May 30, 2024 | VOLUME 36, ISSUE 22


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Second Sunday after Pentecost

June 2, 2024


Deuteronomy 5:12-15

Psalm 81:1-10

2 Corinthians 4:5-12

Mark 2:23-3:6

Preacher: The Reverend Jennifer Wagner Pavia

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Saturday, June 1, 2:00 - 4:00 PM: "High Tea with Reverend Jennifer" SoB venue at her home

Monday, June 3, 6:45 PM: Sisters of Bede Meeting in the Parish Hall

Saturday, June 8, 5:30 PM: "Journey to the Holy Land" SoB venue in the Parish Hall

Saturday, June 22, 1:30 PM: "LEGOs for Grown-ups" SoB venue in the Parish Hall (see flyer & story below)


Bible and Breakfast

Tuesdays | 9:30 AM

Luther Hall & Zoom

Midweek Eucharist:

Wednesdays | 7:00 PM


Adult Forum:

Wednesdays | 8:00 PM

Luther Hall & Zoom

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In affirmation and celebration of The Episcopal Church’s LGBTQ+ members, the Office of Communication is pleased to unveil a new Pride shield available online for churchwide use.

The design retains the upper-left blue corner of The Episcopal Church’s shield logo and incorporates elements of the traditional Pride flag as well as the Progress Pride flag and Philadelphia Pride flag. In their use of black, brown, pink, and light-blue diagonal lines, the latter two flags represent intersectional progress in acknowledging people who are often overlooked by the mainstream LGBTQ+ movement: communities of color; the transgender community; and the many thousands harmed by anti-LGBTQ+ policy—from those who lost their lives in the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and ‘90s, to those still disproportionately impacted today.

“As a longtime ally of LGBTQ+ people, I was so excited to work on this Pride shield for The Episcopal Church,” said Melissa Walker, senior graphic designer. “I hope many more people feel seen and included by this new graphic as we enter Pride month.”

Read more


We invite you to watch this important discussion on the pressing issue of Christian Nationalism. You will leave the recording with important insights. Watch here.


Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs & Practices

Adult Forum Wednesday nights following Midweek Mass May 8-June 5. Take a journey through The Book of Common Prayer, the Christian life, and basic beliefs of our faith using the book Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices available from Amazon and Move through the liturgical year, the sacraments of the church, habits of daily prayer, and the teachings of Anglican Christianity. See how our prayer shapes our belief and our lives and how our beliefs lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Perfect for newcomers, longtime members, and everyone in between. If you have ever wondered why we do what we do, this is for you! 

St. Bede's Adult Forum

Episcopal Beliefs and Practices

Wednesdays 8pm from May 8-June 5

Welcome to Episcopal Beliefs and Practices! This forum has three goals. The primary goal is to examine and investigate Christianity in the context of the Episcopal Church and our own spiritual journey. A further hope is to give you the tools to deepen your participation in the common life of St. Bede's. Finally, if you are interested, this class should help you make an informed decision about baptism, confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church.

Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices, by Scott Gunn and Melody Wilson Shone

While the class will loosely cover the book, it will serve as a conversation partner for your participation in the discussion.

Please read the book at your own pace, or zoom in on the topics that interest you the most.


May 8 - Introduction: History and Character of the Episcopal Church (Chapter 1)

May 15 - Worship and Sacraments (Chapters 2-12)

May 22 - Basic Beliefs (Chapters 13-16)

May 29 - Church and Polity (Chapters 17-20)

June 5 – Living Out Our Faith (Chapters 21-26)

LEGOs for GROWN-UPS: Additional Room Available

By Kathy Russell

Let’s Lego!

The Lego for Grownups Sisters of Bede venue is coming up on Saturday, June 22. There were some sign-ups at the Party of Parties. I’d like to invite anyone else who loves building with Lego or is curious to join us. 

How does the venue work? 

In a couple of weeks, I’ll send an Excel spreadsheet to those who have signed up or expressed an interest. The spreadsheet contains a list of the sets in my collection. The entry for each set includes, among other things, the name of the set, the number of pieces, and a link to a picture of the completed model. This year I have added many sets that I owned but hadn’t added. On the other hand, my grandson Andrew rediscovered Lego and now has all my Star Wars sets on display in his room. I have removed them from the spreadsheet.

Once the spreadsheet is sent, it is time for you to pick the models you want to build. You will select one set that you can build at the venue. You also pick two sets to borrow to build at home. Once I have all of the requests, I will retrieve and verify the pieces in the sets. If there are multiple requests for the same set, it will be decided by first come, first served.

