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Progressive Theology, Traditional Worship, Inclusive Congregation (PCUSA)
Affiliated with More Light Presbyterians and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians
June 2021
712 S. Columbia Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74104

Church Office Hours:
Mon - Th, 9 am - 3 pm
Closed on Fridays

Rev. Freeman is now taking Mondays off so he can work on a sermon on Fridays because the videoing of the service happens on Saturdays.

Worship Schedule:
11:00 am Sundays
Worship services have resumed in the sanctuary.
Services are also live streamed.

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Word From the Pastor
This past month, focusing on the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, has been one of deep significance for me - personally and as the pastor of College Hill. It has been both a spiritual and exhausting experience, one that I will treasure forever.

The photo above, which includes the Rev. Gordon Edwards, myself, and Gary Peluso-Verdend, the executive director of the Center for Religion in Public Life at Phillips Theological Seminary, was taken by an AP photographer and included in their national story about the dedication of the Prayer Wall at the historic Vernon AME Church on Greenwood Ave.

This basement wall is the only remaining structure still standing after the Race Massacre. The stucco exterior has been removed to reveal the original bricks. There was a very moving Interfaith dedication and included such dignitaries as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bishop William Barber. There were many prayers offered from a variety of faith traditions, including Rabbi Marc Fitzerman of B'Nai Emunah synagogue here in Tulsa who spoke about and made parallels with the prayer wall in Jerusalem, the only one remaining from the Temple Mount after the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

It is my hope that all of you have engaged yourself in watching, reading, and reflecting upon the horrific events perpetrated against Tulsa's Black community by white supremacists that permeated all aspects of social, governmental, and yes religious life here in Tulsa 100 years ago.

Events and expressed attitudes of recent years show how much more work needs to be done in the area of racial justice!

On another note, June is PRIDE Month. We celebrate the lives and gifts of all LGBTQ+ people, all created in the image of God. What a blessing to be part of a congregation that for decades now has included everyone as part of this 'chosen family' of faith.

And let us celebrate together the gift and blessing of being able to slowly return to full worship and fellowship here at College Hill.

Blessings, Rev. Todd 
Worship on May 9, our first in-person service in our sanctuary in 14 months!
Susan West's Super-Cute
Safety Signs
Rev. Gordon Edwards, guest preacher
Sue Haskins, liturgist
This Pencil Cactus from Susan West's yard grew from a cutting of Rev. Todd’s plant! 
Susan West’s tea garden, herb garden and water barrel, garden shed {above}, chickens and more will be one of five Midtown Havens featured on the Master Gardeners’ Tour June 5-6.
Click here to get your advanced tickets ($10).

3 - Mark Thurston
 4 - Gary Hayes
 6 - Bryan Finck-Ward
 6 - Lupe Tovar
 7 - Linda Watts
 7 - Jacque Maxwell
10 - Wilce Williams
12 - Melanie Brennan
12 - Andrew Campbell   
12 - Lee Johns
15 - Patrick Ohlson
16 - Datha Zimmerman
17 - Evelyn Olson
17 - Charlotte Burton
19 - Martha Brown
19 - Walter Z. Echols
20 - Jan Williams
21 - Mary Fitzgerald
23 - Elyse Jensen
23 - Audrey Fox
23 - Glen Olson
24 - David Matthew Zerger
25 - Bobbe Hornback
  Remember the 
Birthday Endowment Fund!
In-Person Worship Services - now in Phase II!

The Re-Union Ministry team met in mid-May and reviewed the current COVID-19 metrics in Tulsa County. Based on this review, the following motion to Session was unanimously approved:

College Hill will enter Phase II Re-Union on Sunday, 5-23-21 (Pentecost). Metrics will continue to be monitored and reviewed again prior to the next Session meeting.”

Phase II Reopening:

A.   Extension of time spent in weekly worship service
a.    Usher-controlled or cautious self-directed entry/exit with no touch record of attendance
b.    Social distancing
c.    No Bibles/Hymnals
d.    No touch offering and communion
e.    Pre-placed service bulletins
f.     Limited congregational singing with masks (e.g, 1-2 verse hymns)
g.    Most music provided by organist and/or instrumentalist
h.    No choir, except soloist or small ensemble
i.      Increased use of responsive or unison congregational speaking w/ masks
j.      Acrylic shields/barriers separating unmasked singers from congregation.
B.    Resume in-person adult church school with masks and social distancing
C.    No in-person youth or children’s programming
D.   No fellowship activities, including no food or beverage service
E.    Limited special services or third-party building use may occur at the discretion of Session with masks, social distancing, sanitation stations and additional cleaning/disinfecting
F.    Building use limited to first floor only (except staff and musicians)
G.  Elevator should not be utilized unless necessary with capacity limited to two persons.

