October 2017, Issue 77
The Monthly Jewel
Conventional medicine dismisses feeling function and contracts the Soul in favor of physiological algorithms. 
~ Rose Kumar M.D.
Earth, Wind and Fire

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Events of the past few months, both natural and otherwise,  can rattle us but can also provide us with the "awful grace and gift" of perspective, allowing us to deepen our sense of meaning.  We must trust in our resilience and deepest Soul-self to assess that which is important and holds truth and meaning for ourselves and our communities. Read More here

Time for Some 
Fall Soups!

Punjabi Split Pea Soup

The Layers of Healing

Stephanie Delmore, MA, LPC 

Sometimes it takes a real-life, personal experience to understand the value of healing modalities that include levels of "self" beyond the physical. Stephanie Delmore shares a personal experience that broadened the perspective of her professional path and resulted in her understanding the value of a layered approach to healing. Read More here

Archetypal Weather Report

Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW

Regardless of where you see yourself on the political spectrum, so many of us feel our world is coming apart. Boris shares an historical view that demonstrates the emotions of the times,  he stresses our natural, passionate emotions should not always be guidelines for action. Read on for ways to navigate this emotional weather. Read More here
Three Ways to Wellness - 
A Real Success!

Maryanne Riege
Certified Nutrition Health Coach

Join Maryanne for lunch or a movie.  Click on the links below to see the menus. Or follow this link for a general description of the program:

October 11 - Lunch
October 13 - Movie and A snack
October 18 - Lunch
October 25 - Lunch
October 26 - Group Detox

Seeking: Massage Therapist 
We are seeking a fully certified and state licensed massage therapist to join our group of enthusiastic, complementary practitioners and medical doctors. Please help us locate that therapist to join us in our mission to facilitate healing and vitality using evidence-based Integrative Medicine. 
Read more here about this exciting opportunity.

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