Volume 130 | August 2020
Unsure How Much Whole Grain is in a Product? Check the Whole Grain Stamp!
You may have seen headlines about a recent study in Public Health Nutrition finding widespread misunderstanding of whole grain labels among consumers. 

Upon closer reading of this study, it is not surprising that the subjects struggled to correctly quantify the whole grain content of foods, given that the authors failed to correctly utilize and take full advantage of the most valuable tool for quantifying whole grain content of food products: the Whole Grain Stamp.
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Global Sourdough
The world of sourdough isn’t just limited to the fresh, crunchy European-style loaves we are used to seeing on social media and baking blogs. Sourdough is global, and offers a glimpse into rich culinary histories. Explore dishes like injera, idli, rugbrød, and more.
Eating More Whole Grains Linked with Substantial Savings in Healthcare Costs
In this study, researchers found that if whole grain intake was increased to meet recommended levels (an increase of 2.24 servings of whole grain per day), the estimated direct medical cost savings from reduced risk of heart disease in the US was $21.9 billion annually. Further, they found that even small increases in whole grain intake can translate to substantial cost savings. Even a modest increase of just 1/4 serving of whole grains per day was associated with a savings of $2.4 billion annually in the US. 
Late Summer Whole Grain Recipes
This stuffed squash features rye, one of August's Whole Grains of the Month. It is elegant enough to serve at a special dinner yet simple enough to put on the menu any night of the week. 

Don’t discard the leafy green tops when you buy a bunch of beets from the farmers market. Instead, use them to make pesto.

An Oldways recipe
Most flatbreads, like pizza, often go the savory route. But with fruit and honey, this dish makes for a delicious dessert or brunch option. If blackberries aren’t available near you, try other fresh fruits that you may have on hand, like blueberries or thinly sliced nectarines.

An Oldways recipe