July 17, 2019
The Partner College Weekly
Summer EVR Form - Due August 1st
Please use this Summer EVR Form to report the tuition and fees for Scholars taking Summer 2019 courses. Upload the completed form via https://www.dropbox.com/request/VKyS3Qq3s2Xh5hLULYAD 

Scholars at the colleges below are eligible to use their award for Summer courses:
Questions? Email: Elena.Salorio@thedream.us
Status Update on the Renewal Process
All complete renewal applications are in the first round of reviews (ISTS) and will move to the second round of reviews (TheDream.US) next week. Scholars will be notified in early August whether their renewal has been approved or denied.

The Scholar Eligibility and Scholar Status columns in the PC Scholar Report will also be updated in early August so that you can review your list of Eligible Scholars.
New Scholar Welcome on Aug 1
Our New Scholar Welcome will be live streamed via this link on August 1, 2-3 pm EST. For those planning to watch the broadcast, there is no need to register.

We encourage you to bring your new Scholars together on campus for this event and use this time to conduct your own orientation, if possible.

See this example flyer from The University of Washington.

Live stream link: Click Here
Compilation of UndocuGrads Series
The UndocuGrads Series, with support from  UndocuScholars , recently commissioned undocumented students in graduate school to share advice and reflections about navigating graduate school as an undocumented student.

The series aims to provide knowledge, resources, and a sense of community to undocumented students considering applying to and/or currently studying in graduate school.