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April 9: NEW DEADLINE for PTA/PTSA Scholarship

April 13: PTSA General Meeting, 7PM, Media Center, Officers Election

April 14: MDCC In-House Orientation, 8-10:30AM, Cafeteria (7:20AM Check-In)


May 5: Senior College Decision Day, Lunches

May 10: SPED Luncheon, Pinecrest Gardens, 10-12:30

May 13: Prom, University of Miami

May 29: No School (Memorial Day)

June 1: Graduation, 9AM, University of Miami Watsco Center

June 7: Last Day of School


PTSA Email Address

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Proposed 2023-24 PTSA Slate of Officers

Below are the proposed PTSA Officers for 2023-24. Their election will take place in-person at our April 13th, 7PM PTSA meeting in the Media Center. Although all are invited to our meetings, only PTSA members can vote. Questions about your membership? Ask Nicole Zimelman

To those on the slate, THANK YOU for volunteering your time and efforts to our school. Also, THANK YOU to the Nominating Committee who helped recruit. 

CAP Announcements:


Friday, April 14 8:00am-10:30am


(check in at 7:20) in cafeteria

**complete req'd orientation

**sign up for classes

**finalize paperwork

UPDATED DEADLINE 4/9: 2023 Miami Dade PTA/PTSA $1000 Senior Scholarship

Apply today! The application will remain open until March 31st. Applicants must be a current member of a PTA in Miami Dade.  

For more info click here {link to 

AP Art History

Class of 2023 Graduation Date Announcement!

2023-2024 Yearbook Application

Testing Updates

  • F.A.S.T PM3 test will be in May 2023. (new version of the old FSA ELA) 
  • The test is only for 9th and 10th graders. Starts 2022-2023.
  •  Students will be informed by their English teacher. English teachers will also give student testing passes.
  • Three F.A.S.T tests throughout the year. The first two F.A.S.T tests will be more of a baseline and it will not count against the student or scored. The last F.A.S.T, which will take place in May 2023, will count as a score and it will be based on the 1-5 level.
  • MYA for algebra 1, geometry, biology, and US history will begin on 1/17/23-tTentative. Talk to your teachers who have actual test day information. All teachers have been assigned to a computer lab.
  • ACCESS/ELLS/WIDA will start 2/9/23- Tentative
  • FSA ELA/Algebra 1 retakes will start 2/21/23- Tentative. Small number of students.
  • If student received a PSAT/NMSQT math score of 430 and above, they will not be called to test for the algebra 1 EOC.
  • If student received a concordant score via SAT/ACT for the FSA ELA or algebra 1 EOC, they will not be called to test. Please see below for concordant scores needed to satisfy graduation requirements for these exams.
  • Some students who are in geometry class this year might not be called to test for algebra 1 in the spring retakes. Remember that geometry EOC is comparative to algebra 1 and if student passes the geometry EOC, then it will serve as "comparative" algebra 1 EOC score.
  • SAT for ALL 11th graders free of charge will take place 3/1/23. ONLY for 11th graders.
  • No registration or payment needed for this exam.  
  • Pre-administration will take place on test day.
  • Students will be informed on room assignments by their English teacher. Students will also receive testing passes.
  • If 11th grader is taking English 3 via FLVS, they MUST contact Testing Chair, Ms. Valencia asap for room assignment.
  • If you have never registered in, then you must register to be able to check your SAT scores. 
  • If you are already registered in, then you will have access to your scores.
  • You DO NOT need to register or pay to take the SAT on 3/1/23 date in because I will test you for it and the state will pay for it. It is free for all 11th graders. I will add your name to the list if you are taking English 3 and are an 11th grader.
  • NAEP- 3/30/23 (selected senior students only)
  • FCLE- Will start on 4//17/23- tentative.
  • ALL EOCs, NGSSS EOC, BEST EOC,FAST PM3, and AP testing will start on May 1, 2023. 
  • All EOCs are mandatory. They count 30% of student grade. If student does not take the EOC, it will show as an NG in their final grade for the class. NG means NO GRADE for student which is no credit for class.
  • BEST ADVICE. DO NOT BE ABSENT ON TESTING DAYS. If you need to do a makeups, you will need to talk to your teacher or Mrs. Valencia (depending on what type of test). The earlier, the better. Makeup days will be posted for students to know and they will be sent to all faculty.
  • Algebra 1 EOC concordant score information. This information is for those students who have not passed the algebra 1 EOC which is a graduation requirement. 
  • If you did not take or pass your algebra 1 EOC, do not despair. There are several options for you to meet the algebra 1 EOC graduation requirements.  
  • You can get a 3 and above score in your geometry EOC. For those students who are taking the geometry class this year, you have a good chance at getting a comparative score for the algebra 1 EOC. DO YOUR BEST next May 2023!  
  • Score a 430 and above in your Math section of the PSAT/NMSQT exam  
  • Score a 420 in the Math section of the SAT. (  
  • Score a 16 in the Math section of the ACT. (

