" or  dripping and translucent with oil). 

We learned that the biggest recycling mistake New Yorkers make is to erroneously place plastic bags in the recycling. It's okay to put your recycling in a large clear bag for pick up, but please don't stuff regular shopping bags into your blue bin.
Once we exhausted Ms. Quinn with our hundreds of questions, she led us to a viewing platform overlooking the "tipping floor" where we watched in awe as barges and truck loads of material were dropped off.
The giant room had a sweet rancid scent that hung in the air, though not as pungent as you'd imagine considering 300-500 tons of material are brought through the space on an average day.

We learned that the first step in the sorting process is for the material to be met by "The Liberator" - every moment is Christmas morning for the liberator as it tears open bags to release recyclable material for processing.

Finally we were treated with the moment we'd all been waiting for, a viewing of the equipment that performs the actual sorting. The room is loud and the machinery is brightly painted and looks new. Workers in protective gear could  be seen dotted throughout the facility. It was hypnotic to watch the stuff we place into blue bins wind through an incredible labyrinth of sorting machines connected by conveyor systems. The material is met with disk screens (to smash and sift out glass), a drum magnet (to pull away ferrous metal), and optical scanners synched with air jets to shoot the various plastics into separate streams. Plastics are eventually squished into cubes for sale to manufacturers. 

You can read an account of this day By Katia Kelly of Pardon Me for Asking.

If you're interested in scheduling your own tour for children or adults, visit the Sims website.
Advanced Recycling Tips for Know-it-All's

Are you a recycling nerd who rolls up their sleeve and dives into a sticky blue bin to fish out an object that does not belong? We hope you'll enjoy this Advanced Recycling Resource Guide by Red Hook resident and guest contributor Hilary Basing who explains what to do with items that are not compatible with NYC's system.

Consumer Plastics
The Park Slope Food Coop accepts the following items from anyone regardless of membership, and sends them to Terracycle:

  • Toothpaste tubes & toothbrushes
  • Baby food pouches and caps 
  • Energy bar wrappers 
  • Brita filters (other filter brands okay) plus other Brita filter related items 
  • Plastic food storage zip lock bags, plastic cling wrap, and small bulk bags
  • Cereal bag and cracker bag liners or bulk cereal bags 
You can drop off these items in front of the Coop at 782 Union Street on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 3:45-6pm and the 4th Saturday of the month 1:45-4pm.  Learn more about Terracycle .

Plastic Bags
Also, as many of you know, most pharm acies and grocery stores accept plastic bags for recycling. Any piece of plastic that is similar material to a plastic bag, like the wrapping on a case of bottles, can go in these bins, usually near the front of the store.

Clothing and Textiles
 Wearable Collections is a great organization that accepts wearable OR unwearable clothing and shoes for recycle or donation. Their 24/7 drop spot is on 180 W 9th between Court and Smith. They also collect items at many green markets all over the city. 

The LESEC's E-Waste store and recycling center in Gowanus is a really great resource for recycling e-waste such as computers, phones, and audio-visual equipment. They will also accept media such as CDs, DVDs and Tapes for a small fee. Those they send to Greendisk which anyone can also send items to directly. Best Buy also recycles a lot of e-waste and media.

Re-Chargeable Batteries
There are multiple options for recycling chargeable batteries. IKEA, Lowe's and Best Buy take them.

I send my white styroforam to Foam Pack Industries in New Jersey.

Makeup Packaging
Origins stores recycle all makeup packaging, of all brands.
Things to do in the District

Friday November 4, 6pm - 1am
Prints Gone Wild Brooklyn's own legendary Cannonball Press has again assembled an extraordinary menagerie of graphic artists under one roof who will be present displaying and selling their prints for $50 or less for one night only. Long-time champion of the affordable art cause Cannonball Press has brought together these great artists so that New York can have a chance to see first-hand the incredible resurgence in affordable fine art printing that is happening across the country. Come join us for live printing, beer, music, and an alpha display of awesome cheap prints! Location: Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street.

