October 2022 Newsletter Volume 43, Issue 10

Top Upcoming Events

Pre-Register for Football or a dinner by Signing up at the Bar or Calling the Lodge. Minimum 10.

Letter from the Exalted Ruler

In addition to the events recorded in the September calendar, the Hawaii Elks District received the annual visitation of the CHEA President, Brad Smith and his First Lady, Agnes. Among those attending this event at the Honolulu Elks Lodge #616 in Honolulu were representatives from all five Hawaii Elks Lodges including the Kona Elks Lodge. The theme of the meeting echoed this year’s Grand Exalted Ruler’s motto “Promoting Elkdom with enthusiasm”.

Along that same theme, our current membership stands at 407 with five new members to be added in our next administrative meeting on October 13, bringing the membership count to 412 members. This leaves our lodge with 7 months in this Elks year to reach a proposed goal of 500 members. If only one fourth of our members were to bring in one new member each, we could easily reach that goal.

For the month October we have a lot of activity here at the Lodge including dinners, karaoke, pool, poker, ukulele lessons, NFL football and live bands. Attendance at these events has been down this summer but with winter settling in on the mainland and the return of our snowbird members, I am hopeful that all members and their families will partake in these events and support our lodge.

Without members’ active participation in these events the Kona Elks lodge cannot thrive and continue to grow.

As we begin welcoming our out-of-town members back into our lodge, the need for volunteers

is greater than ever before.

Recent reduction in paid employees has added to our reliance on volunteers even more to maintain lodge operations including the kitchen and bar as well as continued remodeling of the building and just as importantly maintaining and growing our services to the local community such as the library program, eat and meet group, hoop shoot, service events for veterans and so on.

Please note that we are not just asking for volunteers but individuals to volunteer as “volunteer leaders” to take charge of various projects or activities in the lodge and recruit volunteers for those activities. If you are interested in taking charge or ownership of an area of volunteer service, please email to secretary@konaelks.org or meet with Randall Gross who has compiled lists of projects and services for which we need organizers i.e. volunteer leaders.

Recent changes in the lodge include closing of the Brew & Bites café in favor of providing this café area to lodge members rather than the general public for other functions such as game events, girl scout meetings, extra seating area for Elks, etc. The back wall of the café area has been removed for greater access to the lounge and allow in more light for a more cheerful atmosphere.

The lodge is currently hosting “Members Matter” meetings every Monday at 6:00pm and we ask members to attend these meetings to brainstorm ideas on how to improve our lodge.

 We still have 92 of our 407 members who have not paid their dues, and their names are listed in this newsletter. If you know any of these members please remind them of how important it is to keep their membership up to date.



Sign up to be an Active Volunteer!

The lodge needs volunteer leaders to take charge of projects and activities in the lodge.

If you are interested in taking charge of an event or a function, email Secretary@konaelks.org, or talk with Randall Gross, who has compiled. alist of projects and services that need volunteers.

Letter from the Leading Knight

In October we will be starting off our CHEMPI piggy campaign. On the 15th of October we will be having a Spaghetti dinner in which all proceeds will be donated to CHEMPI our children’s charity.

We have also created a special Drink for October “ the purple pig” in a special collectible glass to collect additional funds for CHEMPI. There is a gift table in the new Pa’ina room with items for purchase and raffle. Please stop by and take a look. Raffle items will be chosen at the 15th dinner. 

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have always supported us in this endeavor. Your support has been greatly appreciated. If you need a new pig to fill or have any questions you can reach me at 360-566-3002. I'm better with text messages.

Treasurer, Bridget Smith

We are embarking on a new adventure for the Elks. And I am so looking forward to seeing you all participating in the future of the Kona Lodge 2616.

If you would like to sponsor a meal or host an event please contact the lodge or myself. We are working with a total volunteer kitchen due to the lack of funds and the lodge needs your involvement.

-- Bridget 808-333-4257

Membership Challenge 


Come to a lodge event at least once a month! 

The move is finished, all services are now available, and we need you! Join us for an event!

Secretary, Cat Mikkelsen


We have some great volunteer opportunities this month. Come and talk with Trish and Randall about all of the great new activities ideas, including game night, and more.  

We're starting to follow Elk protocol more, with every event having an owner. This lets every member make their mark upon events.

You can also sign up at the bar.

See you at the Halloween party!


Additional Information about our Newsletter and Calendar


Do you want to see anything in the newsletter? Please send any feedback or ideas to secretary@konaelks.org.


We will continue including a printed calendar in our newsletter. All of the lodge events are now in a Google Calendar that you can reach at our Elks.org Lodge 2616 calendar and on konaelks.org.

You can always get a printed calendar at the lodge. We typically have a stack of printed calendars, and if you don't see them, just ask Chelsea.

See the New Lodge Calendar on our Website 

Activities Committee Chairman, Bill Steffenhagen


Hi this is Bill Steffenhagen

We have many activities, and we'd love for you to join us.

