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Rethinking Hypertrophy: Can Lifting Lighter Weights Stimulate Muscle Growth?

February 2024

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Mike's Morning Message

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Rethinking Hypertrophy: Can Lifting Lighter Weights Stimulate Muscle Growth?

By: Mike Campanella

A hot topic in the fitness industry recently has centered around this question: can light weights rival the traditional heavy lifting paradigm in stimulating muscle growth?

This inquiry challenges long-standing beliefs and beckons a closer examination of the underlying science. Today, we explore the current scientific research to offer a comprehensive understanding.

The Traditional Paradigm: Heavy Lifting for Hypertrophy

Historically, the cornerstone of building muscle, or hypertrophy, has been lifting moderate to heavy weights. The rationale is grounded in the principle of mechanical tension. Heavier loads create substantial stress on the muscles, leading to microtears in muscle fibers. The repair process of these fibers results in muscle growth. This concept is supported by substantial research, including a study by Schoenfeld, et al., (2017) in the "Journal of Sports Sciences," which found a significant correlation between heavy lifting and hypertrophy.

The Emergence of Light Weights in Muscle Building

Conversely, recent data, including a pivotal study in the "Journal of Applied Physiology," suggests that light weights, when used in high-repetition ranges to the point of muscle fatigue, can also induce significant muscle growth. This approach activates metabolic stress – another key driver of hypertrophy. It causes an accumulation of metabolites, like lactate, leading to cellular swelling and hormonal responses conducive to muscle growth.

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Understanding Muscle Fatigue and Metabolic Stress

Muscle fatigue is a critical factor in hypertrophy. The cited study reveals that lifting lighter weights for higher reps until failure effectively exhausts the muscles, similar to heavy lifting. This approach, while less intimidating to some, still demands a high level of effort and discipline. It's particularly advantageous for individuals who may be at risk of injury from heavy lifting or those in rehabilitation settings.

Integrating Light Weights for Endurance and Metabolic Enhancement

High-rep, light-weight training has benefits beyond muscle size. It enhances muscle endurance and has a pronounced effect on metabolic responses in muscles, which can be advantageous for overall fitness and health. Research in the "European Journal of Applied Physiology" supports this, illustrating enhanced endurance and metabolic adaptations from high-repetition resistance training.

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Heavy Lifting: Unmatched for Maximum Strength Gains

Despite the benefits of light weights, heavy lifting is unparalleled in its ability to achieve maximal strength. This form of training engages fast-twitch muscle fibers, crucial for generating peak force and power. A balanced regimen that includes both heavy and light lifting can optimize both muscle size and strength.

Practical Application in Training Regimens

A pragmatic approach to strength training involves alternating between heavy and light lifting days. This variation not only prevents monotony but also addresses different aspects of muscle conditioning – size, strength, endurance, and metabolic efficiency. It ensures a holistic approach to muscle development.

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Conclusion: A Nuanced Perspective on Strength Training

In conclusion, the data seem to suggest that heavy and light weights have distinct and complementary roles in a comprehensive strength training program. The decision to use one over the other or a combination of both, should be informed by individual goals, physical capabilities, and the latest scientific insights. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, embracing a diverse and scientifically informed approach to weight training can lead to more effective, balanced, and sustainable muscle growth.

Education in Medfield This January

PEX Medfield had some educational fun this past month with student intern, Sohpia R. She is currently a junior studying Exercise Science at Endicott College in Beverly, MA! She worked with Marjus, owner of Conquer Health and Fitness over several weeks, learning about all things PEX. We wish you the best in all your academic and professional endeavors, Sophia!

         "As a student at Endicott College I am required to do three internships throughout my four years, and this Winter break I interned at PEX Health and Fitness in Medfield. My experience at PEX was extremely positive and also very informative regarding how I want to continue with my future career. I learned so much from shadowing all the trainers, who were all so open to me asking questions while I was there. I gained so much knowledge that I not only have been able to apply to my own life, but will also be able to apply to the rest of my years at Endicott, graduate school, and beyond. I am so grateful for my experience at PEX and for how welcoming the trainers were to someone who is trying to learn more about the personal training world."


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"During her internship, Sophia demonstrated a great interest and commitment to learning the intricacies of personal training. We covered various aspects, from understanding the unique needs of individuals based on their body types to tailoring programs for women, men, and children. It was evident that Sophia grasped how one-size-fits-all does not apply in this field. Furthermore, Sophia gained valuable insights into goal-setting and program design. 

Witnessing her enthusiasm as she absorbed the nuances of these elements was truly rewarding. She quickly understood the importance of customization to meet the diverse goals of our clientele. One aspect that stood out was Sophia's appreciation for the dynamics of running a personal training business. She observed and embraced the challenges and rewards that come with being one's boss, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of entrepreneurship in this field. In summary, Sophia's internship was not only a valuable learning experience for her but also a positive addition to our studio. I am confident she will bring the same dedication and enthusiasm to future endeavors."


Client Spotlight

Eric Ayers Fitness congratulates Judy Keefe for being his client of the Month. Judy showed remarkable dedication and resilience in 2023, overcoming a shoulder and groin injury with the help of Physical Therapy and PEX Medfield. She followed her exercise routine diligently, both at the gym and at home, and never gave up on her recovery goals. Judy is a role model and an inspiration for everyone at Medfield. All the trainers are proud of her achievements and look forward to supporting her in 2024! Go, Judy! ⭐️

Pilates Anyone? Come to Medfield!

We are excited to welcome back, John Chapple, to our team in Medfield!

John Chapple has been a comprehensively certified classical Peak Pilates instructor since 2017. He has successfully managed several studios and built and developed teams of instructors. He has worked diligently with his clients to help them feel and move better using the Pilates method, improving their day-to-day lives while outside of the studio. 

John has worked with clients who were told they'd never stand up straight, walk without a walker, or be able to climb stairs ever again. Through hard work and consistency, he's been able to help his clients achieve goals they never thought possible. One client went from not being able to climb stairs to being able to go for long walks on the beach and kayaking. Another was in a wheelchair after being hit by a car, today she's able to scuba dive and skydive. 

John is now the owner of Core Strengths Fitness and will be teaching the Classical Pilates system exclusively at PEX: Medfield. 

What is Pilates?

"Pilates includes concentration on each movement, use of the abdomen and low back muscles, flowing, precise movement patterns, and controlled breathing. Depending on the exercise, Pilates routines can be performed on specially designed apparatuses, including a bed-like structure called a reformer, or more simply on a mat or blanket."

Read more:

Pilates 101: What It Is and Health Benefits from The Cleveland Clinic

Pilates has been shown to increase:

Core Strength



Joint Mobility

Balance and Coordination

Body Awareness

Breathe Control

Mental Health and Well-Being


Looking for some Sunday GROUP FITNESS? We are ECSTATIC to have our great friend, Joellyn Ripp hosting some group fitness classes on Sundays during the morning hours at our Medfield location.

Sundays 9 am
50-60 minutes

All Levels Welcome!
Interested in group classes? Interested in some late afternoon/early evening personal training as well?

Reach out to our Medfield team to learn more
(508) 242-5643


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We're Accepting Applications!
PEX is accepting applications! Know of any fitness professionals in the area looking to advance their careers in the fitness industry? Send them our way! They can fill out this form to schedule an interview.

In Conclusion

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