The Next Move

Hello EMCC,

Thank you for joining us this week to reflect on the invitation that we have to join a compassionate God. First, we can respond to those globally displaced. Second, we can provide deep-rooted welcoming as followers of Jesus across Canada.

"Finally, all of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind." – 1 Peter 3:8

In years past, we published a World Refugee Sunday resource which included a prayer that says the following:

"Lord, open our eyes to needs and opportunities as we pray for ourselves. That we might respond to refugees with openness and sensitivity in unique and simple ways."

Thank you for reflecting with us for a fifth year. I hope that in the review of this week's stories, and the next steps you can take, that you would move toward the invitation to consider near and global neighbours.

Ways to Engage

Here are some options to consider, individually, and as part of the EMCC, as we all take compassionate action toward refugees and newly arrived people to Canada.

  • integrate prayer for the displaced in your devotional practice or the practice of the community of followers of Jesus you meet with.

  • set up a conversation with David Benjamin, considering the chance to respond to newcomers with collective effort and relationship-building at the forefront.

  • contact Pam Hicks about further options for EMCC churches to participate in refugee sponsorship.

With World Refugee Day approaching, here are some other ways to engage.

1) Register to join us next Thursday for a time of prayer across the EMCC.

Register Here

2) Through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, of which EMCC is a member, learn more about those who struggle to access food in the context of humanitarian crises. Get a glimpse into the "Forced to Flee" immersive resource to understand this context better.

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Re-visit This Week's Stories

Learn how World Partners assists the EMCC in global participation.


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