The People's response to the ongoing coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community 
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The truth community is now engaged in educating and preparing its readers and viewers about military tribunals. State of the Nation and the Millennium Report offer these excellent articles below to fan out to your network of truth seekers. Please feel free to post this flier throughout your social media community.

Be creative in expressing your message about military tribunals. Use your special talents in creating messages for your audience that speaks to them, whether they are videos, re-blogs, tweets, memes. 

We are in an information war. We the People are the front- line truth warriors. We need to keep our target in site and our information weapons stash loaded with truth bombs and bullets.

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Everyone is invited to join the movement to restore the Republic, even if all you can do is save this URL link in a handy place and leave it in comment boxes where appropriate in comment boxes under videos and articles. 

You are leaving a breadcrumb behind for someone to find... we call that amazing good karma.

We welcome the participation of citizens around the world as we all join in in breaking out of prison planet and leaving the evil banksters, pedophiles, and murderous scum behind. 

Trump has only ONE response to the ongoing coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community 

Most of the leaders of this stealthy insurrection are unknown and working deep within the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Others, such as former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden, as well as former CIA Deputy Director and Acting Director Michael Morell are highly visible leaders of the coup faction.

However, it is the countless agents of Deep State who populate the Zio-Anglo-American Intelligence Community that pose the real problem.  In this regard, it's virtually impossible to determine who is really serving the POTUS, and who is working against him.  Because the U.S. intelligence agencies have been systematically ponerized since day one by the C.I.A., who and what is not effectively owned and operated by The Company, as it's known by spooks everywhere.



Everyone ought to realize by now that a large group of high-level government officials and political appointees throughout the Obama administration and Clinton Campaign got together to commit treason with the ultimate purpose of fomenting open rebellion.

Their initial goal was to somehow overturn the 2016 electoral college vote.  When that failed dismally, the white-collar rebels sought to overthrow the  President of the United States of America once Donald Trump took office.

Russian Conspiracy Theorist

In order to carry out these seditious schemes, the perps brazenly contrived a baseless accusation about Trump's collusion with Russia to win the presidential election.  This highly organized and criminal plot translates to a number of exceedingly serious violations of the nation's laws.  For example, the assorted crimes that constitute treason, which have thus far been committed against the POTUS and the American Republic, breach the U.S. Constitution as they do various federal statutes.


A Countercoup Must Be Mounted Before It's Too Late  

"President Trump is facing a full-blown coup d'├ętat, sooner or later. The treasonous co-conspirators are setting up the country so as to spring into action on several fronts. When they execute the final putsch will be determined more by sheer desperation than anything else. 

They really don't want to overthrow Trump violently, but will eventually feel the absolute necessity to do so. This will be their only way to stay out of prison. Here's the real problem for the POTUS: 

He can only trigger a military solution when all of his ducks are in a row.  Should Trump act prematurely, his success will be put in jeopardy. Should he act too late, his administration will be in grave danger."

- Former U.S. Military Officer and Intelligence Analyst

Military Tribunals: The Time Has Come

Endgame Is Military Tribunal For Clinton And Obama

Let's win the Revolutionary War this time...once and for all. Dismantle the globalists by taking down their spying apparatus - from Google to Facebook. We the People can use the Miller Act Notice to shut them all down. 

The Second American Revolution is an information war and all truth warriors need to keep a good stash of information weapons on hand. Here are some that we made for you as fliers that seem to be bypassing a lot of the censorship we see on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 

This flier as an article: People's Response to Coup D'etat

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