The holiday break didn't slow us down! We've had an action-packed week...take a look!

Art is thought made tangible, and it is the artist's job to create experiences. These experiences can be moving, poetic, informative, or just fun. The Elemental Studio class was given the challenge to collaborate and create a piece in 80 minutes inspired by the artist group Improve Everywhere.

In one class students came up with an idea, to secretively organize students and teachers to freeze in the Phoenix during the passing time to Upper School lunch. The strangeness inspired confusion, conversation, and laughter in the the onlookers. Some even joined in! It was a moment that took a simple action and created a bizarre and fun new experience. Take a look at the video on the right!
Pre-Kindergarten Happenings
Story Time with Chinese Class: Upper School students from Lily Kuo’s Chinese class -- as well as MPH international students, visited Pre-K to share a story about a gorilla named Betty and her struggle to peel a banana. In a lesson about staying calm and problem solving, the Upper School students read and discussed the story with Pre-K in both English and Chinese.
Pre-K enjoys a special treat in their classroom sensory table...snow! 
AP Speed Dating?
Ms. Yeager invited us to witness one of her favorite AP Biology lessons on Wednesday: Cell Organelle Speed Dating. In preparation for this class, each student is assigned an organelle and comes to class with a “cell-fie,” a hashtag, a theme song, and more. They “mingle” with one another in speed-dating fashion to determine what other organelles they were compatible with. At the end of the activity, students have a strong understanding of the role of each organelle in the cell and how they might work together to perform particular tasks. Check out the photo gallery below and videos on the right!
Join the Club!
A robust imagination and a willingness to immerse yourself in a character (in front of a peer audience) will serve you well when you've been challenged to come up with a physically active, two-person/10-line skit. In the Middle School Improv Club, facilitated by Middle Schooler Cecilia, imaginative students rose to that exact challenge on Wednesday...and had a lot of fun doing so. Check out these great videos of the Improv Club students at work!

Book Club
Middle School Book Clubbers joined their club advisors during tutorial for a discussion of Jude Watson's book Loot, snacks included! Take a look at their discussion by clicking the video link below.

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