Please contact the church office with any questions or concerns.
Thank you to our
Re-Union Ministry Team!
Todd Redding, Moderator
Alexia Medlock
Bill Nole
Clay Finck-Ward
Fred Schone
Kim Childs
Mary Ann Bumgarner
Chris Newsome
Susan West 
Terry Baxter 
Christian Ed News
Pizza ~ Cookies ~ Drinks

Let's celebrate our return to in-person fellowship!
Beginning June 13

Nursery/Childcare Services, Time with the Children and Worship Connection will resume!

For questions or more information, (click name to) email our Christian Education Ministry team Moderator Susan West, or you may call her at 918-724-7521.
Miles McAnally
Miles is graduating from Jenks High School this spring. He joined College Hill in 2016. But, he has a long history with College Hill – through grandmother, Mary McAnally and mother Tandi McAnally. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find Miles helping with Kids Connection.
Emily Major
Emily just graduated Tulsa Community College earning her Associates Degree in
Liberal Arts. Emily also has a long history with College Hill - as a member and also through her grandfather Harold Hill, and parents Marilyn Hill and Bill Major.
Celebrating Kim Childs'
15 Years as Director of Music
at College Hill!
July 13, 2021

For an in-depth article about
Kim's journey through life and music,

Dr. Kim J. Childs, Director of Music
Mike Gibson, Organist

June 2021

JUNE 6 O How Amiable - Ralph Vaughan Williams
Kim Childs, tenor

JUNE 13 Jesus Christ the Apple Tree - Carl Schalk
Kim Childs, tenor

JUNE 20 It Is Well - Benjamin David Knoedler
Kim Childs, tenor
JUNE 27 Diane Bucchianeri, cello ~ TBA



The Chancel Choir of College Hill Presbyterian Church rehearses Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. in the second story choral room (next to the church office) for singing, fellowship and fun! (While strictly adhering to Phase 2 Covid-19 guidelines and safety requirements recently implemented by College Hill's Re-Union Ministry team.) If you would like to sing with the Chancel Choir this fall, we are welcoming new members.


BELLissimo Handbell Ensemble of College Hill Presbyterian Church rehearses Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. in the second story choral room. (While strictly adhering to Phase 2 Covid-19 guidelines and safety requirements recently implemented by College Hill's Re-Union Ministry team.) If you are interested in playing in this fun ensemble (permanent member or substitute) this fall, please contact Director of Music for more information.

Please contact the Director of Music at or call him at 918-230-2770 with any questions or concerns.
Congregational Care Team Needs Substitute Drivers 
Barbara Perry has two people who will take her to and from church on most Sundays, but there will be weeks when we need a driver to do one of these things. 
Would you be willing to be an occasional substitute driver for Barbara?  If so, please let CC Team moderator Gretchen Hrachovec know. Call or text Gretchen at 918-697-4198. 
Volunteer Treasurer
Johnna Thurston

Johnna Thurston has volunteered and the Session has elected her as Treasurer for College Hill! 

She will work closely with our Assistant Treasurer, Gary Watts, as well as the Finance & Stewardship Ministry team, overseeing the accounting duties for the church. 
We are the first generation to know we’re destroying the world, and we could be the last that can do anything about it! This summer’s columns will feature ideas of what one person can do.
Caroline Johnson has recently discovered Sir Waggington’s poop sacks – made from cornstarch, 100% organic and take only three months to decompose. (An ordinary plastic poop sack may take 1,000 years to decompose.) Sir Waggington’s are 9x14, leak-proof and strong enough to hold the heaviest of poops; they also fit most kitty litter scoops. $25 for 105 bags - Click Here to order.

Mark Miller reminds us to recycle batteries properly. DO NOT recycle batteries in your blue Tulsa recycling bin! The Tulsa recycling facility is currently undergoing expensive repairs and employees have been laid off because of a fire caused by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery improperly disposed! Recycle batteries at any MET location (Click here for locations) or at College Hill in our recycling center in the first-floor hallway.
Jan Swafford reminds us that wildlife can get entangled in our trash. Be sure to cut strings and plastic packaging that birds and other small animals can get caught in. This includes the elastic bands on those disposable masks we’ve been wearing for 14 months.
Did you know that you can recycle:
Plastic bags at Reasor’s
Plastic flower pots at Southwood?
Tax Deductions for
Charitable Giving

Did you know you may be able to deduct up to $300 from your income taxes for cash donations made to charity during 2020, even if you do not itemize your deductions?

There is a little known special provision in the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act) that allows for exactly that – cash donations of up to $300 made before December 31, 2020 to qualifying charities may be deductible when people file their taxes in 2021, even when they choose to take the standard deduction, rather than itemizing their deductions. 
Birthday Endowment Fund

A meaningful way to celebrate your Birthday in this new year is to donate an amount equal to your new age to the Endowment Fund.

This donation is also a wonderful way to honor others such as children, grandchildren and friends and allows the church to have funds available for special projects.

Checks can be made payable to College Hill and marked "Birthday Fund" on the memo portion of the check.
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COLLEGE HILL Mission Statement
~ Build an inclusive community of faith
~ Receive and openly share the love of God
~ Reach out with a compassionate voice for peace and justice