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OCTA Spotlight: Cross Leads Charge to Speed Broadband Expansion

As the representative of Ohio’s 83rd House District and a native of Kenton (Hardin County), Representative Jon Cross is a strong advocate for rural Ohio. While he’s championed many worthwhile causes during his time in the Ohio General Assembly, Rep. Cross is currently leading the push to create a new Ohio Broadband Pole Replacement and Undergrounding Program. Thanks to his leadership – along with the strong support of Speaker Jason Stephens, Chairman Jay Edwards, and many more – this important program was included in the House’s budget proposal, which passed in late April. Read More

FEDERAL UPDATE: Balderson Effort to Streamline Rural Broadband Rollout Clears House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee

U.S. Rep. Troy Balderson (OH-12) is leading the charge in Congress to expedite broadband expansion into rural areas. On May 17, the Communications and Technology Subcommittee of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the American Broadband Deployment Act of 2023, which includes legislation sponsored by Rep. Balderson to streamline the permitting process for the rollout of rural broadband networks. OCTA thanks Rep. Balderson for his continued leadership on this important issue. Read More

Pole Replacement Program Moves Through Budget Process

In April, the Ohio House of Representatives passed its version of the FY24-25 state budget, which included the creation of a new Broadband Pole Replacement and Undergrounding Program. OCTA continues our work in the Ohio Senate to ensure this important program remains in the budget and is signed into law. Learn More

Legislative Bill & Issue Tracking

On behalf of Ohio's broadband cable industry, OCTA monitors a wide variety of public policy issues and participates in policy discussions at the local, state and federal levels. Visit our website to learn more about the legislation and issues OCTA is actively monitoring at the Ohio Statehouse and beyond.

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Realigning Government Support Programs to Bring Broadband to All

The job of connecting every American to robust broadband service is a daunting task. It takes a combination of broadband providers building out networks in every state, including in rural and hard-to-reach areas, using private capital investments. Public-private partnerships that maximize the funding available for connecting remote areas is also critical.


But with a historic amount of federal funds now allocated for achieving universal connectivity – over $165 billion going towards building ‘futureproof’ broadband networks to unserved and underserved areas and to support broadband adoption — it’s worth reexamining both old and new sources of government funding to ensure that these programs are designed to the needs of the current marketplace. Read More

How Does Broadband Enable Rural Communities to Thrive?

Cable's broadband networks are delivering high-speed broadband connectivity to every corner of America, and this includes rural and hard-to-reach areas on the map. As they continue to build out infrastructure to reach as many Americans as possible, and with a myriad of broadband deployment projects and federal funds on the horizon, it's important to hear from the broadband leaders on the ground to better understand why broadband access for rural areas is so critical. 

Insights From an American Broadband Leader: In a Q&A with NCTA, Ben Dold, Midco's Chief Operating Officer, shared his thoughts on the impact connectivity can have on a rural community. Midco serves over 490,000 homes and businesses across Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, and the majority of their footprint are made up of rural communities, with some towns with populations less than 100 and where grain silos and water towers are prevalent. Read More

How CBRS Is a Model for Spectrum Management

As digital habits continue to change and adapt to new realities, consumers are using more wireless devices. This growth means there is a need to ensure access to ample wireless spectrum to power these emerging technologies.

As policymakers consider how to squeeze more spectrum from an already crowded spectral landscape, new and innovative solutions can enable more efficient use of the finite amount of wireless spectrum available. One such solution lies in the band of spectrum known as Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS. Read More

The 10G Future: Entertainment

10G, the broadband network soon delivering superfast symmetrical internet speeds, has the potential to transform how we live, work, learn and play. Exciting advancements mean that entertainment technologies once the stuff of science fiction are now coming to reality, like holograms and virtual reality.

NCTA partnered with the Future Today Institute (FTI), experts in researching trends and calculating how they will disrupt business, government and society, to imagine what some cutting-edge changes might look like with 10G. The resulting report honed in on four areas: entertainment, healthcare, education, and agriculture. Read More

Broadband Stats: 10G’s Economic Boost

10G, the broadband network soon delivering superfast symmetrical internet speeds, has the potential to transform the American economy, powering the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” that will enable creators to develop life-changing technologies.Read More

Broadband Stats: Wi-Fi Loves Smart Homes

Constant connectivity and smart devices have transformed the American home. Robust and reliable broadband networks that deliver gigabit Wi-Fi speeds are powering these digital hubs. Read More

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In 1966 a group of cable pioneers banded together, forming a new association to represent them before the Ohio General Assembly. For more than five decades, OCTA - Ohio's Broadband & Cable Association has built a strong record of success in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

Today, our members look to the OCTA with confidence in its ability to represent the industry before the Ohio legislature, PUCO, Congress, and the Courts.