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Good things happen everyday at The Silver Academy!
Mrs. Debra Freeburn, Head of School

To quote Terri Travers, “Lately no matter where you turn you seem to find that people are divided. We often look for differences instead of remembering we are all humans.” Terri believes that as a coach, she has the responsibility to develop the character of young athletes, regardless of their ability, their skill, or their religion. At Silver Academy, we are developing character in our young people as well as instilling a positive sense of values with the understanding that we have a responsibility to not only ourselves but to others. So...back to the story…in the atrium of the JCC a few days ago, Terri shared a story with me about two of our Silver Academy students.

Terri said that at Biddy Basketball, she was teaching the kids about the positions...forwards and guards. She said that a little girl shot the ball and missed. The young lady guarding her, by a stroke of luck, caught the rebound and instead of shooting the ball, handed it back to her friend who had just missed the basket and said, “Try again….I know you can do it!!” As the coach, Terri said, “You’re on different teams, and you and your team should try to score more points than the other team.” But the young lady - who attends Silver - insisted, “That’s ok…I don’t mind…I think she can make it if she tries again!!!” Wow…

I was in Hawaii with my husband last week and I received a text from Rabbi Muroff asking if I thought I could get a couple of the post bar mitzvah boys to attend a funeral and help make a minyan for a former Silver Academy family that has no one. I texted Lindsay Hameroff, my wonderful, amazing lead teacher, and asked if we could make this happen (the funeral was the next day). And guess what? Lindsay emailed Shari Dym, who not only made it happen, but drove the five young men to the funeral, in order that they could do a mitzvah and help to make a minyan.

Lastly, my daughter called me from Rochester, NY to tell me how upset her nine-year old son (our eldest grandson) was when he came home from public school (he had attended Hillel Jewish Day School in Rochester for kdg through grade three). She said Max bolted in the door and asked her what a specific word meant. Sarah explained that it was a derogatory word that was never used in their home, and that perhaps some people who were uneducated or uninformed may use it. Max said that someone at school called him a ‘name’ because when asked, he responded that he had many friends, of many races and religions, and he liked everyone. Max was understandably upset about being called a name, but he said he didn’t understand why Hashem would allow people to not like other people and to use hateful language. He continued asking questions and not understanding how or why Hashem could let this happen. Sarah explained that he/Max may often have the very difficult task of speaking up on behalf of others and that as an individual, he could work in positive ways that would make others question their negative feelings. 

Like Terri Travers and the JCC, The Silver Academy focuses on character, values, and kindness. In a world dominated by bullying, exclusion, and hatred, we believe that we have the opportunity and the obligation to develop strong character in our students, in a school where academic rigor dominates. We have the opportunity to help our students develop ethical conscience, respect for themselves and others, and learn inclusivity. Yes, we are different from other schools, and we are proud!

Shabbat Shalom,

D'var Torah for Parshiot Terumah/Tetzave

by Brian Dym

to read this week's D'var Torah
A Peek Inside Our Classrooms
Mrs. Tammy Reid (Morah Tamara)

We are getting ready for  Purim  and loving it! We discussed the basics of the story and have begun making out own  megillah . The kids were interested to see that a  megillah is a single scroll as opposed to the double scroll of the  Torah . We learned about the 4  mitzvot  of  Purim : 1. Hearing the  megillah , 2. Giving  tzedakah , 3. Giving baskets of goodies  (mishloach manot)  to our friends, and 4. Having a festive  Purim  feast  (seudah) . I hope to see you all at The Silver Academy's Community Purim dinner. Don't forget your costumes!
7th Grade Math
Mrs. Jane Dalton

Making sense of the wealth of data that is available today is an invaluable skill, and seventh grade students are learning some statistical skills to help them evaluate data. After students learned to find the mean, median and mode of a group of data, they decided to apply their data evaluation skills to information about their peers.

Students created a survey with ten questions they were curious about, such as "How many electronic devices does your family have?" and "How many cities have you lived in?" They asked all 5th-8th graders to take the survey. After compiling the data, they found the mean, median and mode student for each of the data sets.

Is there really a "mean" student, statistically speaking, in 5th-8th grade? Please stop by to see the students' statistical analysis outside of our classroom. You may be surprised by some of the results!
Good News!

Mazel Tov ... parents, Mark and Amanda Brodsky, big brother Adam, and sisters, Erin and Nina, on the arrival of Micah Harley! the Slonimsky family on the arrival of their newest addition, Danielle! We are sending our best to big sisters Geffen (Kdg) and Yuval, and their parents, Einat and Guy Slonimsky!

If you would like to share a Mazel Tov in our Silver Summary, such as an engagement, marriage, birth, new job, etc., please send it to
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