A Note from the Director

Sometimes Shumla seems like an impossible dream. Like an underdog story from the movies. Eight loveable, quirky characters strive to preserve for the people of the world, the information held in hundreds of ancient graphic texts painted across 8,000 square miles of Texas desert. But it's not fiction. It's happening. The task is daunting but possible! 

To someone who has never been to the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, Shumla's work can be hard to grasp. The majestic scale of the landscape, the incredible complexity and antiquity of the art, the high-tech tools we use... without experiencing it, a mind struggles to imagine it. And this isn't exactly the easiest place to stop by for a quick visit.

Our solution? Create a way to allow people all over the world to experience Shumla virtually.  We are so proud to share with you today the new Shumla video. 

Some of you may have already seen it. It's front and center on our Shumla Homepage. It's been on Shumla's Facebook page for only 5 days and it's already reached over 20,000 people, been viewed over 7,000 times and shared 210 times! 

Thank you to Julien Lasseur and Jamie Thalman at Rustic Media, for helping us to tell our amazing story on film. Thank you to all of you for watching and sharing it. 

We hope the video will inspire all who see it to donate to our possible dream

All the best,

Jessica Lee
Executive Director
Without further ado... 
Presenting the new Shumla video!

We had great fun making this video. 
Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots with filmmakers Julien and Jamie and the Shumla team.

Jamie Thalman, Carolyn Boyd and Julien Lasseur on the way to Panther Cave. 
Taping in Panther Cave with the Shumla crew.

Carrying equipment into the Painted Shelter. Running from the rain.

Filming Missy Harrington at Painted Shelter. Her stories of swimming beneath the rock art at family picnics didn't make it into the video. There was so much amazing footage that just wouldn't fit. But we'll find a way to share it soon!

Julien preparing to fly the video drone over Shumla Campus.

Jamie and Julien setting up the timelapse camera at the Pecos Overlook. 

View more of Julien and Jamie's amazing work at .
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Spotlight on Bill Worrell

Artist, author, narrator, friend 

Anyone who visits the Lower Pecos is bound to visit the beautiful Seminole Canyon State Park. Along with the breathtaking landscape and spectacular rock art, visitors are greeted by a striking statue called The Maker of Peace, created by the talented Bill Worrell.

I had long heard of Bill Worrell and I knew that his unique style of art had been inspired by the ancient art he witnessed in 1979 on a canoe journey down the Pecos River. But I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Bill until this fall when he and his friend Sam Baker joined us on a hike. It just so happened that he visited us on a day when the Shumla team was being filmed for our new video. 

What incredible serendipity! 
Bill, the embodiment of calm wisdom and humble brilliance, was the perfect video narrator. His deep, resonant voice and clear, soft speech opens our video perfectly. In the video, Bill introduces the magic of this land and later chronicles the danger the art now faces. Art that has deep meaning to him - a depth you can feel in his narration.

You can learn more about Bill's inspirational journey in 1979 in a new article published by Western Art and Architecture Magazine. Bill's art can be found at galleries in Texas, Santa Fe and Sedona and online at 

Bill has become fast friends with all of us at Shumla and now we can't seem to imagine a time when we didn't know him. Thank you Bill, for lending us your voice, your insight, your hearty laughter and infectious joie de vivre

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Visit Del Rio!

Come for the rock art, stay for the atmosphere! The rock art of the Lower Pecos could not be situated in a more beautiful setting. The desert is vast here, with huge skies and rolling hills that meet the crystal blue waters of the Amistad Reservoir. After you've visited the rock art, you can bird watch, water ski, bass fish, and then go camping for the night. Or you might like to visit the quaint shops of Del Rio's old town and drink wine at the Val Verde winery. In Del Rio there are lots of comfy places to stay and yummy places to eat. And you'll always find a warm welcome. Come and see!

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