March 2017, Issue 69
The Monthly Jewel
Our suffering is directly related to the limitations of the context through which we perceive our reality   ~ Rose Kumar M.D
Showing Your Soul-A Way to Live in These 
Turbulent Times

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Have we come to a place where we can see the harm our addiction to duality causes?  As a physician who seeks the bigger picture her patients' illnesses reveal, Dr. Kumar tells us how our bodies can provide our awakening and how illness can be a purification. Is illness part of our journey to wholeness and an opportunity to transform not only ourselves, but the world? 

In Honor of Dr. Kumar's travels to India

Chana Dal Curry Soup

Dr. Kumar is on the trip of a lifetime in her birth country India.

Follow her travels here:

Find out more and Listen to the podcast  here
Make Healthy Eating Work

Maryanne Riege, 
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Unhealthy food choices alter your brain chemistry & cravings - healthy choices do the same thing. Maryanne understands a thing-or-two about the effort it takes to change your eating habits to support good health. Don't overlook the advice she has to offer.   Read More
You, Me, and 
The Bigger Picture

Boris Matthews, PhD

A country, like a person, has an astrological birth chart. Dr. Matthews shares his own & ideas from astrologers to bring light to the spiritual underpinnings that shape both the personal & collective experience of our time. Both we and our country are influenced by the planets' position/movements.  Will we use those influences to break-down or build ourselves up, or both?   Read More...

Welcome to Dr. Kocoureks' Patients

Dr. Kocourek transferred her practice to The Ommani Center on a full-time basis this year and we have been very busy getting to know her extended family of patients. We would like to take the opportuntiy to welcome them. There is always room for more! She sees infants from age 0 through senior adults and brings integrative care to an important group of people. Don't delay in scheduling your appointment.Thank you in advance for your referral! 

Share the Ommani Vision

Do you have family and friends you would love to share the Ommani mission with or perhaps there is someone who is new to the idea of integrative health? Forward our newsletter to them and encourage them to sign up to receive it monthly. Thank you in advance for your referral! 

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