April 2024

Vol. 2, Edition 2

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Message from the Mayor

In this edition of The Monthly Update, we have the latest for you regarding Bay and Beyond.

As you’ll read, the District of Muskoka and the Town of Gravenhurst announced earlier this month that Trisan Construction has been retained to carry out the infrastructure project.

Bay and Beyond is a three-year initiative involving the installation of new pipes, roadway improvements, enhanced pedestrian safety, and more opportunities for active transportation. The project involves a nearly two-kilometre stretch from Steamship Bay Road to Gull Lake Rotary Park.

In other news, I am happy to share with you that we are now accepting applications for our annual Gravenhurst High School Bursary. Details about the bursary, including how to apply, can be found in this edition of our e-newsletter.

On several occasions in April, I was reminded why our community is such a great place to live.

For example, on April 10, council members, staff, and Rotary Club of Gravenhurst members gathered at Gull Lake Rotary Park to celebrate the start of the tiered seating project in the park. I again want to thank Rotary for spearheading this wonderful initiative.

Earlier in the month, we were pleased to accept Stan White Jr.’s original architectural drawings of the barge and shoreline at Gull Lake Rotary Park. Fred Schulz donated the 1950s era drawings to the town and they are now on display in our lobby at town hall.

We also had a flag-raising in April to mark Be A Donor Month, which raises awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation. Thank you to the Muskoka Gift of Life Association for joining us at the event.

As well, I was grateful to attend the Muskoka Royals Ringette end of season celebration this month. My thanks to the sponsors, coaches and parents for making this program such a tremendous success.

We had another productive council meeting in April, too.

Council approved the purchase of a new pumper truck for the Gravenhurst Fire Department. The truck will replace an existing vehicle at our station in Barkway. This investment will ensure our continued ability to respond to various emergencies.

We also approved a new corporate communications plan. The plan will be used as a guiding document for external and internal communications.

And we awarded $2.9 million in road rehabilitation and resurfacing work for this year. These projects are part of our 2024 capital budget.

Please see Council Highlights – available through the e-newsletter – to learn more about our latest meeting.

It’s my privilege to invite you to our 40th annual Mayor’s Tea. The event is at the Gravenhurst Opera House, Wednesday, June 5, starting at 1 p.m. See our e-newsletter for more information.

I look forward to updating you again next month.

Until then, please take care.

Heidi Lorenz,


UPDATE: Contractor announcement signals progress for 'Bay and Beyond' project in Gravenhurst

The District of Muskoka and Town of Gravenhurst have reached a significant milestone for the Bay and Beyond infrastructure improvement project, paving the way for the start of construction in May, as scheduled. See the District of Muskoka website to learn more.

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Earth Day

On April 18, in the lead up to Earth Day on April 22, council members took part in a clean-up along Bethune Drive.

Be A Donor

April is Be a Donor Month. Council members and Muskoka Gift of Life Association representatives met at town hall for a flag-raising ceremony April 16. Be A Donor Month raises awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation. Learn more.

Suspected lithium-ion battery fire

The Gravenhurst Fire Department responded to a suspected lithium-ion battery fire at an apartment at 120 Preston Way on Sunday, April 14. The building's fire alarm sounded around 4 p.m., alerting the department to the fire. Additionally, 9-1-1 callers reported the incident. Firefighters searched the building and found a sprinkler put out the fire.

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Gravenhurst High School Bursary 2024: Apply now

The Town of Gravenhurst is now accepting applications for its annual Gravenhurst High School Bursary.

Learn more

New short-term rental map online

The Town of Gravenhurst has launched an online map showing the location of current licensed short-term rental (STR) properties in Gravenhurst.

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Fire Danger Rating system monitored April through October

The Fire Danger Rating is a Muskoka-wide rating system monitored from April through October. In Gravenhurst, open-air fires are only permitted between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. during this time.

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Tree and shrub sale - place your orders

Residents can purchase native trees and shrubs, suitable to the local environment, to plant on private property. Landowners are encouraged to plant native trees and shrubs to help reduce pollution, provide shade, lower home energy costs, increase the value of your property, improve the appearance of our community and provide wildlife habitat.

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Gull Lake Rotary Park project underway

On Wednesday, April 10, council members, staff, and Rotary Club of Gravenhurst members gathered on the barge at Gull Lake Rotary Park to celebrate the start of the tiered seating project in the park. Spearheaded by Rotary, in partnership with the town, the seating will result in a great new way to enjoy entertainment happening on the barge. Learn more about the project, known as Rotary Rocks The Barge, by visiting the club's project website.

Thanks, Fred!

Thanks to the generosity of Gravenhurst's Fred Schulz the town is now in possession of architect Stan White Jr.'s original drawings of the barge and shoreline at Gull Lake Rotary Park. White lived in the community for several years and has since passed away. Before his death, however, he gave the drawings to Schulz, who for a number of years kept them rolled up and safe in a protective tube. White designed the barge in the late 1950s as a structure that local and visiting bands could perform from - summertime concerts at the park already a popular pastime. The structure went into service in 1959 and to this day Music on the Barge remains a community favourite every summer. Showing off the framed drawings, now available for viewing in the lobby at town hall, are Director of Infrastructure Services Andrew Stacey (from left), Councillor Penny Varney and Schulz.

40th Annual Mayor's Tea

Join Mayor Heidi Lorenz for the 40th Annual Mayor's Tea. The event is at the Gravenhurst Opera House, Wednesday, June 5, starting at 1 p.m.

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Planning Council - April 30, 2024

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