Saturday, November 5, 10am-12pm
Pumpkin Smash at the Red Hook Farm. You smash 'em - and the NYC Compost Project hosted by Brooklyn Botanic Garden will turn them into compost for City parks and green spaces. Bring pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and gourds to Pumpkin Smash. Rain or shine. Location: Red Hook Community Farm, Columbia and Bay Streets.

Saturday, November 5, 10am
Run for CHIPS 5K Run & Walk. Come join us in Prospect Park for a 5K Run/Walk to raise awareness and support for CHIPS. This year, the race theme is TOTALLY 80s - run in your best 80s costume and compete for the best costume award! Since 1971, CHIPS has been a community of Brooklyn neighbors, volunteers, and friends who help those who are less fortunate. We prepare over 100,000 nutritious meals per year and serve them to the needy in a caring and respectful environment. In addition to meals, we offer seasonal clothing and distribute pantry bags each Friday, to those in need. Address: Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, November 8, 3pm - 6pm (and every Tuesday in November)
Bioswale Stewardship on 6th St between 2nd and 4th Avenues. We will be removing weeds, litter, and other sediments from the bioswales in the 6th Street Green Corridor.

Friday, November 11, 11am
Veterans Day Observance Ceremony, sponsored by the Court Street Merchants Association. Location: Carroll Park, Court-President Streets.

Saturday, November 12, 4-6pm
Show & Tale: Soldiers, Sailors & Civilians. The history of Veteran's Day can be told through the many United States veterans who've served our country and its people in our military as well as their loved ones and other civilians. From our "veteran" veterans - those World War II veterans who fought on the beaches of Normandy or in the island-hopping campaign of the Pacific Islands, and the vets of the Vietnam conflict, on up through to those younger veterans who've served in our most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - all veterans & civilians have their stories to share about war. Join us at the Old Stone House - where many hundreds of our patriots once lost their lives defending these United States - to see, hear, and experience some of the history experienced by our many veterans and civilians. You'll not only learn more about their service, but you'll make some new friends, and share, if you like, some of your very own stories. Location: The Old Stone House.

Thursday November 17, 1-5pm
NYC Rent Freeze Program (SCRIE/DRIE). Are you at least 62 years of age or disabled? Is your household income $50,000 or less? Do you pay more than one-third of your household's total monthly income for rent? Do you live in rent regulated or Mitchell Lama housing? If so, you may qualify for the NYC Rent Freeze Program (SCRIE/DRIE), which would freeze your rent and exempt you from future increases. We can help you apply! For more information on eligibility, what to bring, and to register to attend the Rent Freeze Outreach Event call (347) 450-8162 or email: Brooklyn Public Library, Central Branch, Dweck Auditorium

Thursday November 24, 9am
Prospect Park Track Club's Turkey Trot 5-miler. One of the biggest Brooklyn Running Events of the Year! This 5 mile spectacular is the perfect way to kick off your holiday season! This event is SOLD OUT to runners, but the more fans the merrier!
Join the The Red Hook Community Resilience Corps 

The Red Hook Community Resilience Corps will be having a second year! We are currently accepting applications for all positions. The Red Hook Community Resilience Corps is an AmeriCorps National Service Program that seeks to make Red Hook a safer, stronger and more resilient community. Corps members will be part of our unconventional programs and services throughout the Justice Center that engage local residents, promote public safety and solve local problems (such as Housing Resource Center, Peacemaking, Alternatives to Incarceration, Youth and Community Programs, High School Equivalency classroom and Neighborhood Restitution Crew. In addition, full time and half time members will serve as mentors to minimum time members in the AmeriCorps program and perform service projects throughout the neighborhood. By the end each member will be responsible for planning and implementing their own event for the Community.

