What to Do When the Market is Down
July 20, 2021


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Garry: So, Lyle, what we are here to talk about today is this urge that we have as humans when there is chaos around us: we want to start to control things a little bit more. And one of the things we talk about a lot about with you, our clients, is, what should we do when the market is having a rough time, when the market is down. Because our urge is, “we have got to do something about this we need to be taking action.” So, Lyle, what should we be doing when we see that happen?

Lyle: Well one of the things that comes to mind, right off the top, is if there is any cash on the side lines, if you have money in the bank and you have saved up money over time, it is a great time to invest some of that. Now, it is always difficult to do that in the middle of a downturn, to have the confidence and the courage to invest cash that is on the sideline, but that is a great opportunity to do that.

Garry: Another thing we talk about is, maybe it is an opportunity to increase your risk in your accounts a little bit. Now, we don’t want to go 100% to cash or 100% to stocks, but maybe we add some stocks in the mix to take advantage of lower prices. And for a lot of you, we have had that conversation, and probably will be having that conversation with you the next time we get a market correction.

Lyle: And one other thing I thought of, and this is something that is more proactive on our part, but rebalancing is a great thing to do in a down market. Take some of the money that was in bonds and move it to stocks. Rebalancing will do that, and it gives you the ability to (all these strategies really give you the opportunity to) buy low, and then hopefully sell high.

Garry: Yeah, and that is really what we are here for. To help make sure the decisions that you make when we are in these situations are the right ones, are prudent, and are in line with your financial goals. 
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