• Dec 1, 10:30 - PTO Friday Coffee at Giant - All parents welcome
  • Dec 10, 9:30-11:00 - Chanukah Family Fun and Concert (see ad below)
  • Dec 15 - Shabbat Showcase
  • Dec 19, 6:45 pm - Celebration of Light and Learning
  • Dec 22. 11:40 - Early Dismissal
  • Dec 25-29 - No School, Winter Break
Good things happen everyday at The Silver Academy!
Mrs. Debra Freeburn, Head of School
With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us and Hannukah soon approaching, I’m reminded of the joy and love that is surrounding us everyday. And to keep with the spirit of the “Tonight Show” and Jimmy Fallon, I’d like to catch up on my thank you notes!!!       

Thank you, friends and families of Silver Academy, for helping us raise much needed funds through our annual campaign, the Foundation campaign, Giving Tuesday, and participating in our extraordinary activities.      

Thank you, Silver staff and faculty, for continuing to raise the bar and teach our kids not only reading and writing (in two languages...of course!) but how to be a mensch!!!      
Thank you, Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg and Jennifer Ross, for giving us your support and working with us, year after year.      

Thank you, Andrea and the JCC staff, for helping me to figure out how to do my job better and by working with us to create a united Jewish community and provide additional outreach and programming.           

Thank you, volunteers, for your tireless time and energy, helping with lunches, assisting in the classroom, and all that you do!!           

Thank you, Amy, Gretchen, Myrna, Tony, and Barb, for being the first smiling faces that we see when we enter Silver and the happy voices we see in the cafeteria, the hallways...until dismissal, and for keeping us safe!!

AND...Thank you, parents, for sharing your sons and daughters with us and for allowing us the privilege, the opportunity, to work with them, every day, as they enter the adventure of learning.           

Shabbat Shalom,
D'VAR TORAH for Parshat Vayishlach

by Benjamin Shvartsman

to read this week's D'var Torah
A Peek Inside Our Classrooms
General Studies in First and Second Grades
Mrs. Brandy Hurley
First graders are working hard to improve their addition skills. We use many hands-on activities to make learning fun and memorable! This week, students were treated to a yummy activity where they learned about adding to a set. They started each math problem with a set number of fish in their fishbowls, and used a spinner to determine how many more to add. After finding the sum, they wrote a number sentence to match their fishbowl. Who knew math could be so delicious?
Second Grade has been melding science and writing. After experimenting with catapults, students put pen to paper and wrote about the experiment, just like scientists!
4th and 5th Grades General Studies
Mrs. Jessica Wenzelburger

During the past three years, each fifth grade class has read the book  Wonder  by R.J. Palacio. It is the story of a boy named August Pullman, who has a craniofacial abnormality, and his journey through fifth grade. The story’s main focus is on kindness. This year, the fourth and fifth grades worked together to read the story and to promote kindness and understanding within the school. The book  Wonder  also discusses positive, monthly precepts to motivate students to be kind. The fifth and fourth grades took these precepts and created posters that represent the positive themes from the book and the world around them.

In addition, on November 20 th , the fourth through eighth grades went on a field trip to see the movie in local theaters. They had the opportunity to reflect on the movie afterward.

  • “From this film I have learned how rude it is to stare at people and to always be kind.”-Ariella, Grade 4
  • “One lesson I can use at school is to always choose to be kind. For example, if someone is having trouble with something and you can help them, you absolutely should.” -Sasha, Grade 5
  • “A lesson I learned from the movie was to try to be kind to people, places, and things. An example is when Auggie stopped being friends with Jack. He didn’t yell and tell on him. He stayed calm and just stayed away.” -Abie, Grade 4

Mark your calendar!
Development Office News
A Thank You Message from Our Students
November is the time when we pause to remember why we are thankful.
Our students had fun thanking their teachers in this video. In case you missed it… here it is.

Watching this video of the children’s smiling faces and learning why they love The Silver Academy helps to motivates us to continue to push forward with our Annual Campaign, continuing to raise dollars for scholarships for these students.
Our parent Annual Campaign Chairs will be reaching out to you in the next few days. Whether it is $18 or $1800, please help us share the value of tzedakah from your homes just as it is so beautifully instilled in our children within our Silver Academy classrooms. We are striving for 100% participation. Additionally, with an increase in giving participation by our school families, we can help the school better access investment from donors and foundations, knowing that our own families support our school.

If you have not yet made your gift or pledge, today is the perfect day to do so. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. If you'd like to make your gift to this year's campaign now, please click here:  Donate Now
Thank you for sharing your children with us! Looking forward to lots of Cookies and Cocoa.

(Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program)

Watch this video to learn how...
Order Your Challah Here!
Challah With a Twist 

Offers Weekly Challah Order and Delivery To Students and Teachers

  • Order your challah by Thursday night at this website: It will be delivered to school on Friday.
  • Send check to school, payable to Challah with a Twist, or use Paypal or Venmo .

"Challah With a Twist", (a.k.a. Varda Challah), has been providing home baked challah for the Harrisburg community for over 20 years.
Varda Gewirtz,  717-919-1358  
A Favorite Silver Snapshot
Congratulations Middle School Honor Students!