A Message From the Pandemic Response Team

Believe it or not, next week, our 11th week of school, is the last week before the Thanksgiving break! As we enter into the holiday season, MPH will continue to keep a watchful eye on community health — on campus, among our extended MPH community members, and in the greater CNY community. We ask that you also remain vigilant in your efforts to uphold our MPH Social Compact by practicing good judgment when making travel plans, keeping us informed of your family’s health, and completing your Daily Health Assessment (DHA) on time each morning. 
Note: The deadline for submitting your DHA is 7:15 a.m. This deadline is becoming increasingly critical to our timely reporting each morning. As we begin to see an expected increase in the number of students staying home due to non-COVID illness and mandatory travel quarantines, the DHA reporting process will inevitably become more cumbersome and time-consuming. For context: Every submission received after 7:15 a.m. requires additional staff resources and time to admit your student during the busiest time of the day here. Your cooperation, partnership, and timeliness is needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you and best for a relaxing, restful weekend!  
MPH Club Provides Community Support

The MPH chapter of The Refugee Outreach Clubs Association (ROCA) collected items for a Syrian family who lost their home and all of their possessions in a devastating fire last week. While no one was injured, the family was left with nothing. The Community Care organization sent out a request for help and ROCA assisted by providing necessary supplies (blankets, pillows, toiletries etc). Mrs. Chhablani delivered the items along with a card from the students to the family. ROCA is a club that works with other schools toward helping refugees in their times of need.
Boys Varsity Soccer final games vs. Homer
Fall Sports Season Concludes

The fall sports season at MPH has officially come to an end. Athletic Director Jim Ryan and a few of the coaches wanted to reflect on the season and thank our community members. Please see the letter here.
Understanding Climate Change in Geology
Upper School geology students gained an appreciation for the core sampling completed on research vessels as they further develop an understanding of climate change through sediment change. Students selected two of eight cups of simulated ocean sediments, each cup holding a different sequence of sediments. By drilling a straw into the sediment, students were able to dislodge the core in the trough of a ruler to study the sediment's color, thickness, and texture, mirroring the work on a research vessel. By plotting the location of the samples on an ocean-floor map, students could make statements about climate change. 

Photo Op: Mandarin Chinese Students Take Advantage of Sunny Days
Students take a virtual walk on Mars and discuss their impressions about Mars in Chinese.
Students construct Chinese poetry about autumn using sidewalk chalk.
Navigating the College Search and Admissions Process in the Time of COVID-19:
What Has Changed and What Remains the Same?

Join Director of College Counseling Will Cardamone
Vice president for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment at Union College Matt Malatesta
 for a conversation about the college search and admissions process.

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Time: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

More information, including a Zoom link, will be
emailed tomorrow.
Play-Doh: The Grade 6 Scientists' Tool!
Take a look at the lesson by clicking the image above.

To better understand the nature of chemical bonding, Grade 6 students used Play-Doh and toothpicks to represent hydrogen, oxygen, and bonds as they made water molecules. Students researched the relative size of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, as well as the angle between the oxygen atoms. Their models reflected this research. Once each student made several water molecules, they determined how the molecules would behave, with the slightly positive hydrogen atoms of one molecule attracting to slightly negative oxygen atoms of a neighboring molecule. Like any model, this holds limitations and enhanced students' capacity to understand water's structure and behavior. And, who doesn't like to play with Play-Doh?

National Letter of Intent Signing Day

As we previously reported, senior Johnny Gruninger is headed to Le Moyne College to play golf next fall. Yesterday, alongside his family and coaches, he made it official by signing his National Letter of Intent. Congrats, Johnny!
Sounds of Strings

Ms. Mirakian shared this delightful sound bite of fourth graders Emma, Sophia, and Grace playing "French Folk Song." Enjoy!
Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Two-for-Tuesdays campaign of the year! This initiative generated 41 gifts, totaling $13,380, and with a generous 1:1 match from our Board of Trustees, we raised $26,760 for MPH in just one day!
Forgot to make your gift? Stay tuned for another opportunity next Tuesday 11/17!

See how gifts to the School directly impact students like Annie, Class of 2021!
Grade 2 Math Game Candids

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