Mar 4, 2020
The Partner College Weekly
Request Stoles for your 2020 Graduates by March 18th
To send you graduation stoles and other memorabilia to distribute to TheDream.US graduates, we ask that you please complete this Stoles Request Google Sheet by March 18, 2020

In this Google Sheet, please locate your college in alphabetical order and:
  1. Complete Column B: the estimated number of Stoles you will need for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 graduates
  2. Complete Column C: Enter your Spring graduation date
  3. Complete Column D: Using the drop down, tell us if you are confirming or updating the name and address of the person at your college who should receive the stoles to distribute to graduating Scholars. Updates can be made in columns E to K.

If you don’t find your college listed on the sheet, add your information at the bottom of the sheet.

If you will have NO Spring graduates, please email to let us know.
Webinar Today: Alternative Income and Career Options for Undocumented Students: How Colleges can Help
FOR:  College faculty, staff and administrators

DATE & TIME:  March 4, 2020; 11 am-12:30 pm PST | 2-3:30 pm EST


WHAT: Learn how colleges can establish fellowships that are not employment-based; provide entrepreneurial classes or programs; and refer students to business ventures, independent contracting, and worker cooperatives. 

Recording will be available on TheDream.US YouTube Channel the next day.
Supporting the Mental Health of Undocumented Students
Last week we held an Info Session on how to respond to the mental health needs of students, refer them to counseling services, and we share effective practices and programs offered by some Partner Colleges.  

Webinars from our Partners:
Presidents' Alliance : Higher Education & the Immigration Public Charge: What Colleges Need to Know – An overview of the new rule, how to answer students’ questions and how to respond to documentation requests from students.

DATE & TIME:  March 20, 2020; 2 p.m. ET
In Case You Missed It
Resources to help DACA Recipients Renew

Informed Immigrant has updated several of its resources to keep DACA recipients up to speed on the Supreme Court Case, and encourage DACA recipients to renew and find resources. Please uplift throughout your networks.

  • DACA Renewals Guide Video, in partnership with NILC
  • How to fundraise, and finding legal resources: in English and Spanish.
  • DACA Clinic Tracker to help connect recipients to free workshops, clinics, and office hours hosted by partner organizations across the country.
Gaby Pacheco of TheDream.US in Forbes: Support DREAMers’ Access to Higher Education and Meaningful Careers
Feb 27, 2020

Not too long ago, higher education was limited to just the wealthy few in our country. But an undeniable success story in recent decades has been the transformation of college into a reality for many—not just the wealthy elite.

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Apply to BofA's Environmental, Social and Governance Program
To: Soph, Juniors, and Seniors

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