How to Buy Your Next Car with Help from
Miami Firefighters FCU
Purchasing a car is tough during the best of times but, with a vehicle shortage and rising prices, it’s now harder than ever.
Here are some strategies to help you:
Get Your Financing Pre-Approved
Get your car loan pre-approved with us before you shop so that you know just how much car you can afford.
Shopping Over The Weekend?
If you make that weekend purchase, remember to call the credit union so we can match or beat the rate or monthly payment. Tell the dealer that you need a 'courtesy' or 'conditional' contract. Then, contact us on the following business day so we can take care of the financing of your vehicle. If the dealer doesn't provide those types of contracts, contact MFFCU directly after you finance, and we will refinance either matching or beating your dealer rate.

Automatic Payments
Take advantage of payroll deduction or direct transfer and receive a .25% reduction in your rate.
Pay Ahead
Make additional payments through the credit unions CU Online or Fireline services.
Extended Warranties
Purchase a comprehensive extended warranty through the credit union at a considerably lower cost than the dealership.
Gap Insurance
This low cost coverage protects you against financial loss in the event your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss.
Autosense Auto Loans
Here’s an alternative (a lease look-a-like for new and used cars) to purchase the car of your dreams with payments 30% to 40% lower than conventional monthly payments.
Your family at Miami Firefighters FCU have been helping families purchase their cars and make the right financial decisions for over 86 years. Turn to us for your car buying needs!
NEW Fire Financial Assistant
A Smarter Way to Manage Your Money
Have you tried our online financial management tool? Fire Financial Assistant was designed to understand your spending and gain insight about how your money comes and goes each month.

It is simple to organize all the details and therefore help you stay on top of your bills, your cash flow and your entire financial picture.
To access Fire Financial Assistant, you must first login to home banking.
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