Enhance your garden with the power of ornamental grasses

“Variety is the very spice of life”

In landscape design, ornamental grass is both trendy and timeless. It softens, structures, fills, defines and completes a sensory garden experience. Grasses work efficiently in borders, beds and mass plantings. Thankfully, there are a wide range of grasses available to Canadian gardeners, yet many people do not consider the full extent of what ornamental grasses can do. 


Houseplant profile:

Pothos and Scindapsus

Most people are familiar with the pothos plant, sometimes called Devil's Ivy. It's been around as a houseplant for decades and is a tough, trailing plant that is easy to grow. They tolerate lower light (they love a north window!) and only need water when the soil is mostly dry.  


Fall mums are here!

Did you know we grow our own mums? Tens of thousands of them grown here and at our farm in a rainbow of colours and a variety of sizes. Here's a few of our popular selections, but we have others in store... so come on in and take a few home for some late summer colour!

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