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A Letter from the Board
Happy new year to everyone!

We are very pleased and excited to tell you that we have just revamped our website, and it is now live. Please check it out here. We want to thank Jesse Gersten, who specializes in pet photography, for donating his time to take many of the beautiful photos that we used on the site. You can see more of his wonderful work on his website.

We also want to announce a change in board leadership. Christie Lambert, who has been president of the board for the past year, has stepped down, and Linda Marino, who has returned to The Animal Haven after stepping down as President in 2020, is taking her place. Christie's leadership was steadfast throughout a tumultuous COVID year at the shelter, and we are very grateful to her for her dedication and for donating her time and expertise. Thank you Christie, and welcome back Linda!

We hope the new year brings everyone health and happiness!

The Board of The Animal Haven
Meet Maureen Rowe, a New Member of The Animal Haven Legacy Society
Maureen and Annie
It comes as no surprise to learn that Maureen Rowe has spent her career as a nurse. She immediately communicates a caring, gentle, and compassionate demeanor. Lucky for us, that compassion extends beyond human beings to animals and is what led her to leave a generous bequest to the shelter and become a member of The Animal Haven Legacy Society.

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Nov-Dec 2021

Animals brought in:
Cats: 22
Dogs: 4
Total: 26
Animals adopted:
Cats: 31
Dogs: 3
Total: 34

Returns: 3

Animals spayed or neutered: 26
Have You Organized Fundraising Events? Are You Interested in Being on The Animal Haven's Board? Let's Talk!

The Animal Haven is looking for a new board member with specific experience and interest in coordinating and overseeing all aspects of the fundraising events held on behalf of the shelter. If you love the challenge and satisfaction of organizing and holding fundraising events, and are interested in being on the board, please email Linda at or call her at (203) 988-3836 to have an initial conversation.
Maureen Rowe, a New Member of
The Animal Haven Legacy Society

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Maureen grew up in West Haven, and her family often had dogs and cats. She says that as she matured, she “recognized the responsibility and commitment that one needs to make in order to properly care for an animal. That an animal is more than a pet…they become part of the family.”  Her immediate family now includes her fiancé, Vince, and her beloved cat, Annie.

When asked what she would say to others considering becoming Legacy Society members, Maureen says she chose us because we are a local, and, most importantly, a no-kill shelter. She also wanted to donate to a well-established and successful shelter with good rates of rescue and adoption, and The Animal Haven fit the bill. She added, “Just like human beings, I believe animals are worthy and deserving of the basic elements of life and that would include food, water, warmth, protection and most of all love. I hope that my gift to the Legacy Society can provide some of these basic components along with the preservation of their dignity. They are deserving of this and so much more.” We are very grateful to Maureen for her generosity!

If you would like more information about The Animal Haven Legacy Society, click here.
Focus on: Minka
Meet Minka, an adult Calico. She has had a tough life, having been set on fire at one point, which left a scar on her back. She was called "feisty" when she entered the shelter a year ago. She has since learned to trust the staff and volunteers, and is now called an "angel" who loves head scratches. Minka would do best in a home in which she is the only cat. Are you the right person to give this beautiful cat a second chance at a home? If interested, please go to to complete an application.
Hours of Operation

The shelter is open by appointment only due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you are interested in adopting an animal, please fill out an application on our website ( and send it to our Shelter Manager at We will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment.

Newsletter written by Roberta Friedman and Kerry Dobson