The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland
While the unavoidable snow day derailed opening night last Friday, our Middle School performers proved that it was worth waiting until Saturday! Both afternoon and evening shows were smashing successes! Congratulations for amazing performances by our students, See the full cast list here.

And many thanks to our parent volunteers for their help backstage: Erika Lambert-Zukher, Hanni Schwarzlander, Kate Berry, Kathy Mahoney, Laura Harshbarger, Mino usher Bari, Shana Boyer, and Monica Towne.
View photo gallery above.
More photos will be added soon!
To Be...Or Not To Be...
The Shakespeare Recitation Competition took place Tuesday, with three Upper School students participating. Each student performed a Shakespearean monologue from memory—two monologues from Hamlet and one from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We had two Shakespearean actors and an English PhD student from SU judging the competition. Emma Winkler won the competition, and she’s been invited to perform her monologue this April on the Syracuse Stage for the regional competition. Additionally, one of our judges awarded all three participants (Emma, Arman Nizam, and Maya Heimes) partial scholarships to the Redhouse Theater’s Teen Summer Series camps. See the video clips below.
Winter Carnival Has Begun!
Leading up to Winter Carnival (now moved to February 27, thanks to Mother Nature!), students in grades 5 - 12 take part in Spirit Week and enjoy dressing up for the various themed days. Pajama Day and Sports Day seemed to be favorites! See some photos on the right!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Winter Carnival began as a tradition at The Manlius School in 1935??
Exciting Updates to the Multicultural Festival
Mrs. Chhablani has announced some exciting changes to the annual, sophomore-hosted Multicultural Festival this year. First, the date for the event has been changed to the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, May 22, 2020. They are also adding to the experience of multiculturalism by presenting MCF preview events. These preview events will give our community sneak peeks of the big event. Each event will consist of displays, special food in the Dining Hall, a performance, and a speaker. The previews will revolve around a sub-theme of our overall theme: One World. The first of three preview events was held Monday. Check out the photos below and the videos on the right. Also, follow the group on Instagram @MCFMPH for news and pics!
Eighth Grade Science Experiments

You're always sure to find something interesting while strolling through the MPH hallways. Monday, we came across some eighth graders working on experiments -- the first was a Gauss rifle (also called a magnetic linear accelerator) experiment, where the student determines the effect the number of magnet stages has on the flight distance and velocity of ball bearings. The second was a wing test experiment, where different shaped/sized wings were created to determine distance and velocity. Take a look!
Senior Night!

Our senior basketball players were recognized at Senior Night this week. Congratulations to: Gavin Cardamone, Nate Sonnenfeld, Simon Hoke, Dan Braverman, and Ezra Hanlin. See the photo gallery on the right!

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