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Whether you’re looking to expand your gift budget or just need some extra cash to take the family on vacation, we’ve got you covered.
Make this season the most memorable with our Holiday Loan.
Promotion runs through December 31st.

*Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to credit union lending guidelines
**Payment example: A 12 month loan at 10.90% Annual Percentage Rate would have monthly payments of $88.33 per $1,000 borrowed.
Scam-Proof Your
Financial Life Online
To keep your identity and money secure, here’s a quick guide and TIPS to identifying and avoiding online fraud.
By now, most of us are familiar with online phishing, but the fact that it’s still a big problem in 2021 (just check your junk mailbox), suggests we could all use a few tips!

Phishing works in different ways. The most common scenario is when a scammer posts an appealing link as bait, and then re-directs you to a different website. Best case? You’ll be taken to a shady website. But in the worst-case situations, clicking the link infects your computer with a virus that steals your personal info, or locks your computer until you agree to pay the scammer a ransom fee. The simple solution? Think before you click.
Beware spam-y comments in social media
Scammers are smart. They know we’re viewing trending posts in social media. And the more popular the post, the more likely we’ll be to read and leave comments. In the comment section, the spammer will drop a dubious link into the conversation, claiming it connects to a relevant story or thread. Use your intuition, and be wary of any user or link that doesn’t quite look right.

TIP: As a general rule, you should change your passwords regularly, especially those of your financial accounts. Passwords are highly valued on the black market (i.e., ‘Scammer Land’)
Think twice before taking that Survey
Online surveys can be very tempting. Usually they’re promoted in the form of banners or social media posts, and promise deep discounts and giveaways; all you have to do is hand over your personal info.

The problem is that a lot of these surveys are bogus. A legitimate company probably isn’t going to give you a real deal via a flashing banner ad. And if you click, you may be giving up access to things like your bank and credit card info.

TIP: If it sounds too good to be true, it is!
Email addresses 
Always look at the sender’s email address. Is this someone you know? Something that seems odd? If this is something or somebody you have never heard of, think twice about opening this email.

TIP: Check and double-check the sender’s email address.
So don’t let the scammers get you while you are surfing the web. Spending time on the internet can be safe and worry-free as long as you are careful and know how to spot a scam!
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