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Happy Monday, party people!

I hope this email finds you all doing well and that you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday. It is a little crazy that it was 60 degrees on a Sunday in December, but all things considered, I can't really say I am upset by it.
I have seen this movie 765 times.
And of course it will most likely be 30 degrees and snowing today...

I do have to brag a little bit in this email (and probably simultaneously jinx us), but I have to comment on how awesome our gym community has been during this pandemic. Since March 31st of 2020, we have seen 5,500 in-person clients over 4,600 hours of training sessions, and we have had 0 Covid cases linked to a training session at our gym!

That is pretty remarkable.
To what/whom can I contribute this success?

Well, it is obvious that we have done an amazing job at keeping our gym as clean as possible. Our professional cleaning crew, A&G Cleaners, has been superb. They come in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night, and the place always looks spotless the next morning.

Additionally, I routinely disinfect the entire gym on Tuesday and Friday mornings with my Ghostbusters' Vaporizer Backpack (probably giving myself a number of lung-related diseases), and our coaches have done a fantastic job with continuous and consistent cleaning of all of the equipment.

But I think most of the credit goes to you, our clients. Not only are you all extremely helpful with the cleaning and sanitation rules when inside the gym, but you are also all very responsible when outside of the gym. I know that our facility is one of the few places any of you visit with relative consistency, and I also know that many of you get tested before coming back to the gym if you have been anywhere outside of your Covid-circles.

So kudos to all of you for being awesome!
But seriously, you're awesome.
1) Happy Hanukkah to all of you who are celebrating! We hope you have been able to enjoy the holiday to the best of your abilities, considering the circumstances.

2) The MyZone Heart-Rate program will be installed on our new flat screen TV this week! I have had the box sitting in my office, unopened, for days. I had no idea what it was when it arrived, and was too busy to, you know, open it, so I didn't even realize I had it. I actually emailed the guy from the company to ask when it would arrive, only to have him tell me that it was sitting in my office. Slightly embarrassing, but I have done worse.

3) Our SquatMax-MD platform is now fully functional and operational. It is definitely one of the best equipment purchases I have made in some time, and Lord knows I have made a few, LOL. Be sure to check it out with your coach at some point in the coming weeks. It will definitely help with any holiday-related lifting/throwing/eating activities.

4) I know most of you have seen our beautiful new Smart City Storefront Sign in our front window. Aside from it being sleek and fancy, there will be advertising opportunities for those of you in our community who own and operate your own small businesses! Check out the advertising information here! Nothing makes us happier than supporting other friends and their businesses.

5) I took an adventure last Thursday to a place called Connect Fit at 84 Needham Street in Newton. I talked with the head honcho there, Norm Morrison, and he was great. They are one of the few places in the area that has dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and plates, in stock (among other things). I strongly recommend you all check them out. Tell them that PEX sent you, and you'll get a nice discount!

6) Our donation boxes at the front of the gym are bursting at the seems. (Boxes don't have seems, Mike. Whatever.) Thank you all very much for helping us out with these two initiatives. Y'all are too kind.
That is all for today, folks. Short and sweet -- a few .gifs, a few jokes -- nothing crazy so I can be more consistent.

As always, email me directly with any questions/comments/concerns/compliments.

I love you all and PLEASE don't bring Covid to the gym.

Yours truly,


(Free water bottle to whoever knows my middle name.)
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