December 2015 Newsletter

As 2015 winds down, the holidays give us an opportunity to step out of our day-to-day rigors and contemplate the bigger picture. One facet of that larger view is the rapidly growing Mindfulness in Education movement - over 300,000 children have now received mindfulness training thanks to thousands of educators like you.

At Mindful Schools, we believe that personal practice lays the foundation for the entire movement, regardless of one's role. Where do you see yourself?  
  • Connector: Perhaps you know the benefits of mindfulness, but haven't yet cultivated your own practice. If so, the holidays are a great time to consider how to build up a practice. Meanwhile, you can also help by learning more about mindfulness and sharing that knowledge with others in a friendly way.
  • Mindful Practitioner: Practitioners are the backbone of our network, having personally experienced benefits such as lower stress, better emotional regulation, stronger focus, and a better understanding of the conditions that shape our happiness. We encourage you to look for opportunities to deepen your practice, and to find new ways of incorporating it into your day.
  • Mindful Educator: With personal practice supporting you, your work in schools brings mindfulness directly to children. It's an amazing gift you're giving, and each day is an opportunity to explore how your own development and conduct influences how your students learn from you.
  • Mindful Leader: Every movement needs leaders - your depth of practice and profound commitment to personal development allows you to take a primary role in the community by presenting at conferences, publishing articles, organizing local gatherings, and answering the questions of your peers.
As you contemplate all this, we're right here with you, practicing and considering our own role in the Mindfulness in Education movement. Our commitment to practice continues. We're building new resources to support you and the movement, and look forward to sharing them with you in 2016!

With all our best wishes for a happy, safe, and peaceful holiday season,
The Mindful Schools Team
Upcoming Courses

All our courses are recommended by over 95% of participants, and offer group discounts and need-based scholarships. Unlike most online courses, each course is facilitated by a Guiding Teacher who provides ongoing feedback, answers questions, and helps the group synthesize emerging themes.

Mindfulness Fundamentals: a 6-week online introduction to the basics of mindfulness (Next course starts Jan. 8)
  • Tools to address burnout and stress from the inside
  • Students model behavior of adults around them
  • Direct experience helps teach mindfulness more effectively

Mindful Educator Essentials: a 6-week online introduction to teaching mindfulness to youth (Next course starts Jan. 14)
  • Provides competencies missing in traditional training
  • Proven techniques to help kids get more out of school
  • Research overview and how to present to stakeholders
Year-Long Certification: an in-depth, 300-hour, year-long training with silent retreat time (Applications Now Open)
  • Personal practice, teaching, and facilitation skills
  • Continuous mentorship while working with youth
  • Become a leader in the mindfulness movement
Free Online Films: Room to Breathe & Healthy Habits of Mind

If you haven't had a chance to watch Room to Breathe or Healthy Habits of Mind yet, we encourage you to check them out over the holidays! Both films are genuinely inspiring, and are freely available online to watch or share with friends.
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