July 2022
Lisa Brown
One! Two! Three!
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Which is it?

All of us can feel overwhelmed by so many choices. A wise-sage of a mentor once told me, If you have more than three priorities, you don't have any!

Resting and recovering from a (mild) case of COVID last month, I had the rare opportunity to slow my pace and reflect on what brings the most passion to my healing work, and how best can I serve all of you. It was an insightful and curative way to bring purpose and peace to an unpredicted time-out spell.


What are YOUR three priorities?

In addition to Covid, the techno-genius kid next door informed me that my
Best Day Healing website needed some updates and a coat of fresh paint. I hired him, of course! I hope the re-fresh gets your "paws up." Go check it out.

Bringing you all the BEST!

Animal Communication

Animal Communication is something I wish I had always been aware of.
It enriches ALL my relationships, brings more awareness to my pets, as guardian of their precious souls, and it makes me a better human overall.

Yet recently I found myself in the throes of another pet lesson. Fergie was acting more aloof than her usual aloof self. When she wanted attention, she got more demanding, meowing and clawing up my leg, then ignoring me if I
had to keep on working and couldn't drop everything to play mice. I've always considered Fergs as independent and no-nonsense: My Fergie holds her own.


Clearly I wasn't hearing her. "When I was Princess," Fergie shared with me, "you doted on my every move. I was the center of your universe, and you valued me as your essential teacher. After I passed, I couldn't WAIT to come back to earth school and be with you to continue with another soul contract."

Sometimes I forget Fergie is my Princess. I don't schedule time to just BE with
her quietly like I used to and let her download to me. Fergie is a highly-evolved soul, and where I am today has EVERYTHING to do with her. She seemed rather pleased that I had to slow down last month. If I hadn't, she might just have found a way to make that class happen. Because she's that kind of cat.
Things are going much sweller now. Often when an animal simply feels heard, it is enough to change everything. Are yours trying to tell YOU something?
Mediumship was a saving grace for many, including me, during the pandemic.
I'm made endlessly aware that our loved-ones live on, more alive than ever! Here's a fun-loving and validating story from this last month of mediumship:

(and so do our friends!)

A small gathering of long-time besties invited me to their home for a night of mediumship readings. It was my first in-person event of this kind in almost three years. Each gal received a reading, and Holy Spirit, there were tears!

One of the members of this "special club" was a woman who had passed last year. She was busy as a bee, and had a keen sense of how things ought to be. The spirit communicator shared her personality and a few other messages for her friends, but her final message brought the pinky lock. She kept showing
me bumble bees, and I really felt this was how she would let her friends know she was around them. Be watching for the bumble bees whenever you gather.


The session came to a close, and it was time for some wine and beverages.
One of the gals went into the kitchen to retrieve the bottle of white wine she
had brought to share. Wine in hand and awe-struck eyes, she carried the bottle in for everyone to see: The label was COVERED WITH BUMBLE BEES!

I love this stuff.
Holistic Healing for Pets
Dog smelling the flower. Funny puppy face

If I'm candid, sometimes talking to animals who aren't feeling well can wear on me, especially when the reasons for their dis-ease are so often human-caused.

I'm committed to safe and effective natural remedies and treatments for our animals, and I'm constantly looking for ways to offer alternatives to allopathic medicine, which is highly invested in drugs and toxic chemicals to treat pets.
Relief, Relax, Tranquil, Catazymes, and Dyna Pro. These are some of the life-enhancing products that I'll be representing from Dynamite, a family-owned 80-year company dedicated to the animals, their people, and our mother earth.

Stay tuned in for stories of your pet healing wielding these specialty products.
And Something To Ponder...

"If you argue for your limitations,
they are yours."

— Richard Bach,
Author of "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah"

Let Your Light Shine!

Lisa Brown is an internationally-experienced Animal Communicator, Evidential Medium, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Healing Enthusiast, and Pollinator
of all things mystical and miraculous!

She is a graduate of Amelia Kinkade's Language of Miracles Institute, and studied with wild species on safari in Africa, with whales and dolphins in Hawaii, and whispered with horses in Colorado and The Southwest USA, and with wild mustangs in North Dakota. She has delivered thousands of messages for animals all over the globe, both living and in spirit.

Lisa enjoys helping you and your animals by honoring your unique minds, bodies, and spirits. Every
Soul has a journey!