Come and represent Elks at the  Kona Library Lanai book sales, which happen monthly.

Our monthly poker game with dinner is on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Dinner starts at 5.30 pm and game start at 6 pm. This event is open to all Elks members and their guests.

This month we're volunteering at the IronMan race, right in front of the library. We will be at the aid station in front of the Kona Library on the 8th, from about 11-3.  This is a really fun way to get involved with the Ironman race.  Contact me immediately if you want to be involved in the Ironman.

For activities information, contact Bill Steffenhagen by phone or text at 408 505 4511. Please include your name in texts! Mahalo!

Pictures from Meet and Eat Volunteering

Kona Elks co-sponsors the Meet & Eat food giveaway on the 4th Tuesday of each month, where we give out pre-made meals and groceries at the Kealakehe middle school to people in need of food. We often give out food to over 200 families in a 2 hour period from 5-7 pm. Please come out and join us!  For more information, call or text Bill Steffenhagen at  408 505 4511. 

Neil Sheehan, Elk volunteer, with Jeanie packing food; the line of cars to receive food; Ardevan Ikeda , who runs the Meet & Eat, with Jeanie, showing a sample meal.

Three Elks: Bill Steffenhagen, Amy Fisher, and Mike Hernández, volunteering at the Meet & Eat.

Volunteer to Help in the Ironman

The Ironman is back in town, with two races scheduled for the 6th and 8th of October.We have an amazing opportunity to be part of race support -- and earn some money for our lodge.I need 10-30 volunteers on the 8th, from 11-3.

You will man the aid station right in front of the Kona Library, handing out drinks and maybe wet sponges to runners. This is a really fun way to be part of the race!

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Email me right now if you can do this so we can claim this for our lodge.  billsteff@gmail.com.

Report from Members Matter Action:

An all hands meeting was held on Monday September 19th in an effort to get our lodge on stable footing and financially secure. There were many thoughts and ideas and participation from attendees. It was decided that a committee of a few members would work further to gather information and ideas to return back to another open meeting the following Monday. Over the next five days we met with people wanting to provide input at the lodge and we were available from 2-6pm each day. We had good input and heard from quite a few ideas and issues on the lodge. The committee put all the information into a form of report on their fact finding mission and presented it at the Monday meeting held September 26th. Here is a summary of the information gathered.

PURPOSE: To look at ways to improve the lodge

GOAL: To become financially solvent and continue the Elks mission of Elks Care Elks Share.

Comments seem to break down into five categories:

Lodge Aloha



Food Opportunities

Lodge Facilities

There were findings in each category of issues and problems and then we had suggestions and some solutions for each category.

All in all it was beneficial with the hope some changes can be made to save our lodge. It is going to take members to propose events, participate and be active in the lodge.

There was a survey created and many responses received but we really want to hear from every member.

You should start to see a few new activities very soon and any and all ideas are welcome and can expressed to the activities committee or leadership.

Results of the Members Matter Survey

If you have not taken this survey, please pick up a copy at the lodge.  Your opinions and ideas matter!  You can also contact Lynn Rinker, who is in charge of this survey.

Kona Elks Lodge #2616

Kona Elks Lodge October Calendar

We are now using a Google Calendar. This is a printed version of our Calendar, and the calendar is located on www.konaelks.org, and the Lodge 2616 page on the Grand Lodge website. If you want to add something to the calendar, email konaelksactivities@google.com.

Pick up printed versions of the calendar at the lodge.

Delinquent Accounts

Your membership might have expired !

Please check this list to be sure!

If you see your name in this list, please do pay your Elks Lodge dues. You can simply pay it at the lodge. If you have any questions, you can email secretary@konaelks.org.


Happy birthday to all of our Lodge Birthday celebrators! 

Please join us at the lodge for this month's birthday cake celebration

Saturday, August 24, at 6 PM. 

Events and Activities

Every newsletter contains a calendar, and you can always get a printed calendar at the lodge. All of the lodge events are now in a Google Calendar that you can reach at our Elks.org Lodge 2616 calendar and on konaelks.org.

You can find any Lodge event on the Lodge Calendar

See the New Lodge Calendar on our Website 

Karaoke Mondays at 6 PM

The lodge hosts Karaoke every Monday at 6, right after serving up the best, and best-priced burgers in town! (Thank you Volunteers!) Would you like to book a Karaoke event? Email konaelksactivities@gmail.com

Ukelele every other Monday (see calendar)

Mahjong Mondays

Comedy Hour Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

Every Tuesday, right after our Taco Tuesday meal, the lodge hosts comedy hour in the lounge. Come on by and have some laughs!  Or stand up and become a comic!

Don't Forget Game Night on Oct 20!

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We also post pictures of lodge and cafe guests.  It's a great way to say hello to our out-of-town and local Elks guests, and to the public (Public is welcome to the Hualalai Brews & Bites Cafe.)

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Kona Elks Lodge Is Available for Rent and Catering

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