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At the SJ Chamber, we understand the challenges and complexities business owners, builders, and individuals face when navigating the permit process. That's why we have a dedicated Permit Assistance Team, exclusively for members, here to support you every step of the way.

Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of the City of San Jose Planning Building and Code Enforcement Department, conditional use permitting, and Santa Clara County Health Department permits. We have the knowledge, expertise, and connections to ensure a smoother and more efficient process for you.

We recognize that obtaining permits can be daunting and time-consuming. That's why we're here to help alleviate the burden. Our team will work closely with you, providing guidance, assistance, and personalized support tailored to your needs.

When you partner with the SJ Chamber, you'll have a committed ally by your side. We will navigate the intricacies of the permitting process, help you understand the requirements, and assist you to ensure that all necessary documentation is in order. We will be your advocate and liaison, communicating and collaborating with the relevant departments with you.

Whether starting a new business, embarking on a construction project, or seeking compliance with health regulations, our Permit Assistance Team is here to make the process as seamless as possible. We are committed to supporting your success and helping you overcome any hurdles that may arise along the way.

Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the permitting landscape. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, streamline the process, and ensure your endeavors in San Jose thrive. Reach out to our Permit Assistance Team today, and let us work with you toward a successful outcome.

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The 41st annual Chamber BBQ! Tickets and Booths are now available.⁠

This is the last day to get your special discount of 10% off your booth when you use the code Save10 at checkout!

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Business Referral Network Weekly Meetings.

  • Weekly on Tuesday, BRN Group: Silicon Valley Collaborators
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Committee Meetings Held Monthly.

  • Housing and Land Use Development - 2nd Thursday from 2pm to 3pm
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Where People From The Private, Public And Non-Profit Sector Come Together To Enhance The Quality Of Life In San Jose

Leadership San Jose (LSJ) is the region’s premiere leadership training program. With a class of 30 members, LSJ engages in a rigorous 10-part, program that brings together emerging and established professionals within the San Jose metropolitan area and exposes them to a broad range of issues that impact the region’s economic prosperity and quality of life, with a goal of increasing participants’ civic, political, philanthropic and/or community service engagement.

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4 Psychological Techniques for Increased Sales During Small Business Season

It's a noisy world out there and there's lots of competition. If you want to stand out, you must provide excellent value and persuasive copy. Without these two things the summer season will not be the boon you are hoping for. Luckily, creating copy that drives your audience to action is very easy during the summer season. While many people have a strict budget this year, they want to provide a nice time for their friends and family. That means they are looking to buy. Here's how you can help them decide to buy from you.


Effective Sales Psychology Techniques for the Summer Season


Purchases are often impulsive. A shopper sees something and without much thought decides it would be perfect for someone on their list. As the start of summer draws closer, less time and budget are left, and panic ensues. This is an opportunity for your business for two reasons. First, little time and little money forces quick action. Secondly, providing good value and the perfect summer or vacation item will make many frenzied shoppers appreciate you. If you make it easy to buy from you, customers will take note.


When the energy for mental activity is low (like when summer is fast approaching), self-control is often weakened (buying anything to just get the shopping checked off the long list of summer or vacation to-do’s). The following ideas can help you sway needy shoppers into buying from you.


Make Them Believe It


Remember high school and how impressionable we all were? Labels and nicknames could color reputations for four years of school (and well into the future). Maybe you were labeled brainy or cool or something less appealing. People saw you through that filter.


The same can be true of how you label your products or services. If you claim things like, “This is the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for friend” or “Every dog loves these bacon treats,” last-minute shoppers will believe you and act accordingly. You may have hated labels in school, but they go a long way to driving purchases in the weeks leading up to summer and vacation season.


Use a Reason


Along those same lines, and pulling from the seminal influence study by Robert Cialdini that found people responded positively when presented with a reason, using a simple “because” can make people much more likely to honor your request. Keep this in mind when creating copy (or even videos). Give people a reason to buy your products or services. “This is perfect for the budding artist because…” or “Our service will delight your family because…”


Catch People Enjoying Your Offerings


Social proof is an effective motivator for purchases. When people see customers buying from you, enjoying your establishment/offerings, or talking about you, they’ll want to be a part of it. If you have a full store, take pictures or videos of the crowd. Interview those who are shopping, especially your regulars. A few seconds of them sharing why they love coming to your business can drive many more to check you out as well.