When you arrive at the venue, you will find a display of some of the sets Meg, Andrew, and I have been building recently. Then a build-it-yourself lunch. After lunch, retrieve your venue model and get building. 

If you’d like to participate but can’t make it on June 22, some alternatives

1. Sign up for the venue. To do this, contact me, Kathy Russell, or Daphne Moote. This lets me know to send you the spreadsheet. When you have selected your sets, I will bring them to church on Sunday. Because the SoB venues raise funds for local and worldwide causes, I ask that you pay for the venue.

2. If you have never built with Lego, but are curious, let’s set up a “mini venue.” Since the choir is not rehearsing after church for the summer, I can bring a simple set to show you the ropes. If you enjoy building, you can “graduate” to the real thing.

If you would like to participate in any way but haven’t yet signed up, please contact me.


The Holy Spirit empowers Kyle Ferstead at 8am service

One of Rev. Jennifer's gorgeous Pentecost bouquets

The Holy Spirit empowers Elizabeth Coombs at 10am service

"Bethlehem was God with us, Calvary was God for us, and Pentecost is God in us."

---Fr. Robert Baer

Many parishioners wore red to symbolize the flames of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Jennifer Wagner-Pavia consecrates the Holy Eucharist



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You are invited to set up one-time or recurring gifts using credit, debit, or bank transfer on Vanco's secure payment processing platform. Giving online through the Vanco site saves time and the hassle of remembering to bring your offering. In addition, you decrease the expense incurred by St. Bede’s from handling and processing checks and cash.


Northern Indiana Bishop Douglas Sparks speaks during the May 24 meeting of the bishops’ and deputies’ legislative committees on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations.

Committees approve ongoing dialogue with United Methodist Church, with goal of full communion

By Melodie Woerman

[Episcopal News Service] General Convention’s committees on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations on May 24 adopted a resolution that celebrates the United Methodist Church’s recent decision to remove restrictions on LGBTQ+ clergy and calls for continuing dialogue and additional planning before The Episcopal Church would vote on full communion.

The resolution, a substitute to Resolution A049, celebrates the historic votes taken by the United Methodist Church during their recent General Conference, while also setting out needed action before The Episcopal Church would vote on full communion.

“This resolution is saying that we move forward with considering full communion with the United Methodist Church, but we want some specific action items to take place,” the Rt. Rev. R. William Franklin, assisting bishop in the Diocese of Long Island and chair of the Standing Commission on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations, told the committees. “I would say this is not just a study document that’s been proposed, but an action plan to keep this moving.”

The move toward full communion was put on hold in 2020 when the United Methodist Church postponed its planned General Conference that year first to 2021 and then to 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting took place April 23-May 3, 2024, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Methodist delegates voted that its pastors would no longer face potential penalties for being in a same-sex relationship or officiating at weddings of same-sex couples, and they also adopted full communion with The Episcopal Church. But Franklin said more work needs to be done before The Episcopal Church can take a full-communion vote, including the creation of a document for the orderly exchange of ministers and a plan for how ordained ministry will be recognized by each denomination.


View the latest edition of Episcopal News Service


A newsletter serving the diocese of Los Angeles

Diocese of Los Angeles representatives to the Triennial, a gathering of Episcopal Church Women that will run concurrently with General Convention, are, from left: Christine Budzowski, Kimberly Cortner, Martha Estes, Sheila Lowerre and Tammy Smecker-Hane.

Five official Diocese of Los Angeles reps prepare to attend Triennial meeting alongside General Convention

By Pat McCaughan

[The Episcopal News] The Diocese of Los Angeles will be well-represented at the 151st Triennial – the every-three- years gathering of women from across the worldwide Anglican Communion slated for June 22-28 in Louisville, Kentucky, in conjunction with the 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

“Early on, before women could serve as clergy or deputies to the General Convention, [the Triennial] provided an opportunity for women throughout the church to come together, raise their voices, share dreams and ideas, network, and support one another in ministry and calling,” according to Christine Budzowski, diocesan Episcopal Church Women president, who will lead the Los Angeles delegation.

The cancellations of Triennial meetings in 202l and 2022 have increased the anticipation and excitement surrounding this year’s gathering, she said. “So much has changed churchwide due to Covid-19, … that I look forward to seeing where we are now and how we can support the church’s women and their ministries in new ways,” Budzowski said.

She will be joined by:

Kimberly Cortner, president of the diocesan Order of the Daughters of the King and a member of St. Mark’s Church in Upland.

The DOK is an international, multi-denominational order of lay and ordained women dedicated to prayer, service and evangelism, and includes members of the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches in some 21 countries worldwide.


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