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For educators supporting mental health and well-being in students, colleagues, parents/caregivers and themselves through trauma sensitive practices.
January 17, 2024| Issue 5
Next Steps for Trauma Sensitive Schools
If your school has previously received training in trauma sensitive school practices, you may be looking for the next step. I have found well-being to be an inclusive term that encompasses support for both students and educators in coping with stress and trauma and moving toward resilience and positive mental health.

That is why we developed the Well-being for All (WFA) training curriculum. It prioritizes the mental health and well-being of educators and other adults in a student's life in order to support the mental health and well-being of students. It provides hands-on strategies to support the well-being of all students, not just students in a certain group. WFA offers a systematic implementation of the CARER framework that brings the science of well-being into practice. It also prioritizes the sharing of this information with families to collaborate in the work of supporting healthy communities. Helping both adults and children to take responsibly for their well-being and repair relationships when a rupture occurs is also a focus. See our complete framework below.

This certification includes 1 year of membership in a virtual learning community that will focus on implementation of the curriculum into practice and content updates. The learning community will provide the support needed to put the work into practice once initial training is concluded.

In 2024, we are offering 50% off this certification for anyone who has foundational training in trauma sensitive schools or trauma information care. Just click on the link in the Upcoming Events section below and use the code TRAINED upon check out.
Well-being for All: CARER Framework
Authentic Connection
In Issue #4 we featured the first element of the CARER framework, Co-regulation. The focus of this issue is Authentic Connection.

For educators:
Authentic Self is defined as aligning your values, ideals and actions, even under pressure to do otherwise. It means being honest with yourself and others and taking responsibility for both your accomplishments and mistakes, even when it is difficult.

Consider this self reflection about bringing your authentic self to work:
Do you have a work persona and a home persona? If so, how different are the two?
Are there parts of yourself that you wish you could share, but don’t? If so, why?
What boundaries are in place for your interactions with co-workers? Students?  What boundaries should be in place?
Do you think your colleagues share their authentic self with you? Do your students?
How does this impact your relationships at school?
How does this impact how connected or engaged you feel at work?
What can you do to show up authentically?

For students:
Being our authentic self is part of how we build authentic relationships with students. Download the free resource below for ideas on how to build authentic connection with students.
Upcoming Events
Community of Practice

Stress and Trauma in Education: Come and join this drop-in community of practice group that will met virtually throughout the school year. We will discuss current effective strategies and practices to support mental health and well being in students, staff and parents/caregivers through a trauma sensitive lens. Have an opportunity to network with other educators who are doing this work. Please bring resources to share, discussion topics, questions and challenges to this informal virtual group.

Register here:

8:30-9:30 a.m. CDT

Well-being in Education
February 20 & 21, 2024

8:30 -11:00 am CDT

Recording available after event for all registered participants

This series is for educators who are looking to create a school environment that promotes healing and well-being for all.

The focus is on student and educator well-being. We will share strategies to promote compassion and resilience so that our educators can promote co-regulation with students. We will also share strategies that support students to regulate, heal and grow in their school setting.

Join us for this interactive and informative virtual training series.

Register now and receive a $50 off using code: WFA
Well-being For All Certification (K-12)

May 6th - 9th, 2024
8:30-3:30 p.m. CST 

Ingleside Hotel
Pewaukee, WI

Well-being for All is a curriculum that supports both educators and students to improve their mental-health and well-being using a trauma informed and inclusive perspective. Become a certified trainer and get the tools that you need to lead well-being work at your school! Register below or Contact us to bring training to you.

Register now and receive 50% off using code: TRAINED

Well-being For All Certification (ECE)
Ingleside Hotel
Pewaukee, WI

May 31 8:30-3:30 (in person)
June 1 8:30-3:30 (in-person)
June 3, 5 & 7 4:00-7:30 pm (virtual)

Well-being for All is a curriculum that supports Early Childhood Educators to support educators, children and parents in their mental health and well-being using a trauma informed and inclusive perspective. Become a certified trainer and get the tools that you need to lead well-being work at your school! Register below or
Contact us to bring this training to you. 

Register now and receive 50% off using code: TRAINED

Customized training upon request
Service Spotlight

Click link below to check out our collaborative work supporting Spanish speaking Early Childhood Educators in Milwaukee, WI

Stay tuned for more to come on Spanish language content and trainings!