  • Take the algebra 1 EOC again. I strongly suggest the ACT/SAT/PSAT/NMSQT   
  • FSA ELA Retakes concordant score information. For those juniors and seniors who have not passed the FSA ELA which is a graduation requirement.
  • If you did not take or pass your 10th grade FSA ELA (graduation requirement), do not despair. There are several options for you to meet the FSA ELA graduation requirement. 
  • Score a 480 in the READING section of the SAT. (
  • Score an average score of 18 in your English/Reading section of the ACT. Simply, add both scores and divide by 2. ( A score of 17.5 rounds up to 18. A score of 17.5 and above will meet the FSA ELA concordant score for graduation. 
  • Please note that the FAST PM3 is ONLY for those students who are 9th and 10th graders starting 2022-2023 and on...

  • ****If you have Free/Reduce lunch, you may qualify for a fee waiver for the SAT and ACT. Please apply for free/reduce lunch. To apply for free/reduce lunch you must go to
  • Go to the search icon and write, FOOD AND NUTRITION
  • Click on the "Income Survey"

  • This year, the district is allowing all students to have free lunch.  HOWEVER, this is NOT the same thing as actually qualifying for free lunch. If you qualify, it will allow you to get fee waivers for the SAT and ACT.  Fill out the survey for free lunch!

  • Contact Ms. Olga Gonzalez (She is the counselor's secretary). You will find her in the attendance office for the SAT and ACT fee waivers.
  • SAT and ACT fee waivers are a first come-first served and there might not be one always available. Waivers are constantly being offered. Best of luck!  
  • PLEASE go to and/or for testing dates and deadlines. These tests are given throughout the year.
  • If you took the PSAT/NMSQT on 10/12/22 your scores are avalaible. If you have not sign-up to college board to view your PSAT/NMSQT scores, please do so. Go to and register. This way, you will have access to your PSAT/NMSQT scores. If you have already register, then you do not need to do this again.

Alejandra Valencia
Testing Chairperson
Co-AP Coordinator
Miami Palmetto High School
(305)235-1360 x2284


THANK YOU SPONSORS! Please see updated sponsor lists below.


The 2022-2023 Annual Love Our Panthers Membership Drive is now OPEN! Please join and support PTSA today. Membership starts at $8. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. This year we are aiming for 100% participation! All proceeds go back to the students and our school. Sponsorships are tax-deductible.


We don’t sell gift wrap or candy. This is our once-a-year fundraiser. Please consider joining giving today!


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Yearbook Info


NEW DESIGNS! The PTSA's online store,, has launched three new designs that are available in several colors and lots of different shirt styles (tshirts, vnecks, long sleeve t's, hoodies, joggers, etc.). Now is the time to order! is a charitable organization founded and operated by Palmetto High students. Designs can be purchased in multiple clothing styles and some designs are available in multiple colors. Orders are custom printed and usually take 2-3 weeks for delivery. All profits from Sharingwear's Palmetto Senior Online Store are shared 50% with the Palmetto Senior PTSA and 50% with Sharingwear's Charity of the Month. Please visit to stock up on clothes for next year!


FREE Tutoring through Miami-Dade Public Library System


The Miami-Dade Public Library System has two programs to help students academically, and best of all they are FREE. live, and interactive:



“Help your child have a successful school year with the Miami‑Dade Public Library System’s Homework Help & Tutoring Program. Free, 30‑minute one‑on‑one virtual tutoring sessions with certified teachers are available on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. ‑ 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. to all K‑12 students who reside in Miami‑Dade County. Tutoring is available in reading and math. To participate, please submit a tutoring appointment request for your child/ren each week. To maximize learning, a computer or laptop with Internet access and a working camera and microphone is required.”

Very soon, MDPL will be rolling out a program in which we circulate laptops to take home that will include internet access. It’s a CAREs Act grant. 


2- is normally a paid service through The Princeton Review, but is free for students with a library card (easy to get- see below). 

“Experts help you with homework, study for tests and write essays from noon to midnight daily.” The student can have typing or voice chat. They can request a specific tutor that they have worked with before or take a random tutor. The entire interaction is recorded and the student can put the transcript into a personal virtual locker. They can email it to their teacher or refer to it in the future. 

Other Notes: 

If a student doesn’t have a library card, they can get one almost instantly at


If they have any issues with logging on to any of the resources, can resolve problems from M-Th 9am-8pm, Fri & Sat 9am-6pm. 


Public libraries are open for students to study in, with safety measures in place. They also have computer access. For locations and hours:

Peterson’s Test Prep

Taking a college entrance or licensing exam? Looking for a college or graduate school? Need help finding scholarships? Use this database to search thousands of college and graduate school entries. Identify scholarships that meet their financial needs. Take online practice tests and use test prep eBooks to obtain your education goals.

Thank You MPSH PTSA Sponsors! Updated 11/1/22

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