The bi-monthly newsletter of The Animal Haven, Inc.
Published on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month
A Letter from the President

We are excited to announce that The Animal Haven has a new van! As you can see from the photo on the top right, our old one has seen better days. After 19 years, it was becoming unsafe for the staff to drive, and we all feared it could break down with animals in tow. The new van (pictured below on the right) will ensure that we can safely transport the animals to and from the vet and travel around the state to pick up animals in need of rescue.

We could not have afforded this beautiful new van without the ongoing generosity of you, our donors. We truly appreciate you and your support!

Speaking of generosity, thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets for our Spring Raffle, making it a great success. We raised over $12,300!

A very big thank you, too, to Animal Haven volunteer Sam Acampora for once again organizing and taking charge of the raffle, an important Animal Haven fundraiser.
Linda Marino
Our 19 year-old van has been around the block a few times
Our beautiful new van will ensure the staff can safely drive to rescue animals
Thank you for making the Spring Raffle a
great success!

May-June 2022

Animals brought in:
Cats: 35
Dogs: 3
Total: 38

Animals adopted:
Cats: 16
Dogs: 3
Total: 19

Returns: 4

Animals spayed or
neutered: 21

Brox relaxing in his Vermont getaway
Pet Story of the Month: Brox

Rich and Lisa had just lost their 12-year-old Gizmo and wanted to adopt another small dog. They saw a picture of three-year-old Brox who had just been surrendered by his original family. They came to the shelter to check him out, and the rest is history!
Brox's new family reports: “Brox has some goofy traits. When he catches a scent of whatever, he will do this little dance before throwing himself on the scent to roll around. He can sleep in almost any position but loves sleeping on his back or under the covers. He also loves to lick, and lick, and lick people until he's tired of it, but never slobbers. And he's like a ninja. You rarely hear him coming, so you have to watch your step.”
Brox is living the good life, as you can see from the picture above, and we are so glad that Rich and Lisa fell in love with him! Thanks to them for giving this little guy a wonderful home.
Volunteer Spotlight:
Kristine Cormier

Kristine Cormier would much rather talk about her animal welfare and advocacy work than about herself. So, when she stated that "my mission is big," it was a clue that this wonderful volunteer is passionate, energetic, dedicated, and selfless. She gives not only to the animals in our care, but to those in need all around the State. Kristine works with Michelle every Sunday at the shelter, doing whatever is needed, whether that's cleaning dog runs, socializing animals, or going out with Michelle on rescue runs. When Kristine is not volunteering at The Animal Haven, her "big mission" includes advocacy work on behalf of animals by raising public awareness, educating legislators about improving animal welfare, and attending animal cruelty cases in court to show her support for the animals.

Kristine has always loved animals. She was raised with dogs but now lives with six cats. She retired after working for the State for more than 27 years as a shift supervisor at a juvenile detention center. Kristine does not shrink from hard work! She recently got involved in the Winsted hoarding case, in which about 200 cats were rescued from deplorable conditions. (The Animal Haven was able to take in eight of them.)

We are very grateful that Kristine donates her time and expertise to The Animal Haven. Thank you Kristine!
Hours of Operation

The shelter is open by appointment only due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you are interested in adopting an animal, please fill out and
submit an application on our website ( We will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment if your application is approved.

Newsletter written by Roberta Friedman