Metal of the Mother

Silver, the metal of the moon, controls the processes of vitalization, regeneration and reproduction-in general, all constructive processes that create living substance. This refers especially to the function of the reproductive organs, whose connection to the moon is still clearly seen in the menstrual cycle. As the moon is the celestial body closest to the earth, so the dynamic of silver takes hold of those processes that are first to go beyond earthly laws into the realm between earth and moon. These silver-controlled life processes in the human being have a cosmic origin of the moon that also reflects the sun and stars.  
The effects of silver are essentially identical with the capacity of the organism to control the watery processes properly. The connection of the moon with the watery sphere of the earth is well-known through tides. The formation and growth of living substances are bound to light. It is a silver process that takes up light and leads it over into life. The light sensitivity of silver salts demonstrates its ability to mirror light. The brain is subject to silver and thus to the moon. Because the formative forces withdraw quite early from the brain, it is almost dead, exercising its mirroring function by virtue of that fact; this is also typical of the silver process. In this mirroring function of the brain perception is made possible.  
Spiritual forces are imprisoned as if by a spell in the substance of metal. One could even say that the human being is a sevenfold metal.  
Rudolf Steiner, GA 228

The silver process is the force responsible for all life-rhythms. It works primarily by enhancing the connection of the life body with the metabolism. The properties of silver as an earthly condensation of moon forces indicate its therapeutic uses. It proves valuable as a medicament that permeates the fluid organism with its vital rhythms. The silver process reflects the action of the moon, whose immediate influence on all the rhythms in man and nature is everywhere evident. Silver can be looked at as a dense form of moonlight which has sunlight and starlight reflected in its nature.   Continue reading article here .

We received a lovely note from a Facebook reader a few weeks ago. He wrote that his son was hospitalized with a massive infection. None of the medications that the medical team gave him was reducing the infection. The doctors gave up. 

This reader says that he received our information on colloidal silver water. Having nothing to loose and everything to gain, he started giving his son silver water. It stopped the infection and his son has now recovered. 

We love happy endings. 

Do you have one to share? 

Speaking of silver water, have you tried making your first batch? It is so easy that you will always want to keep it on hand. 

We have also provided you with lots of ideas for silver water uses in our ASCEND lesson on the Heart Chakra

There are many new technologies that require silver. For example, did you know that they have developed a washing machine that makes its own silver water for disinfecting clothes in the wash? 

BTW, you don't need to wait for this fancy washing machine to wash your clothes in silver. You know how to make it now! 

Are you aware of what is happening in the economy with derivatives, market rigging, exchange casinos, and fiat currency? If not, you might catch up with articles we have posted on back issues of the newsletter. 

Is it time to stack some silver for your family's emergency needs? As you know, we have written several articles on this subject and suggest that you stack some shiny just in case. 

Currently, precious metal markets are totally rigged and prices are kept suppressed. What do you think will happen to these metals once the rigging stops? Especially silver which not only has value as an exchange medium, but also for industrial and medical purposes. 


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