The Role of Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color
The COSEBOC Standards course centers on what we call the Uncommon Core, our research-based tool that provides a strong operational framework for the healthy transformation of schools and communities to ensure successful learning outcomes for all students, especially boys and young men of color.

Why are standards essential? Listen to Dr. Pedro Noguera in this 2-minute video clip.
Dr. Pedro Noguera is a Professor, Dean, writer, social justice activist, and esteemed friend of COSEBOC. In this video he speaks with us about the role of standards for schools educating boys of color. He says that when we have no standards of what constitutes excellence, we reinforce dysfunction. He emphasizes the need to have clear standards to promote academic excellence and positive social development among young men of color is essential. This is why, in 2008, Dr. Noguera partnered with COSEBOC to co-develop the COSEBOC Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color. These Standards have since become foundational in our Professional Development courses
Why Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color?
In this short video, Ron Walker speaks about setting the bar higher for schools educating boys of color. The COSEBOC Standards are based on 7 dimensions that awaken us to the importance of being culturally responsive to the needs of our children, particularly those who are most vulnerable.
The Seven Core Standards
If you are interested to learn more about how the Standards course can help your school or district team, click here to learn more and to contact COSEBOC.
Voices from Montclair, NJ Public Schools on the COSEBOC Standards Course Experience
“COSEBOC’s research-based Standards course has given our school leaders and administrators a framework for creating rich, informed learning environments that recognize all students are special and can succeed, and that especially boost those — like our boys of color — who historically have received the least support."
~Dr. Jonathan C. Ponds
Superintendent, Montclair Public Schools
"I am very excited to participate in COSEBOC's Standards program. It is a great tool for promoting equitable practices for all students in the Montclair Public Schools, especially those most marginalized."
~Dr. Kalisha Morgan
Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Curriculum and Instruction, Montclair Public Schools
“COSEBOC’s Standards course has helped me explore what equity leadership mindset really entails and how to remain adaptive, as leaders, in order to instill the transformational change our students and community deserve."
~ Frances Aboushi
Principal, Bradford School, Montclair Public Schools
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