June 2, 2024 | Issue 48

Rotary Fellowships

and Rotary Action Groups

In the month of June we focus on networks of Rotarians world-wide who gather their collective wisdom and experience in either fun and fellowship or to advance a cause that is personally important.

Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience.

I personally belong to the International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians, The Whisk(e)y DRAM Fellowship, and The Rotary Fellowship of Wine Appreciation. Most fellowships publish newsletters and arrange social events, both virtual and in-person. Many meet annually at the International Convention.

Rotary Action Groups are independent, Rotary-affiliated groups made up of people from around the world who are experts in a particular field, such as economic development, peace, addiction prevention, the environment, or water.

Action groups offer their technical expertise and support to help clubs plan and implement projects to increase our impact, one of Rotary's strategic priorities. This support includes helping clubs find partners, funding, and other resources. Action groups can also help clubs and districts prepare grant applications, conduct community assessments, and develop plans to monitor and evaluate their projects.

One of the most visible Rotary Action Groups (RAG), is the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene or WASH RAG. Many D6970 clubs have utilized the resources of this group in the conception and implementation of projects world-wide.

Action Groups support efforts in all of the Areas of Focus and can be an invaluable source of ideas for your club's projects or if you have an individual passion that you would like to pursue.

Involvement in both Fellowships and Actions Groups is a great way to broaden your understanding of Rotary, enrich your Rotary experience, and expand your individual and club impact.


John Tabor | District Governor 2023-2024

Rotary District 6970

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John Tabor

District Governor


August 10, 2024

Rotary Learning Institute

Sante Fe College

Gainesville, FL

Together, we see a world where people unite

and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

DeLand Sunset Introduces Josh the Otter

The newly formed Rotary Club of DeLand Sunset is focused on educating children and families. The club has created a Teach Kids Series. Each part of the series teaches kids practical life skills from financial literacy for teens to water safety for preschool aged children.

The club recently gathered for the Josh the Otter Water Safety Program at an Early Education Childhood Center to teach 70 preschool children about important water safety skills.

Through the club members’ children reading the Josh the Otter book and engaging activities, kids learned how to stay safe around water, embodying the spirit of Josh the Otter.

The event was a resounding success, emphasizing the importance of water safety before summer break!

Next up for the Club is a Teach Kids Mechanics class. The club has partnered with Boulevard Tire of DeLand to teach teenagers basic car mechanics e.g., oil change, tire change etc. Though only recently chartered, Sunset is proud to have completed all of the goals to achieve the Rotary Citation for this Rotary year! DeLand Sunset’s future is bright!

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Meet your District Leadership

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Anita O'Donnell

Chair - District Mental Health

Rotary Action Group

RC St. Augustine Sunrise


Rotarian 4 years

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Patti Fabiani

Chair - District Rotary Fellowship of Wine Appreciation

RC Greater Gainesville

Past President

Rotarian 4 years

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Registration for Rotary Learning Institute

Saturday August 10

Santa Fe College - Charles L Blount Center

530 W University Ave

Gainesville, FL 32601


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