The One MOVE You Want to Make Right Now

I did it! For 35 years I have wanted an apartment in NYC and now…I have one! I moved. I made it happen. I took action. I dealt with, and I am still dealing with processing the unknown.

Our move into this part-time residence has taught me a few things about how we all do everything. What I know for sure is that the one MOVE that you want to make right NOW belongs to you. You just need to choose it.

The one move that you want to make next is not about if it is the right time, or whether you are ready, have enough money, time or attention span. The one move that you want to make right now is about questioning and tackling the unknown. The unknown left unknown is fear robbing you of your legacy and stealing your what’s next. So, you may be asking me, Randi…just how do I do that? How can I take my control back so that I make a move that defines me today?


This is your one MOVE. Once you make a commitment to yourself you take back your control of what moves you. As much as I wanted to get this apartment in NYC, this life pivot was filled with what if’s for me. What if I don’t like it? What if it does not work out? What if we are making a mistake? For years, life and the unknown got in the way. Yet every great pivot is filled with questions whose answers lie not in our minds eye but in our own ability to experience the unknown, to explore something different, and to run and execute the experiment of living the risk itself. Every great pivot begins with awareness, a pause, and then a reboot and a choice.

The only way to make your unknown known is to live it.


  Run a cost-benefit analysis. List the advantages versus the disadvantages of making that choice to change something. What are you feeling? What are the excuses? Thoughts? Run the report and tabulate the results.

Get crystal clear on what you want and why you want it. Soul search. If you are definitive about your goals and your purpose, how you will achieve them will find you. Do not lead your decisions with how you will be successful. How you will do something is where your fear and excuses dwell… how is where you get stuck on deciding to move. Keep brining your focus back to what you want and why that is so important to you now.

Unpack the moving boxes. Let go of what does not move you. Let's face it, moving is a hassle no matter what point in life, no matter how much you want it. Moving involves stressors, exploration, the willingness to begin again. Moving is at it's core all about editing your life, your space, your ability to choose.

Stay solution focused in the current moment. When you are not working the solution you are feeding the problem. The key to choice and goal-getting is not what you can do tomorrow or what did not work yesterday, but rather what small action-forward step you are working on right NOW that will build mini-successes and ultimately compound personal growth and legacy.

Waiting is a choice. So is moving on it! Only one of those gets you results.
What are you willing to do right now? What is your one move…the one that moves you?

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