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College Hill Presbyterian Church
Progressive Theology, Traditional Worship, Inclusive Congregation (PCUSA)
Affiliated with More Light Presbyterians and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians
712 S. Columbia Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74104

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Mon - Th, 9 am - 3 pm
Closed on Fridays

Worship Schedule:
9:30 am - Church School - all ages
10:30 am - Fellowship
11:00 am - Worship in English
11:00 am - Worship in Spanish

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Join us for coffee, juice, cookies and
conversation in Fellowship Hall before
Church School and Worship.
Word From the Pastor
Our country is going through a very difficult and trying time (but then again, when is it not?). I have been reminded lately of the tension between our allegiance to our country and its laws, and our allegiance to live out our gospel values.  What do we do when our laws and our values collide? This is the existential question our country is now facing.

Personally, I have sought to live out the advice from Desmond Tutu, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” And there’s always Jesus’ command, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Many of us who seek to live by the command to love our neighbor are perceiving what’s happening at our nation’s southern border as oppressive and a violation of the biblical commands dealing with hospitality and the treatment of “aliens”. In other words,  this is more a moral issue of social justice than one of partisan politics .

What we say and do about this and other issues of social justice, as individuals and as a congregation, makes a difference. So, I encourage you – and us – to stand strong in what we believe is the will of God, and have the courage to act upon what it is we believe.

And now for something completely different! It’s summer! Have a very fun and safe 4 th of July weekend. I pray for those of you who are traveling this month. Hopefully you will spend some ‘down time’ vacationing, visiting family and friends, and marveling at God’s beautiful creation all around us. Experiencing rest for our bodies, minds, and spirits is increasingly more necessary in this hectic time in which we live. Remember:

Sabbath is an invitation to come home – home to God and to ourselves. Sabbath is a time to:


Sabbath is about understanding life as a gift, 
knowing ourselves as part of God’s creation and resting our full weight in that grace.

Rev. Todd
The church office will be closed Wednesday, July 4, for the holiday.
Cynthia Fox
A working lunch! The Finance & Stewardship ministry team. Pictured (clockwise): Charles Stanford, Terry Baxter, Tally Ferguson, Mike Evanson, Mike Patterson, Bill Major, Todd Redding, David Robertson (moderator).
KAWAI 6'9" Grand Piano

With the sharp eye of our organist, Mike Gibson, and a timely yet thorough decision by the Session, we were able to purchase a used performance-grade piano i n excellent condition, at a great price.

If you like, you can contribute to its purchase.
The baby grand piano donated by Jonnie Bankhead is now located in the choir rehearsal room where it will be used regularly!
College Hill Family Fellowship
Swim Party
Ghost Ranch Presentation

Executive Director of Ghost Ranch, Debra Hepler, and her husband Jim, led our Adult Church School Class in a very informative (and biblical) session of the mission and ministry of the conference facility in New Mexico. She also presented a Moment for Mission during worship.

Pic: Rev. Freeman, Mary Ann Bumgarner (Board Member), Debra Hepler, Jim Hepler, Bill Major (former Board President)
Justice and Hope
in Nicaragua
College Hill has been a longtime supporter of the 11 year old JustHope agency. Through JustHope, we financed two micro banks which gave entrepreneurial hardworking women economic independence, self-sufficiency and self-confidence. We have hosted three “JustHope” celebration days in our Fellowship Hall where we saw some of the high quality wares made by our friends in Chacraseca. Finally, many of us enjoyed past Wine To Water celebrations showcasing the work of JustHope.

JustHope provides a great deal of services beyond the micro-banks that we fund. They build houses, innovate farming techniques, preserve Nicaraguan culture, and provide medical services. Their model let a small rural area in Nicaragua flourish.....

...for the entire story,
The Little Blue House
Needs Your Help!

The electrical system at The Little Blue House (United Campus Ministry – UCM) at TU, is in desperate need of updating. They still have knob and tube wiring in places!

An online campaign is underway, via  Go Fund Me , with over $1,685 having been raised so far! Their target is $5,000, which would cover the work plus dry wall repairs and permits. 

Please click below, to
donate directly online. 
Adult Church School Class

The Book of Acts
and Christian Beginnings
Sundays at 9:30 am

•     What is the truth about our Christian Beginnings?

•      Is Acts a reliable historical source for the birth and early years of the church?

Join us as we continue to read and discuss the book of Acts, using the Acts Seminar Report by the Westar Fellows (who brought us the Jesus Seminary), along with other sources.

Help us to discern the core values of Act's visionary portrait of Christian community and how they may apply to our own faith community today.

This series of classes is being led by Bert Woodall, with John Gammie .
The Book of Acts was long thought to be a first-century document, and its author Luke - a disciple of Paul - an eyewitness or acquaintance of eyewitnesses. It was considered history, pure and simple .

