Uncovering the Provenance of the Holy Lance of Antioch

Count of Saint-Gilles and the Saints of the Apocalypse    

The Greek icon in the image above was translated by a friend Father Dan who dropped by the office while our researchers were working. The image is St. Longinus. 

St. Longinus.
Greek: Ό Αγιος Λογγινος
Ό Εκταντοταρχος
Trans. St. Longinus,
Centurion (leader of 100)

Continuing on with our internet research of the Holy Lance of Antioch, researcher Michael McKibben sends us the following "finds" in email form. 

FYI, the barefoot vision was not Peter Bartholomew's, but rather Stephen of Valence's, which "is also recorded as being fulfilled." 

The following "pull-out" references come from the dissertation below:

This source says:

The Crusade leaders believed the Holy Lance had lain hidden in Antioch since Apostolic days.

The Crusaders believed Raymond's Holy Lance was different from other lance relics held by the Ottonian king (German) and Byzantine emperor (Constantinople).

This account says he lost it in his last battle. Really? I think not.
I think it was entrusted to Alfonso for posterity, since he was at the end of his life.

This was just the cover story.

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Raymond never intended to return home!

He knew his holdings would be contested, so he "lost" the Holy Spear (We think). He knew the palace intrigues and claims would follow his death, and spared the Holy Lance from the machinations. Note the claims to the offerings deposited on the altar, which is exactly where the spear would have surely gone. Raymond was wise in death!

Wow. It would have been subject to this agreement before he left on the Crusade.
He spared it from an almost millennia of rival claims so that you could be its steward!

Throughout history many copies of the original spear were made. This video shows several of them. The documentary will give you a general idea of the travels of the Holy Lance in history, but don't get too "locked in" on their claims of veracity. There is a reason the Vatican will not show their version of the spear or have it tested for authenticity. 

The spear held in Vienna was made in the seventh century and the one from Armenia is also dated much later than the Crucifixion. 

Keep in mind, our research trail is with the  Spear of Antioch which has the clearest provenance to the original holy blood relic. 

The Legend Behind The Holy Spear
The Legend Behind The Holy Spear



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