Promote Discounts, Not Fees


No one likes to be penalized for their behavior, yet a lot of businesses are now charging shoppers credit card processing fees. This can leave a bad impression at check out for people using the convenience of paying by card. Remember, just a year or so ago, some businesses were refusing cash and insisting people pay through a touch-free interface.


But with the rising costs of credit card processing fees, what’s a business to do? In this situation, you have two options. Either increase the price of your offerings to cover the increased fees (so no one sees them) or pass it along as a “nostalgic” discount for using cash. If you give the cash user discount a fun name patrons may be less likely to be disturbed by the upcharge for using plastic.


If you want to increase sales this summer, think about how you can use psychological incentives to drive more business. Value and experiences give small businesses an advantage. If you use those things as a focus in your marketing, you’ll have a stellar summer.

Do you have advice for fellow business owners you'd like to share? 

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Community Events:

Water Lantern Festival is an incredible experience where thousands of family, friends, and strangers celebrate life together. Water Lantern Festival brings together individuals from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to join in one emotional and memorable night. You'll cherish these moments as you witness the beauty of thousands of lanterns and the lights reflecting upon the water.

Learn More at:

Carmina Burana

California Theatre – Sat June 03 & Sun June 04 2023

Samuel Barber: Knoxville Summer of 1915, Carl Orff: Carmina Burana featuring Maria Valdes, soprano; Martin Bakari, tenor; Brian James Myer, baritone; Symphony San Jose Chorale, Santa Clara Chorale and Cantabile Youth Singers, total running time including 20 minute intermission is 120 minutes. Get tickets at:

Note: Please check the venue’s website for the exact day and times

Experience the South Bay Premiere of This Vibrant, Thrillingly Imagined New Musical!

From celebrated and award-winning composer Dave Malloy comes Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, an electropop opera inspired by a scandalous slice of Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace. The musical brings us just inches from Tolstoy’s brash young lovers as they light up Moscow in a “heaven-sent fireball” (The New York Times) of romance and passion.

“One of the decade’s best musicals” (Time Out New York), THE GREAT COMET has “rousing music and ravishing performances” (Daily News) with a groundbreaking score that mixes rock, pop, soul, folk, and electronic dance music with classic Broadway.

Natasha is a beautiful ingenue visiting Moscow while she waits for her beloved fiance Andrey to return from the war. In a moment of indiscretion, she is seduced by the dashing (but already married) Anatole and her position in society is ruined. Her only hope lies with Pierre, the lonely outsider whose love and compassion for Natasha may be the key to her redemption… and to the renewal of her soul.

This Tony Award®-winning musical makes its South Bay premier at San Jose Playhouse and is a don’t miss experience!

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Learn about the Telling Asian American Stories Contest with this 5 minute video

The Telling Asian American Stories Video Contest is officially open!

📣 Calling All Storytellers: Celebrating Asian American Voices 🎥

It's time to shine the spotlight on the rich tapestry of Asian American stories that deserve to be told! Each unique narrative holds the power to educate, inspire, and bridge our cultural divides.

For far too long, the vast array of experiences, triumphs, and struggles within the Asian American community have been underrepresented or overlooked in mainstream media. These stories possess immense potential to foster empathy, understanding, and connection among people from diverse backgrounds. By sharing these narratives, we hope to dismantle the stereotypes, challenge the prejudices, and foster a more inclusive society.

Asian American Stories hold incredible depth and diversity exploring themes of immigration, identity, cultural heritage, family dynamics, and the pursuit of dreams. They encapsulate tales of resilience, success, and the challenges faced on the road to self-discovery. By showcasing these stories, we can #empower young Asian Americans to embrace their unique #heritage, instilling a sense of pride and belonging that's missing for so many.

We invite all aspiring filmmakers, content creators, and storytellers to weave their magic and submit their creations. Whether it's a short film, animation, or even a vlog-style narrative, we encourage you to delve into the intricacies of Asian American experiences and help bring them to life. Together, we can break barriers, encourage cross-cultural dialogue, and foster a society that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

So, gather your thoughts, ignite your creativity, and share your Asian American story with the world. Let us embrace the power of storytelling to CreateChange, bridge divides, and build a future that embraces the richness of our collective heritage. Together, we can make a difference, one story at a time.


CONGRATULATIONS Stanford, Santa Clara University and SJSU!

All three schools clinched berths in the NCAA tournament over the weekend..

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