But Westar's Acts Seminar concluded that Acts is from the second century, a conclusion that directly challenges the view of Acts as history and raises a host of new questions, addressed in this final report of the Acts Seminar.
Sunday, July 22 after Worsh ip

Exit West
by Mohsin Hamid

Selected for numerous “Best of 2017” lists and prizes, including a finalist for the Man Brooker Prize,  Exit West by Mohsin Hamid is described as:
“Terrifying, hopeful, and all too relevant” by People; “Moving, audacious, and indelibly human” by Entertainment Weekly; and “A breathtaking novel... [that] arrives at an urgent time” by NPR.
Pick up this book by ordering online, or at book stores, your local library, and other book sources.  Book Club will meet for lunch and discussion at Panera Bread (1624 E. 15th St., just west of Utica on the south side of 15th St.) immediately following worship service (about 12:15pm).

Please ( click name to) contact Fritha Ohlson if you are interested in more information about this fun group.
College Hill
Recycle and Donation Center
We have re-purposed the cabinets in the hallway outside of Fellowship Hall for use as a place to deposit recycling and donations.

Recycle bins will accommodate paper, cans, plastic bags, compact fluorescent lamps, batteries, and printer cartridges. 

Donation bins are also available for diapers and baby care products, dry goods and hygiene items, and school supplies.
Penny Fund Donations Welcome

Thank you for your donations to the Penny Fund! You are always welcome to donate your pennies (or any loose change ), in the red container on the Narthex table.  

This money goes toward funding many College Hill needs and events we enjoy throughout the year!
Flower Chart
If you would like to  bring flowers to decorate the sanctuary for an upcoming worship service, please  sign up on the Flower Chart on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. There are many open dates available for the new year. Your dedication will also be announced in the worship bulletin.  
Flowers can be purchased from any store or brought from home. Please bring them in two containers the morning of the service for which you have signed up.

2 - Bill Major
  6 - Janie Potts
  6 - Cathey Wilson
  6 - Mark Miller
 9 - Donovan Hamilton
10 - Gini Fox
10 - Mike Gibson
12- Kaitlin Robertson    
17 - Mike Patterson   
18 - Tim Smith-Ream
18 - Charlotte Slemp
18 - Ron Brown
21 - Gary Watts         
21 - Bryson Hovenga
24 - Bert Woodall
25 - Dan Medlock
27 - Rosie Brown
29 - Dewey Echols
30 - Michael Butler
31 - Helen Holzschuh
31 - Deborah Hunter
31 - David Stambaugh
31 - Andrew Zimmerman

Remember the 
Birthday Endowment Fund!
Kendall Whittier 4th of July Parade
Wednesday, July 4
9:30 am - noon

The annual parade   will be held at  Kendall-Whittier Park  at  10:00 a.m.

Kids can  decorate  their bikes, trikes, wagons, etc. or you can come on foot Decorating begins at 9:30 am, under the covered walkway of the school. Join us for food, fun and entertainment! 

Several College Hill folks be will there as volunteers, like C harlotte Bronston, Bill Nole, Susan and Dave West, Marilyn Hill, Katie Walker and Gretchen Hannefield

All are welcome
to join the festivities!
Something for the Spirit
Is America a Christian Nation?
Should it Be?
Lessons from Marilynne Robinson
June 18, 2018

In her essay “Awakening,” from her 2014 essay collection  The Givenness of Things  Robinson observes that while some have celebrated a resurgence of Christianity over the past several years, this resurgence has “brought a harshness, a bitterness, a crudeness, and a high-handedness into the public sphere.”...

“Christian” is used to justify a certain type of tribalism, a dividing of oneself from “others” of various descriptions, and to energize a defensiveness that seeks to convince us that Christianity is a persecuted majority...

Robinson argues that democracy is, at its best, a natural companion with a Christian ethic. When we read in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” we understand that Thomas Jefferson is not promoting the teachings of a particular religion as much as he is recognizing the sacred equality of all human beings. This equality is not subject to our various tribal concerns, but is an equality at the heart of Christianity. Although the founding fathers failed to apply this equality universally, Jefferson recognized that a dedicated commitment to this equality is necessary for the creation and sustaining of the community of diverse individuals that is the dream of democracy.

To view entire article,
Saturday, August 11 at 7:00 p.m.

 College Hill Presbyterian Church
2018 Harold E. Hill Lect ure Series

College Hill is pleased to announce
the speaker for the
2018 Harold E. Hill Lecture Series

John Pavlovitz
John Pavlovitz will be in Tulsa August 10-12, 2018. His lecture will be held here at the church on the 11th, and he will also serve as our Guest Preacher Sunday, the 12th, when there will be additional opportunities for
in-depth conversations.

John Pavlovitz is a pastor, writer, and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina. A 20-year veteran in the trenches of local church ministry, John is committed to equality, diversity, and justice—both inside and outside faith communities. He recently released his first book  A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community . A new book,  Hope and Other Superpowers , will be published in November 2018.

