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This month we tell you Nicole LaMantia's story on how she became a World Champion; give you information on CPR and how important it is to know; talk to Dr. Scott Glaser and pick his brain about Interventional Pain Management; and more in this month's newsletter!
Feature Articles
Athlete Spotlight - Nicole LaMantia

No excuses.
Nicole LaMantia has taken the motto of her club hockey team, the Chicago Mission, to heart and it has paid off in ways that most athletes only dream of, being a world champion.  The Mission, is a Chicago Tier 1 AAA Hockey program, housing some of the nation's best female hockey players. Through all the work that Nicole has put in throughout the years, she has accomplished many things, but her crowning achievement came this year when she won gold at the U18 World Championships in Zlin, Czech Republic.  However, winning the World Championship was not the only goal Nicole had in mind as she ended her time with the U18 National Team and started to set her sights on the future.

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CPR: The Most Important Life-Saving Skill You Can Learn - Kevin Morris, MS, ATC

Life can change in an instant.  Hank Gathers was running to the rim for an alley-oop dunk during a 1990 conference tournament game.  Michael Jackson was preparing for a series of comeback concerts during the summer of 2009.  Carrie Fisher just bought a new home in London before heading back to Los Angeles late in 2016. What appear to be normal expected actions from these celebrities quickly led to the same unexpected consequence, Sudden Cardiac Arrest(SCA).  A life-threatening arrhythmia where the heart abruptly stops beating, usually without warning, SCA sadly affects 350,000 victims outside of hospitals with an average survival rate of 10%.1 SCA survival relies on an immediate recognition, activation of the emergency response system, and administration of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Physician's Corner - Dr. Scott Glaser, M.D., DABIPP

Pain management is one of the most important aspects in the treatment of orthopedic injuries ranging from the elite athlete to the person on disability. The common misconception is that people need to deal with pain, and should "push through" the discomfort in order to be and stay tough. Quite the contrary, as medical professionals, pain is a signal from the body about limitations, cause, and injury. 

Read the entire Dr. Glaser article here!

Spring into the Running Season! - Gina Pongetti Angeletti, MPT, MA, CSCS, ART-Cert. and Caroline Yasuda, Running Coach

It's warm again! Guess what that means? Flowers bloom, longer days, birds are chirping and people are.... running!  There is nothing that motivates an outdoor endurance athlete quite like nice weather and sunshine. Getting fit and having plans is an excellent motivation (so is spring break beach body!). However, we all have to remember a few important tips!

Warm Up. Lacing up on the porch as your kids get on the bus and leaving your house running does not constitute warming up! Your body needs to be ready for what it is going to encounter, especially after winter hibernation! Even if you were the Elliptical Champion of the YMCA or did more steps than your entire office, if you were not running in the winter, then you were not running. Period.  Allow yourself time in advance to get your heart rate up (try jumping jacks or 10-15 flights up and down your stairs). Then, perform dynamic stretching (inchworms, leg kicks, heel to butt kicks, calf heel drop stretching).  After that, walk. Walk with the largest, longest steps you can do (you will look silly, yes!) This warms up the hip flexors, giving them a big stretch. It warms up hamstrings- allowing them to push you forward. It warms up the calves, as they need to propel you on!

Community Corner
Run the Ridge 5K/1K

Saturday, June 3rd

Run the Ridge 5K and 1K Run/Walk  is a run, walk started by Suzanne M. Gray and Right Fit in 2004.

The race has served as Burr Ridge's premier race, and continues to grow each year.  When Suzanne created Run the Ridge in 2004, she had one vision in mind, and that was to make a race for all populations and age groups to compete in with the support of the community for a great cause.  Run the Ridge strives to help individuals MOVE PAST OBESITY, and benefits the ProActive Kids Foundation!

Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10

Saturday, July 8th

10 miles of pure bliss!  Peak Running and Chuck's are bringing back the Xtreme 10 to it's original glory!   Saturday, July 8th , first gun goes off at  7:30am .  The Original Xtreme10 is a 10 mile trail race that begins and ends with a traditional cross country start and finish.

Intro into Women's Bike Racing

Are you a gal who is thinking about maybe, possibly starting to race your bike?! Well then come to this FREE talk about how it all works! 

Join Intent for a night of information and inspiration about how to enter and succeed in the world of bike racing. Discussion on how it all works, options that you have, how to train and more!

Visit their Facebook page for more information!
Did you know? Today in Sports History

On this day in 1922, baseball legend, Babe Ruth (right) signed a 3 year contract with the New York Yankees for $52,000 a year!

On this day in 1954, the 1st ACC Men's Basketball Tournament was won by NC State over Wake Forest, 82-80 in overtime.

On this day in 1985, Mike Tyson knocked out Hector Mercedes in Round 1 of his 1st professional fight.

Check back next month for more "Today in Sports History"
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