February 2017, Issue 68
Thank You for helping us celebrate the 
Ommani Center's  16th Year 
It is an honor and a privilege to be serving our patients.
The Monthly Jewel
It is not so that our first duty is to our patient.  Our first duty is to the truth, which when loyally served, best enables us to do the greatest good for the sick.  
~ E.A. Farrington, MD (1936)
Antidote for Our Current State of Affairs

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
A compellingly written article about the lack of alignment between our behavior and what we really want. There are many unconscious acts that undermine our true intentions.  This behavior is unsustainable. Dr. Kumar challenges us to stop our adaptations and unite with our true intentions for our health, future, families, community, and country. Read More

Immune Boosting Chicken Soup
(and a vegan version) 

The power of Ginger
The Ommani Center is pleased to welcome
Dr. Kocourek, Full-Time

Beginning this January our own Genevie Kocourek, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine, has transferred her Trinity Integrative Family Medicine practice to The Ommani Center on a full-time basis.  She will see patients Tuesday through Friday, with some Mondays available for urgent care situations. Her practice is open to infants (from age 0) and children, as well as senior adults.  
Novel Supplements for Handling Cholesterol

Genevie L. Kocourek, M.D.

Experts from all over the world now agree that combined therapies of nutritional supplements and pharma-ceuticals can significantly reduce cholesterol levels. Additionally, the use of supplements can result in lower dosing of pharmaceuticals which may reduce negative side-effects. If you or any family member suffer from elevated cholesterol this article is full of exciting alternatives to consider and discuss with your physician before taking or renewing cholesterol medications.  Read More
Seasonal Affective Disorder

Stephanie Delmore, MA, LPC

The past month has been filled with "sun-less" days that can lead to lethargy, irritability, or depression - symptoms that are more common in the winter months because of the lack of sunshine.  Stephanie shares a fact-filled article from the National Institute of Mental Health that explains the symptoms and suggests treatment options that can really help. Read More
Eat Your Vegetables for Breakfast Everyday

Maryanne Riege, 
Certified Holistic Health Coach

On a recent trip to Israel, our nutritional health coach was served veggies for breakfast-a real shift! Maryanne offers five simple reasons for eating vegetables at breakfast and invites you to a 30 day, "Eat Breakfast Vegetables" challenge during the month of March.  Read More
Dwelling Place of Self - 
Sacral Chakra

Shelley Carpenter, PT, RMT, RYT

We spend our days doing what we feel we "must do or are supposed to do."  Does this unconscious, autopilot conduct really help us create and inspire our lives as we actually intend?   Shelley invites us to try movement techniques that help us tap into our sacral chakra and the flowing energy of water to think and act creatively.
The Individual Life-Line

Boris Matthews, PhD

Failing to detect the direction of our individual energy-flow results in "shoulds" and "reasonable" behaviors that are a result of our adaptation to cultural consciousness. We aren't living out of those individual "psychological germs of life" that are so vital to a satisfactory relationship with our inner and outer realms.  This article is free-standing, but also builds upon prior articles from Boris. Read More
Qi and Feng Shui

Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM

 Harmonizing external/environmental energy pathways is as important as harmonizing your inner energy pathways.  Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system, literally translated as "wind-water," that can optimize the flow of Qi within your home or office and thereby optimize your physical and psychological health & wellbeing. Read on for easy-to-understand information about the benefits of Feng Shui. Read More

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