Full Time members will commit to serve for one year from January 2nd-December 22nd, 2017. They will be responsible for completing 1,700 hours by working 35-40 hours a week. They will receive a total stipend of $12,530 for the year that will be divided into bi-monthly checks and an educational award of $5,730. Applicants must be 18 years and older, have a High School or High School Equivalency Diploma and be legally allowed to work in the United States.

Half Time members will commit to serve six to nine months between January 2nd and September 1st, 2017. They will be responsible for completing 900 hours by working 25-30 hours a week. They will receive a total stipend of $3,759 for the months served that will be divided into bi-monthly checks and an educational award of $2,759. Applicants must be between the ages of 17-24, high school or high school equivalency diploma preferred but not required and be legally allowed to work in the United States.

The deadline to apply is November 15, 2016. Your application is not complete until a resume and letter of recommendation is submitted to . There is an one-on one interview and group interview occurring at the end of November, early December.

For any questions please contact Leslie Gonzaga at (718) 923-8242 or

Groundswell's Newest Director
Photo of Robyne Walker Murphy courtesy of Groundswell

After a careful nationwide search, Groundswell recently announced the appointment of Robyne Walker Murphy to serve as their new Executive Director.  Robyne is a seasoned professional with ample experience working at the intersections of art, youth development, cultural equity and social justice.
In 1996, a group of New York City artists, educators, and activists founded Groundswell with the belief that collaborative art-making combines the sanctity of personal expression with the strength of community activism -- and produces unique and powerful outcomes.
Twenty years later, nearly 500 murals have been completed by Groundswell, working with groups of underserved, marginalized, and economically disadvantaged youth and professional artists, in collaboration with more than 300 community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, and government agencies throughout New York City. These compelling artworks demonstrate our enduring belief that art creates community and community creates change.

Groundswell is a Gowanus-based non-profit organization. We congratulate the Groundswell family on this news, and wish Robyne much success in the new position!
Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6, Inc.  supports the work of Brooklyn Community Board 6 in improving the quality of life in the district.  Friends seeks to provide planning, advocacy, research and administrative resources to supplement the limited capacities and budget of the Community Board, thus enabling it to properly carry out its City Charter mandated tasks of evaluating the needs of the district and advocating on behalf of its communities.
Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Federal EIN 04-3780020).

Donations are welcome and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.
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General Board Meeting

photo by Bryan Bruchman
6:30pm, November 9 
P.S. 32 Auditorium
(btw Union/Prez Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(Board members are encouraged to supply corrections to minutes.)

All posted meetings are open to the public; however, participation may be limited.
Who's Who at #BKcb6

CB6 2016 Officers:
Sayar Lonial,
Mike Racioppo,
First Vice Chairperson
Pauline Blake,
Second Vice Chairperson
● Jerry Armer,
● Ariel Krasnow,

CB6 Committee Chairs:
● Jerry Armer,
Finance/Personnel & Law
● Richard Bashner,
Waterfront/Community Development
● Paige Bellenbaum,
Human Services
● Peter Fleming,
Land Use; Elections
● Glenn Kelly,
Parks/Recreation/Cultural Affairs
● Ariel Krasnow,
Sayar Lonial,
● Robert Levine,
● Rick Luftglass,
Budget; Economic Development
● Eric McClure,
Transportation, Co-Chair
● Thomas Miskel,
Transportation, Co-Chair
● Mike Racioppo,
Permits & Licenses
● Mark C. Shames,
Environmental Protection
● Matthew Silverman,
Public Safety
● Suzanne Turet,
● Robert Underwood,
Youth Services

District Office Staff:
District Manager
Ty Beatty ,
Assistant District Manager 
Community Associate 
Sarah N. Phillips,
Special Projects Manager
Office Volunteer
Samudyatha Subbarama,
Planning Fellow 
Sarah Yehuda,
Planning Fellow 
Newsletter Production:    
● Craig Hammerman, 
Sarah N. Phillips,
Managing Editor
The Sixth Sense newsletter is delivered to over 5,600 email boxes of some of the most civic-minded people in the known universe.

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