Seating will be limited for this free event ~ sign-up opportunities will be
announced soon!
Building a Bigger Table
How can we extend unconditional welcome and acceptance in a world increasingly marked by bigotry, fear, and exclusion? How can we create spiritual communities that are big enough for everyone? What is the path forward in days that seem more hostile to diversity?
Join progressive Author and Pastor John Pavlovitz for a hopeful night of storytelling, encouragement, and honest conversation, about setting the table for a new, more loving expression of faith and community.
The Harold E. Hill Lecture Series, a program of College Hill Presbyterian Church, honors the late
Rev. Dr. Hill for his lifetime of work to promote an intellectually honest, scientifically-based understanding of religion, and his dedication to work for justice in the communities in which he was a part.
Tuesday, August 7 at 6:30 p.m.
Preparing for Pavlovitz

Open invitation: Please join the College Hill Book Study Group  as we prepare for the upcoming speaker in the Harold Hill Lecture Series . John Pavlovitz, a liberal Christian pastor/ author, will be in Tulsa August 10-12, and speaking at College Hill on the 11th. In anticipation of Mr. Pavlovitz's appearance, we will be discussing his book A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community.  

This book describes what Mr. Pavlovitz sees as the four foundations of the Christian church, and he argues for creating a more inclusive society and church community.

Book Study Group will meet at 6:30 pm at Sue Haskins' home. Please contact the church office for directions, if needed. Hope to see you there!
1st Sunday Offering
KWI Emergency Food Pantry
July 1

Our First Sunday food collection will go to the Kendall Whittier, Inc . Emergency Food Pantry.

We will again be collecting canned vegetables and canned fruit, as well as other non-perishable food items.

Please keep in mind that the need is especially high during this time , with children out of school on Summer Break, and perhaps unable to receive the meals & nutrition they need while at home. 

Cash donations are also always
welcome and much-appreciated!
College Hill
5th Sunday Special Offering
July 29

During our 5th Sunday Special Offering for July, we will focus on providing uniforms and basic needs for Sequoyah Elementary School students .

Donations may be made
from any of these categories:

  • Khaki or navy pants - children’s sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

  • Navy blue, baby blue, or white polo shirts - children’s sizes Small, Medium, or Large

  • Basic needs - deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary pads, detergent, etc.

Monetary donations are also accepted.
Please make checks payable to
College Hill Presbyterian Church, noting “Sequoyah School” in the memo line.

For more information, please (click name to) contact Outreach & Mission Team moderator Terry Baxter .

Thank you for your generous support!
Celtic Circle Gathering
Tuesday, July 31st
6:30 pm

The Celtic Circle will gather at in the home of Mark and Gay Miller for a discussion and celebration of the Celtic festival of Lughnasa

Please (click name to) contact Mark for additional information, or to be added to the email reminder list.
Caroline Johnson takes some sage advice in anticipation of getting her
replacement cast for her broken leg.
Ready for fireworks!

Dr. Kim J. Childs, Director of Music
Mike Gibson, Organist

July 2018
Sunday Morning Music Offerings
Featuring the Chancel Choir
with Mike Gibson, organist
JULY 1             Rebecca Howard, soprano

JULY 8             Bill Major, baritone
JULY 15          Terry Baxter, tenor

JULY 29           Lori Decter Wright, soprano


The Chancel Choir of College Hill Presbyterian Church rehearses Wednesdays at 6:40 p.m . in the second story choral room (next to the church office) for singing, fellowship and fun! If you would like to sing with the Chancel Choir, we welcome new members. Chancel Choir will be in recess from June 24 until August 12 (resuming Wednesday choral rehearsals on August 8).


BELLissimo Handbell Ensemble of College Hill Presbyterian Church rehearses Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the second story choral room. If you are interested in playing in this fun ensemble (permanent member or substitute), we welcome new members. BELLissimo will be in recess from June 7 until their first rehearsal Wednesday, August 8.

Please (click name) to contact our
Director of Music, 

Birthday Endowment Fund
A meaningful way to celebrate your Birthday this year is to donate an amount equal to your new age to the Endowment Fund.

This donation is also a wonderful way to honor others such as children, grandchildren and friends and allows the church to have funds available for special projects.

Checks can be made payable to College Hill and marked "Birthday Fund" on the memo portion of the check.

Make a lifelong impact on a child
who struggles with reading.

Reading Partners provides one-on-one reading instruction to elementary school students reading below grade level to help them succeed
in school and in life.
·     Give as little as one hour a week. Flexible weekday volunteer times are available Monday through Thursday between 8am and 3pm.
·     Follow a highly effective, structured,
and easy-to-use curriculum.
·     No formal teaching experience is required.
For more information or to sign up:
or click here to email, or call
College Hill Mission Statement
~ Build an inclusive community of faith
~ Receive and openly share the love of God
~ Reach out with a compassionate voice for peace and justice
College Hill Presbyterian Church | 712 S. Columbia Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104

Rev. Todd Freeman, Pastor