December 2015 
Live Your Joy Institute News
The Path of Love

by Dr. Barbara Gulbranson
I have the best job in the world. My job description is basically this: love other people. Whether I am working with Hospice families, coaching private clients or writing books, my purpose to love others remains the same. We all have the same purpose here on Earth, which is to express God as love. Opportunities to give love and kindness abound everywhere you look. It's in the loving that we are spiritually lifted to higher levels of consciousness. A heart steeped in love is the most beautiful and precious gift to the world.
The heart is the organ through which spiritual perception takes place. Which is why cultivating a kind and loving heart is the path to enlightenment. When we have this unbounded love for God and all of creation (including the animal kingdom), we attain what I call the Infinite Bliss mode of action. In this highest state of consciousness, we remain untouched by anything unlike love. Yes we are faced with challenges like anybody else; but even in the bleakest experience, we transcend those challenges and stay rooted in love. From this peaceful place, we arrive at a state of consciousness where the light of Christ within intensifies. While the Christ light can grow dim from stress, pain and negativity, it can never be severed from you. It is the eternal flame of Spirit alive within each one of us.
In this high place of awareness, we become fully awakened and realized human beings who don't love out of clinging, or for validation, but from fullness of our heart giving and seeking nothing in return. Our love is transformed from a "what can I get from this" attitude to an overflowing river of generosity. From this vantage point, we drop the ego and stand pure as an instrument of God on Earth. For me, when I begin my day I request the angels use me as their instrument to bring divine messages, guidance and blessings to those I meet. I ask the angels to use my human form as their messenger on Earth. This sets the tone for the day and I feel wide expansion in my heart from being a willing and humble servant of the celestial realm.
To love completely, we shed any hard shell that we might be using as protection. We discard the mantle of hard-heartedness, no matter what anyone has done to hurt us. When we drop the armor that seemingly protects us, we feel deep compassion and unbounded joy. What a relief to no longer hold any grudges, resentments or judgements no matter what the appearance. After all, we know there is always a bigger spiritual picture that our human minds cannot fathom. If we entrust our affairs into the keeping of Spirit, we are released from the clutches of anything unlike love and can let our soft and gentle side be predominant in our lives. Life's hardships can toughen us or can make us more understanding and kind. When we clear away the weeds that strangle our capacity for unconditional love, our heart becomes wide open for the living Presence of God. This is the moment when the awakening takes place.
As spiritually savvy readers of this newsletter, you are already a loving individual. Now I'm inviting you to go a little deeper, to become more sensitive and vulnerable and empty yourself of everything except love. I'm not talking about doing random acts of kindness (although it is one form of love). I'm talking about emptying your heart of anything and everything that is unlike love - release blame, guilt, resentments, pettiness, grievances, criticism and judgements - and let your heart be bathed in the warm glow of love. For success in this life is not measured by how much money we make, but by how much love we give. Start your day volunteering to be an instrument of love. Let the Christ light shine bright and strong, and step into the glory of sacred love. This is our job description for eternity - to love and be the light on Earth. Let's walk this path together and uplift the world and those who live in it.
Peace to all.
Spiritual Coaching with Dr. Barbara Gulbranson

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                                                                         -- Mickey Hay, PhD.  
Thriving in the Third Act 
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