USF Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management & Sustainability June 2022
Dear fellow business partners and friends,

Hi everyone and happy June — the official start of summer!
Congratulations to our May 2022 supply chain Bachelor of Science graduates featured in this issue! Thanks to you for providing wonderful job opportunities as these special ladies and gents begin their careers in the supply management marketplace.

The summer semester is in full swing and we are busy planning Fall kickoff events with industry guest speakers, a Florida Supply Chain Summit Webinar Series, and a Fall 2022 “Meet the Employer” event here on Thursday, Sept. 22 in the USF Muma College of Business Atrium.

Professor Rob Hooker is gearing up to take 20 students to France this summer (six supply chain course credits to be earned) for the first post-pandemic “Study Supply Chain Abroad” trip – we look forward to a great report.

AND...please...check out a few more of our wonderful supply chain summer interns in this issue. Enjoy your summer, have fun and stay tuned for more details about upcoming business partner events planned for September and October. 

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Elaine Singleton
Executive Director
Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
Muma College of Business
University of South Florida
Table of Contents

1. From the Executive Director's Desk
2. Important Dates
3. Supply Chain May Graduates
4. AWESOME Scholarship Winner
5. Internship Spotlights
6. The Ozkul Report - Supply Chain Visibility
7. CSCMP - Why Supply Chain Management?
USF CSCMP Guest Speaker: City Furniture — 5 p.m., Sept. 8, BSN 221. To RSVP, contact

Fall 2022 Meet the Employer Event — Sept. 22, Location and further details TBD. To RSVP, contact

Florida Supply Chain Summit Webinar Series — September 2022 - April 2023. Stay tuned for topics and dates.

SAVE THE DATE! Monica Wooden Center Scholarship Golf Event — 8:30 a.m., Oct. 10, Heritage Isles Golf & Country Club.
Supply Chain May Undergraduates
AWESOME Scholarship Winner
A HUGE congratulations to one of our supply chain undergraduates, Katelyn Payne, for her award with AWESOME — Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education.

AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholarships are awarded to accomplished women enrolled in a full-time supply chain degree program. The award grants Katelyn and other scholars opportunities in networking and career-building, as well as a presence at industry-related events. Some of these resources and events that Katelyn may utilize and participate in include the AWESOME Symposium, AWESOME Scholar CONNECT!, AWESOME Scholar Forum, and the CSCMP EDGE Conference.
Katelyn Payne
Graduation: Spring 2023
LinkedIn: Katelyn Payne

Q: Share some of your achievements that led to this scholarship.
I have been a Resident Assistant for two years and hold leadership roles in a variety of organizations on campus. Additionally, I have had multiple internships and I was named a 25 Under 25 honoree in 2021. My biggest academic success at USF has been maintaining a 4.0 GPA with a double major and a minor.

Q: How does this award help you in your future endeavors?
Joining this cohort of scholars is an honor that will connect me to an established group of supply chain professionals. This award will provide me with amazing opportunities early in my career.

Q: What are some of your goals moving forward?  
I hope to pursue graduate education focused on supply chain sustainability. I recently completed my Business Honors Program thesis about the fast fashion industry and plan to use my love of writing in my professional career.
Internship Spotlight
Bernice Jean
Graduation Year: Fall 2022
Internship Employer: Walmart
Q: What are you most looking forward to in your upcoming internship?
What I'm looking forward to most in my internship is the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects and functions of the supply chain within an organization. I have been learning about them in class, but I am excited to have an opportunity to get a hands-on experience.

Q: What do you want to achieve through your internship? 
Through this internship, I want to achieve my goal of putting what I have learned in class to use in the real world and use those experiences to help me better understand what's taught in the classroom.

Q: How did you prepare yourself to have an internship with Walmart? 
In preparation for this internship, I have been watching Walmart's past intern programs to have a better understanding of what to expect and what is expected of me as well. I am excited and can't wait for this summer!
Abigail Crosby
Graduation Year: Fall 2023
Internship Employer: ReedTMS Logistics
LinkedIn: Abigail Crosby
Q: What are you most looking forward to in your upcoming internship?
My first priority when seeking out this internship was to get some experience in the logistics field. I have enjoyed the business courses I have taken at USF, but I know nothing compares to learning in a real-world environment. I am also looking forward to building professional relationships with other interns and employees at ReedTMS.

Q: What do you want to achieve through your internship? 
Through this internship, I am learning best practices from a highly skilled leadership team at ReedTMS. There is so much involved in trucking logistics, and I hope to achieve a level of mastery in each area.

Q: How did you prepare yourself to have an internship with ReedTMS? 
To prepare for this internship, I took the time to research and understand the mission statement and company culture at ReedTMS. I also followed several supply chain podcasts and news outlets to stay as informed as possible regarding the current logistics market.
The Ozkul Report
Seckin Ozkul, USF assistant professor of instruction in supply chain management and director of the Supply Chain Innovation Lab, was the principal investigator on a joint visibility project with Jabil, Inc.

John Caltabiano, senior vice president of the global supply chain for Jabil's EMS segment, emphasized that “the need for end-to-end visibility, actionable data and intelligence, and immediate availability is changing business models and is challenging existing supply chains to do more than simply keep up. That’s why we’ve been so focused on delivering on supply chain visibility at Jabil.”

The partnership between the USF Supply Chain Innovation Lab at the Muma College of Business and Jabil, Inc. touched on the benefits and opportunities that increased supply chain network visibility would have, not only on the business itself but on its suppliers and customers. 
“A high percentage of respondents stated that this will not only make them happy, thus increasing their customer satisfaction with Jabil, but it will also increase their customer loyalty to the company,” Ozkul concluded.

They found that 92% of customers and suppliers surveyed stated that “end-to-end supply chain visibility” would greatly improve customer service. Companies are doing everything they can to stay competitive, and these findings are a way businesses can take a proactive approach to address their concerns.

Would supply chain visibility improve your business? Find out how many participants surveyed stated that “end-to-end supply chain visibility” is important to their business.

To read more, click here.
CSCMP Why Supply Chain Management?
For more information about the CSCMP, click here 
Interested in joining? Email Cameron at 
Philanthropic Donations Fuel Supply Chain Education
Our program provides student scholarships (covering tuition and textbooks) that went to our diverse student population. We've set a target to raise $50,000 per year for qualified scholars over the next three to five years. We provide innovative learning, teaching, and technology tools for the interactive classroom, preparing students for immediate immersion into jobs upon graduation.

Our students graduate with demonstrable skills in ERP (SAP), WMS (Datex), TMS (Mercury Gate), Supply Chain/Business Analytics (Tableau), and Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt/MS Supply Chain program) to name a few. This does not happen in a vacuum. We need support from our faithful business and industry partners to support our student's academic journey and transition into the business world. This past year, our program supported 12 students with scholarships through the generosity of our business partners and Monica Wooden's gift.

The cost of high-tech innovative education is exorbitant, and this may stand in the way of some financially challenged students who find it difficult to meet tuition expectations. Our students are diverse, and this is important to our business partners, many of whom offer internships for experiential opportunities for students throughout the year. This contributes to the 99% who graduate within four years, with an average 3.4 GPA.

Philanthropic donations shoulder the burden of the joint industry/academic preparation that distinguishes the USF supply chain students apart from many other programs. All the money received from donations goes directly to student scholarships, student/faculty research, industry-partner engagement, and innovative education. Please help us help our students.
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