Middle School Celebration

Last evening, MPH Middle Schoolers looked back at this remarkable school year and celebrated one another through a virtual ceremony. Grade 8 students were recognized as they said farewell to Middle School and set their sights on becoming Upper Schoolers in the fall. Virtual guests were treated to several musical performances that were simply spectacular, as well as a poweful speech by our guest speaker, MPH parent Otis Jennings.
Take a look at the videos below!

Guest Speaker Otis Jennings, Educational Consultant/Business Owner and MPH parent
Musical Interlude, "Dona Nobis Pacem," performed by
MPH band students in Grades 3 – 12
Musical Interlude, "Spring," performed by
Mira Conrey and Caroline Mezzalingua
"Alma Mater "performed by
Elise Eng and Genevieve Enslin
A Festive Pre-Kindergarten Send-Off!
Wearing festive hats and huge smiles, Pre-K students and families gathered to celebrate the successful completion of their school year. Congratulations to the students for their amazing work and perseverance! Thank you to our Pre-K families and to Ms. Jones, Ms. Gould, and Mrs. Zimmerman!  
A Note from Ms. Thomann

Throughout this distance-learning period, I have been blown away by the writing skills and insights of the seventh- grade class. For their final project, students had the option to write poetry about a work of art. It could have been a work that they discovered during Art Madness, a work that they had always loved, or something that they discovered specifically for this project. I compiled a sample of some of the poetry. I don't want to give too much away, because the poems really speak for themselves! Take a look by clicking the link below.
MPH Senior Named Scholar-Athlete

Senior Dan Braverman has earned the honor and title of Scholar Athlete. Section III Athletics honors its member schools and their top senior athletes who excelled in the classroom and on the playing field at the conclusion of each school year. The Section III Scholar Athlete Award is the highest academic honor bestowed by the organization. To be eligible for selection, student-athletes must have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 90% or better and have participated in varsity competition in a Section III sponsored sport. Other factors such as community service, exemplary citizenship or other extracurricular activities are taken into consideration.

Dan was a three-sport athlete in his senior year and a two-sport athlete throughout Grades 9-11. As captain of both the Varsity Cross-Country and Tennis teams, he earned All-League honors in both sports and was the individual Sectional champ for Class C singles in tennis. Dan will be attending Cornell University in the fall, where he plans to study business analytics. Congratulations, Dan!
Connecting with Alumni

On Friday, May 29, the day that was scheduled to be the traditional "Manlius School BBQ," Alumni Relations Associate Erica Toyama hosted a Manlius School Virtual Gathering. More than 20 alumni from the Manlius School classes of 1947 – 1968 logged on to say hello to old friends, share memories, and hear updates from Head of School Dave McCusker.

This is the time of year when we typically welcome alumni of the Manlius School, Pebble Hill School, and MPH to campus for Alumni Weekend, two days filled with reunions, class gatherings, reconnecting with old classmates and teachers, and lots of laughter! Since we were unable to hold these events this year, we wanted to bring a little bit of Manlius Pebble Hill School to our alumni.
Erica Toyama, assisted by MPH alumna Emily Neuner, created this Virtual Alumni Weekend Care Package so that alumni might enjoy a little bit of fun and nostalgia from afar. Our very own faculty and staff contributed to the content within. We think you'll enjoy it too!
Lower School Drive-Thru

Earlier this week, Lower School faculty members enthusiastically greeted their students on campus! Driving through to drop off textbook and pick up some goodies from their teachers, students waved and cheered as their teachers gave a warm welcome with more waves, signs, and friendly greetings.
Virtual R&W Day Highlight Reel

Mrs. Demers has put together a great highlight reel from this year's Virtual R & W Day. Thanks to all who contributed!
Click the image below to view. Enjoy!
Wildflowers of the Week with Audry Yeager: The Final Edition!

Thank you all for joining me each week for Wildflowers of the Week! I hope you have enjoyed being outdoors and have found a new appreciation for all those plants we often call "weeds"!
This week's adventure took us back to the Erie Canal. Frequently disturbed areas along the edges of trails, roads, as well as water's edge, are great places for opportunistic flowers to grow. The flowers are so abundant this time of year, and what might just seem like a bunch of weeds are some very pretty (and useful) flowers.
Yellow Flag
Bird's-foot Trefoil
Along the water's edge is a beautiful Iris called yellow flag, Iris pseudacorus, that grows in wet areas. Another introduced plant, its large thick rhizomes can inhibit germination and growth of native species like cattails, and it can take up valuable habitat and breeding areas for aquatic organisms. All parts of this plant are toxic to livestock and other animals.
Bird's-foot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus (also known as eggs and bacon), has the best name of all the flowers (in my opinion!). It is a flower in the pea family that is commonly used as a forage plant for livestock because it does not cause bloat in ruminants. The flowers have been used medicinally as a sedative.
There are several types of clovers here along the trail, including red clover, Trifolium pratense; white clover, Trifolium repens; and little hop clover, Trifolium dubium . Red clover is especially valued because of its nitrogen fixation, which increases the fertility of the soil. The flowers and leaves are edible and can be used as a garnish for any dish. White clover is also used as a forage crop, and although the flowers are pretty and the plant valuable, you've probably been involved with searching for the four-leaf variety in your lifetime! A survey of over 5 million clovers showed that the frequency of occurrence is one four-leaf clover for every 5,000 three-leaved clover. Several factors affect the appearance of the four-leaf clover, including the presence and absence of certain genes and environmental factors that affect the expression of those genes. The little hop clover is also edible and a good nitrogen fixer.
Dame's rocket, Hesperis matronalis, a member of the mustard family, is a showy, tall, attractive flower. It can range from white to deep pinks and purples, and everything in between. The genus name, Hesperis, means "evening," and is so called because the fragrance of this flower is strongest right before dark.
Finally, hairy vetch, Vicia villosa , is also another forage crop and great nitrogen-fixer. It can be used as a companion plant for growing tomatoes but must be carefully monitored because it can out-compete surrounding plants. 
Red Clover
White Clover
Little Hop Clover
Dame's Rocket
Hairy Vetch
MPH Rules!

Mr. Zlomek's Grade 8 Advisory celebrated the last day of Middle School classes with a friendly reminder that everyone at MPH rules. Ruler Day made a comeback on Tuesday, courtesy of its creator, Lance Ogden. 
Reminder: Red Cross Blood Drive
Junior Maya Heimes is working with the Red Cross to lead a Blood Drive on June 9 from 1:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. at MPH. Now more than ever the Red Cross needs your help! Simply click on the image on the right to schedule your time. Social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed!

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