April 2021
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Avi Lupo, Co-President 
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Matrix Lite
Not every central station needs all the bells and whistles of Matrix Interactive. If you are in that category, Matrix Lite is an affordable entry-level alarm and interactive video monitoring platform. With the option to add features and modules or upgrade at any time, Matrix Lite is a powerful and robust platform that also offers the ability to receive and process alarm and event signals, handle alarms and events by priority, create custom scripts and procedures, and record operator interactions.

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Good Reads
Unified Versus Integrated Platforms
What’s the Difference?
The terms unified and integrated are often used interchangeably in the world of software. However, it’s critical for central stations and professionals in the security industry to understand the differences between unified and integrated platforms within an organization and how they can significantly impact everything from cost to efficiency.

Unified Office Management Solutions
Solve Central Station Pain Points
Relying on too many single-purpose office applications is a common mistake among central station owners looking to operate an efficient and thriving business. To help central stations get the most out of their office software in departments such as service and accounting, the New DICE offers a truly unified connected cloud solution that works together seamlessly with monitoring software and other integrated technologies. We have compiled some common pain points central stations are experiencing with their current solutions and how our all-in-one platform can help alleviate these concerns.

Effective Strategies
To Improve Customer Retention
When it comes to business growth strategies, so much attention is placed on acquiring new customers that businesses often overlook the importance of retaining the ones they already have. Even though customer retention is an essential part of assembling a thriving business, maintaining a roster of satisfied and loyal customers takes plenty of thought and commitment. This post will look into the importance of customer retention and offer some effective strategies you can employ to maintain a great customer experience.

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