We Stack the Cards in Your Favor!
As a member here at MFFCU, you have access to a wide range of products and services to meet your financial needs and those of your family. We are especially happy with the ease, convenience and benefits of our Visa® cards for our members.
Miami Firefighters Federal Credit Union offers you the Visa® Credit Card that can help you save money, earn rewards and have a great rate all at the same time! There are no annual fees, no teaser rates and no fine print surprises. The card is offered at a low 10.9% APR* (non-variable rate in purchases). And, for every dollar you spend, you will earn 1 scorecard point. These rewards are good towards travel, merchandise, gift cards or cash back. 

The Visa® card is used all over the world. If you don’t have a Visa® Card, you are missing out! Call us at 305.324.4004 or apply online at
If credit card debt is one of your biggest challenges, a Balance Transfer to a lower interest rate card may be a great start. Transfer the balance to your existing MFFCU Visa Credit Card and for the first 6 months - there is 0% APR* with no transfer fee, no annual fee, no cash advance fee and no penalty rate!
We also offer Visa® Debit Cards which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. It is handier than a checkbook, safer than cash and gives you instant access to your money at ATMs nationwide. With the debit card, you have a $5,000 daily purchase limit (based on available funds) and a $1,000 daily ATM withdrawal limit (based on available funds). For your protection, every time you plan to use your card outside the United States, please let us know.
When you use your cards, do you feel stressed that they may be used by others? Take control. We have two safe, secure ways to protect you from fraud. 

MFFCU offers CardValet® which allows you to turn your card off when you are not using it and back on again when you are shopping. Set spending limitations for yourself. Even get a 
notification anytime someone uses your card. 
Another way to protect you from fraud is with our Text Fraud Alert. With this tool, if our system detects suspicious activity on your credit or debit card, you will receive an automatic text message from MFFCU with details about the transaction. If you text back that it is not your purchase, you will receive another message with a number to follow-up. Make sure the mobile number we have on file is up-to-date. Call us at 305.324.4004 to verify or make any updates.
We know how mobile you are, and we have made it even more convenient to use any of our cards with the ApplePay and GooglePay apps for those on the go! You can add your MFFCU VISA Credit and Debit Card to your phones. And it is very secure, as ApplePay and GooglePay do not send your actual credit or debit card information with your payment, so your account details are safe.
*APR - Annual Percentage Rate
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