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  • We are a local organization with deep roots in Southwest Florida.

  • Our staff and board has broad knowledge regarding community issues and needs.

  • We provide highly personalized service tailored to each individual's charitable interests.

  • Our funds help people invest in causes they care about.

  • We accept a wide variety of assets and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving.
  • We partner with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving.

  • We offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law.

  • We multiply the impact of gift dollars by pooling them with other gifts and grants.

  • We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create legacies.

  • We are a community leader, convening agencies and coordinating resources to create positive change.
Nonprofit Survey Results
Why Fundraising Professionals Quit
Talented people are essential to assuring success in fundraising. Nothing tops talent. Your fundraising professional is one of your nonprofit organization's most valuable assets. For too many nonprofits in Southwest Florida however, fundraising professionals change jobs like babies change diapers. The turnover of fundraising staff has become an epidemic.

The Cape Foundation recently surveyed leaders of nonprofit organizations. Out of the 100 surveyed, 91% reported that turnover of fundraising staff is one of the biggest problems their organizations face.

Turnover is much costlier than most people recognize. The loss of fundraising talent places a tremendous burden on the organization. When a fundraising professional quits, it's like starting all over again. This hurts the stability and credibility of the organization.


  1. Little or no support from CEO or Board of Directors
  2. Burnout due to pressure to raise funds quickly and often
  3. Better-paying opportunity and not feeling valued


  1. Recruit board members who can help with fundraising
  2. Pay people what they are worth
  3. Set realistic fundraising expectations
  4. Hire the person who fits your culture, mission & values
  5. Invest in staff development, training and education
  6. Encourage fundraising personnel to collaborate more

To get connected with other like-minded, forward-thinking nonprofit business leaders and top fundraising talent, be sure to attend the Florida Event Fundraising Conference, hosted by Cape Foundation. For complete registration details, visit our website: Florida Event Fundraising Conference
The place where the best nonprofit business leaders and fundraising professionals connect and share ideas
2nd Annual Conference for
Event Fundraising Professionals and Major Gift Officers
December 13, 2018
8:30am to 12 noon
Faith Presbyterian Church in Cape Coral
Wealth, Power & Influence
The Highest Honor for Professional Advisors
Monday, January 14, 2019 from 8-9:30 a.m.
The Westin Cape Coral Resort
5951 Silver King Blvd.
You are cordially invited to participate in a VIP reception with Southwest Florida's leading professional advisors and influencers to discuss expanding opportunities and exciting new possibilities for combining the power of philanthropy and wealth management.
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