April Newsletter Volume X March 31, 2024

Happy Easter


We would like to wish all of our residents a Happy Easter and,

we hope enjoy the day with family and friends.

This is the beautiful Ocklawaha River. At about 7:30 in the morning, from the banks of Nelson's Outdoor Resort, the sun is coming up, and the fishermen are headed out. The fish are biting and the weather is perfect. The boat launch is only five dollars, and we have fuel on the dock. So come out, stop by, pack a lunch, bring your camper or RV, and camp by the river. Stop by or call the office for fees.

19400 SE Hwy 42

Umatilla, Fl, 32767


  • Why do we paint Easter eggs?

Because wallpapering them is impossible.

The meaning behind "April Showers bring May Flowers"


Almost everyone has heard the saying, “April Showers bring May Flowers”. Where was this saying started? And is there any truth to it?

The saying can be traced back to England from the 1500s poet Thomas Tusser. Back then, he wrote, “Sweet April showers do spring May Flowers”.

In England, the month of April brings huge weather swings with the jet stream lifting northward at the start of spring. The saying itself has only grown to be used in other types of writing and movies.

In the U.S. the jet stream also moves northward in the spring. As winter comes to an end, precipitation falls more as rain instead of snow. Historically Green Bay goes from averaging just over 8 inches of snow in March to under 3 inches in April.

  • What do you call a gossipy rabbit? A busy-bunny.

How did April get its name?

  • The month of April gets its name from the Latin word aperio, meaning “to open [bud],” because plants begin to grow now. Read more about how the months got their names. April 1 is All Fools’ Day—otherwise known as “ April Fools’ Day .” Where did this silly day come from? April 22 is the start of Passover, which begins at sundown.

Florida means "land of flowers" in Spanish.

Nelson's Yard of the Month

Lot # 25 Great job Jammie!

Thank you, from all of us at Nelson's, we appreciate you.

Resident Birthdays for April

Happy Birthday to:

B. Marsh 4/3

P. Dean 4/9

C. Thorpe 4/15

From all of us at Nelson's, have a wonderful day!

Attention Homeowners

As a homeowner, it's important to understand the boundaries of responsibility for electrical and plumbing services. The Park is responsible for electrical services from the meter up the pole, while the homeowner is responsible for anything from the panel box to the home and within. Similarly, plumbing responsibility lies with the homeowner from the house to the sewer cleanout, while anything from the cleanout down into the sewer is the Park's responsibility. If you have any questions, please call the office at 352-821-3474.

Thank you, Park Management

Visitors this week

We had some visitors staying with us this week, in the RV section, Mr. and Mrs. Brunham and their beautiful adventure boat, what a great set-up. Understandably, they spent most of their time on the water. Thank you for staying with us, we hope to see you again soon.


This Florida city was founded in 1565 by a Spanish Settler, making it the oldest European-founded settlement in US history that has been continuously inhabited. Many people also consider St. Augustine the oldest city in the US.

Recently, there has even been speculation on whether the first version of Thanksgiving was held in this city about half a century before the pilgrims began the tradition.


Honeymoon Island State Park is the most visited out of this impressive

number of state parks. Just over one million people visit this beautiful state park annually. If you’re planning on including it as a stop on your itinerary, avoid stopping here on the weekends, as it’s the busiest on Saturdays and Sundays. 

As a side note, Florida’s state parks have continuously won best in the country for the past several years. The beautiful beaches, excellent hiking routes, and sparkling water make it easy to see why the state parks continue winning this title. 

Florida Is the Only State Where A Channel Is Marked With Decorated Toilet Seats

Nope. This is true. The shallow, man-made channel is known as the Toilet Seat Cut, where you’ll see over 250 colorfully decorated toilet seats come into view as your boat approaches.

Locals believe that this quirky trend made its debut after Hurricane Donna’s destruction and re-distribution of household debris in 1960. One toilet seat ended up hanging from a homemade post, voila, a trend was born.

Let me say this first and foremost: if you are easily offended by potty humor, perhaps this is not the place for you. I think it is worth flushing this attitude down the ‘you know what’ already, and just relaxing and expecting a fun day out in the beautiful Florida Keys, as well as a good giggle. Yes, you will see toilet seats, but not just any old toilet seats!

I even go as far as calling some of these adorned and painted toilet seats works of art, for some are exactly that. Seriously (well, almost), how can you not laugh, marvel at the creativity, and have a huge grin on your face when you see this.

Other News.....


TrophyCatch is FWC's citizen-science program that rewards anglers for documenting and releasing trophy bass 8 pounds or larger. The following TrophyCatch bass have been submitted from the Ocklawaha River:

Lunker Club (8 – 9.9 pounds): 71

Trophy Club (10 - 12.9 pounds): 23

Hall of Fame Club (13+ pounds): 1

Who will catch the next trophy bass?

If you have anything you want to add, announcements, or something interesting to the newsletter, stop by the office, and tell us what you would like to say. Please have a great month everyone, we will see you in May!