Volume 7 / Issue 10 | October 2020
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: Answering common objections to the Bible ... The Fatherhood of God ... The curious case of King Saul and the medium ... What is the Enneagram secret? ... and more!
Answering common objections to the Bible: Part 1
Many who disbelieve the Bible's claims to be the word of God raise objections. Often, these objections are raised sincerely by people seeking the truth. Sometimes, they're designed to attack our faith. Whether sincere or not, the objections merit a response. This post addresses four of eight common objections, with the final four coming next month.

The Fatherhood of God
The fatherhood of God is expressed in a number of biblical truths. For example, Scripture describes the Father's deity in terms that make it clear He is sovereign over all creation. Further, Jesus declares the fatherhood of God, and the Bible reveals God as the Father over all humanity.

The curious case of King Saul and the medium
King Saul’s visit to the medium at Endor
(1 Sam. 28) is the most detailed account of necromancy in Scripture. It exposes the fraudulence of those who claim to traffic in communication with the deceased, and it warns about the consequences of those who seek to cross a line God has drawn in the sand.

What is the Enneagram secret?
Never heard of the Enneagram? You're not alone, but this New Age teaching, which presents nine personal paths to spiritual growth, is catching fire and coming to an evangelical church near you. Don and Joy Veinot unmask this alluring but dangerous system in their new book, Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret.

The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
While Jesus assures His followers that God is their Heavenly Father, He alone shares a unique relationship with the Father as the eternal Son of God. There is an intimacy in this union that only exists between two eternal, all-powerful, and all-knowing persons. 

Coming soon to Audible: Jesus Before Bethlehem
High Street Press, the publishing imprint of the Missouri Baptist Convention, will soon offer its new resource, Jesus Before Bethlehem: What Every Christian Should Know About the Angel of the LORD, as an audio book on Audible. This 335-page resource explores dozens of Old Testament Christophanies, or appearances of the preincarnate Christ. Written for pastors and laypersons, the study is designed to show how the eternal Son of God has always taken a personal interest in those He created to be His imagers on earth.

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